Repair of faults of dishwashers Samsung

If you use Samsung dishwashers, you know that this technique has sensitive electronic control. The machine is equipped with various washing programs, it has a stylish design, but it is not insured against breakdowns. What should I do if the dishwasher suddenly stops turning on, or the washing cycle does not start?

We will tell you how to determine the cause of the malfunction. Also, you will learn how to repair the Samsung dishwasher yourself.

The error codes of the PMM "Samsung" are collected and described in detail in a separate article.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes of Damage to the Samsung Dishwasher
  • 2How to repair the dishwasher with your own hands
    • 2.1Repair of the filling system
    • 2.2Checking the drainage path
    • 2.3Problems with dishwashing
    • 2.4Elimination of leaks

Causes of Damage to the Samsung Dishwasher

If the dishwasher does not work and does not turn on, there might be a problem with the network. Check it out easily:

  1. Connect another device to the PMP socket. If it does not work, then there is a problem with the outlet, you need to replace it or repair it.
  2. Inspect the mains cable. If the insulation of the cord is broken, perform a full replacement.
  3. The fuses on the control board are checked last. As a result of a short circuit, they could burn, so you need to diagnose and repair the electronic module.

The self-diagnostic system of the PMM "Samsung" itself can display an error code on the display. By deciphering the code, the user will quickly determine the cause of the malfunction. However, if the error is highlighted for the first time, a system failure may occur. In this case, the machine is rebooted.

You can use the reboot to reset the program. For example, if the Eco mode is blinking, proceed as follows:

  • Disconnect the dishwasher from the power supply for 15-20 minutes;
  • after power-up, check the control panel.

When the code is repeatedly displayed, you need to start troubleshooting.

Why Samsung dishwasher goes out of order:

  1. Problems with the priming system or the inlet valve. A water supply error occurs. Possible blockage in the fence system. It is necessary to check the hose, filter and inlet valve. Maybe the valve is defective, so it needs a replacement.
  2. Problems in the operation of the drainage system. After the washing cycle, the machine does not drain the water? Probably a blockage occurred in the filter, pump or hose. This happens if the user does not clean the dishes clean of food debris. The cause of the malfunction could be a faulty circulation pump.
  3. The washing cycle does not start. You hear that the water is being pumped into the PMM tank, but washing does not begin. Listen, does the engine work? The water supply to the injectors depends on the motor with the circulation pump.
    Also, the nozzles on the sprinkler could be clogged. They need to be got and cleaned.
  4. Defective heating system. When the dishes are badly laundered, you need to check if the water in the car is warming up. The reason for the lack of heating could be a broken TEN, or a thermistor, which is responsible for controlling the temperature in the tank. Wiring could also deteriorate.
  5. Leakage. Water gets to the floor due to damage to the dishwasher tank, hose connections. Damage or wear of the door seal also leads to water leakage.
  6. Do not wash the detergent out of the tray. Most likely, the tray distributor broke. Need repair or replacement.

Having considered the main faults, you can proceed with their elimination.

How to repair the dishwasher with your own hands

Before repair, disconnect the Samsung dishwasher from the mains and shut off the water supply.

Repair of the filling system

If your dishwasher does not fill the water, check the system for blockage. What do we have to do:

  • Disconnect the fill valve from the PMM housing;
  • check it for blockage;

  • remove the filter-mesh from the body;
  • rinse under the faucet, you can use a brush for cleaning.
  • To diagnose the input valve: mechanical and electronic parts.

The coils are called by a multimeter - they could be damaged as a result of a short circuit.

After removing the blockage, replace the valve, if necessary. There is a detail under the bottom case PMM. To remove it, just disconnect the hose, the wiring and remove the fixing screw.

Checking the drainage path

Why does not the dishwasher drain the water? The reason can be either in the blockage or in the blockage of the pump. Perform diagnostics and eliminate blockage easily with your own hands:

  1. Open the hopper door of PMM.
  2. Pull out all the baskets and trays for the dishes.
  3. At the bottom is a drain filter. Pull it out and clean it.
  4. Now open the access to the pump. To do this, press down the lid and pull up. Check the impeller in gloves, perhaps it was clogged with small pieces of glass.
  5. Disconnect and check the drain hose.

The blockage is eliminated, but there is no plum? It is necessary to see if the circulation pump is working. If you decide to replace it, follow the sequence of actions:

  • After cleaning the bunker of the dishwasher from the baskets and water, put it "on its back".
  • The circulation pump is connected to the pump. So start by dismantling the drain pump.

  • Unscrew the pump mount and disconnect the wiring.
  • Scroll it clockwise and set it aside.
  • Disconnect the pump wiring.
  • Press the metal spring, which fixes it to the body.
  • Disconnect the hoses by unfastening the clamps.

To install a new pump, move the metal spring. Replace in the reverse order.

Problems with dishwashing

PMM "Samsung" began to badly wash pollution? Check the sprinkler nozzles. They are attached to the top and bottom inside the bunker and serve to spray water on the dishes. The lower rocker can be simply pulled out. To remove the top, unscrew the fixing screw.

Clean the nozzles - small holes on the rocker, the toothpick will help.

With a broken dispenser, the detergent is poorly washed, so the dishes are not cleaned properly. How to repair yourself:

  1. If the dispenser cover does not break, remove it using a flat screwdriver.
  2. Remove the spring from the dispenser lever, set aside.
  3. Slide the spring onto the new cover.
  4. Put the spring on the hook of the dispenser lever.
  5. Insert one side of the cover into the guide.
  6. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to insert the other side of the cover.

Start the washing cycle to check that the new parts are working.

Elimination of leaks

First, inspect the entire dishwasher, determine the location of the leak. If it is a hose connection, tighten it. If one of the hoses has lost its integrity, perform a full replacement.

Inspect the hopper door and its seals. Long-term operation contributes to the wear of the rubber element, so install a new seal:

  • open the hopper door;
  • remove the old seal around the perimeter;
  • glue a new element.

Also, the door is protected by a lower seal, which does not allow water from below. To replace it is a bit more complicated:

  • open the door and unscrew the screws along the inner perimeter;
  • lift the door up;

  • remove the upper front panel;
  • pull the bottom basket out of the hopper;
  • hook the tweezers with the tweezers, pull it out of the seat;
  • To properly install the rubber element, the label on the right side will help;
  • place the element with a label inside;
  • Seal the seal as far as it will go;
  • making sure that the seal is evenly seated in the groove, reverse the assembly.

We examined the main malfunctions of Samsung dishwashers. To avoid serious damage, follow the instructions of the PMM.

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