Malfunctions of Zerovatt washing machines

Washing machines Zerovatt are considered one of the best in the market of Europe thanks to the Italian assembly. Repair of Zerowatt washing machines is rarely required, but in the event of a breakdown there is a slight difficulty: searching for the necessary original parts.

This is especially true of modern models: these machines are significantly different from SM of other brands, so repair has a lot of subtleties.

Repair of a washing machine Zerovat with their own hands is almost impossible, if it is a complex breakdown.

Often, the opportunity to purchase the necessary parts from the manufacturer is only in the service centers or professional workshops. You can try your luck yourself, but it will take about a month to wait for the details.

Fortunately, in order to eliminate some malfunctions, you do not need to buy spare parts - the instructions for operating the Zerowatt washing machine or our professional advice will help you solve the problem.

Content of the material:

  • 1How to determine the type of failure SM Zerovat
  • 2Drainage system in Zerovart typewriter
  • 3Blockage of the filling system in the car Zerovatt
  • 4Washing machine Zerovat does not turn on

How to determine the type of failure SM Zerovat

The normal user is assisted by fault codes: they appear on the scoreboard when the machine self-diagnosis system determines a failure in the program or mechanics.

Consider what the error codes of the Zerovat washing machine mean:

  • E01 - the hatch of the washing machine is not closed. Perhaps you need to cover the hatch more tightly. If this does not help, repair of the handle, the guide or the locking device for the manhole (UBL) is required.
  • E02 - the water level in the tank is too high. To provoke a failure can be a strong pressure in the water supply system. Try to cover the water supply valve in the machine.
    Also, the code may indicate a breakdown of the water level sensor or level switch.
  • E03 - no water is poured or drained. This code can mean a number of breakdowns: a blockage of the drain filter or sewer hose, the clogging of the water drain pump (pump), the filter or hose fouling of the water inlet, the breakage of the intake valve.
  • E05 - this combination indicates that the water is not heated. Causes: the failure of the temperature sensor (thermistor), the breakdown of the thermoelectric heater (TEN), the software failure in the electronic module.
  • E09 - breakdown of the engine of the Zerovat washing machine. You need to extract, inspect, check, and maybe replace the engine.

First of all, we will look at those faults that can be eliminated by the usual set of tools.

Drainage system in Zerovart typewriter

First of all, the water drainage filter and the drain (sewage) hose may become clogged. Litter manifests itself mainly because the machine does not drain the water. The hatch, behind which there is a filter and a drain hose, you will find in the picture:

Cleaning the drain filter:

  1. Prepare a container or absorbent rag to collect the remaining water that will merge from the system.
  2. Find a small service hatch on the external CM panel in the bottom corner.
  3. Open the hatch and find the big filter plug.
  4. Manually unscrew the filter and remove it.
  5. Look at the object of the clog and clean with a cloth or hands.
  6. Rinse the filter under running water.
  7. Set it back.
  8. Start the test wash.

If this does not help, remove the blockage of the drain hose:

  1. Go around the washing machine or turn it back to yourself, detaching the drain hose from the sewer.
  2. Drain the water.
  3. Disconnect the hose.
  4. Rinse it well under the tap.
  5. Replace.
  6. Start the test wash.

If this did not help, and the Zerovat washing machine does not drain the water, it also issues trouble codes (E03), check that the drain hose is properly installed. It must be connected to the sewer pipe at a height of 50 cm.

Blockage of the filling system in the car Zerovatt

If the stylalka stops pouring water, this entails a lot of problems: washing does not begin, the lights and indicators blink. In this case, self-repair is quite appropriate - you will first have to inspect and clean the filter and the water inlet hose.

Cleaning the filler filter and hose:

  • Find the water inlet hose (marked in the picture).
  • Manually unscrew it from the body of the washing machine.
  • In the place where the hose is fastened to the rear panel of the AGR, you will see a small grid - this is the filter.
  • Carefully, using pliers, remove the filter.

Important! Do not damage the filter by removing it. You are unlikely to easily find the original part. A washing without a filter is not recommended - you quickly clog the washing machine.

  • Examine the filter, eliminate blockages, wash under the faucet.
  • The hose should also be rinsed under running water.
  • Fit all the parts in place.

Attention! Do not use tools when assembling the structure - hand tighten all fasteners. Plastic can easily be damaged, violating the integrity of the jellied system.

A more difficult task is to replace the intake valve. Find and get it is not a problem - it is inside the machine, where the water supply hose is pouring water. To see it, just remove the top cover.

The difficulty of self-repair, as we have said, is to find the original part. If in doubt about your success, contact the workshop.

Washing machine Zerovat does not turn on

In this case, you can also make repairs yourself.

The most common reasons why a CM does not turn on:

  1. There is no electricity.
  2. Insufficient voltage in the mains.
  3. Breakage of the outlet.
  4. Damage to the power cord or plug of the Zerovatte washing machine.
  5. A break in the electrical circuit.
  6. The control module failed.

The first 4 failures do not require special knowledge and skills, and most importantly - details. You need:

  • Check whether there is power supply, measure voltage. If necessary, call an electrician.
  • Inspect the outlet. Check it using a serviceable household appliance or a screwdriver with a probe and indicator.
  • Inspect the power cord and plug. If there are any ruptures, burnt areas and opaline, replace the cord and plug.

If you just need to replace the plug, take this video:

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