Indesit washing machine faults

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Repair of Indesit washing machines is different from the repair of machines of other brands due to the design features. Manufacturers in the race for the appreciation of the buyer equip the SMA with new and new systems, sensors, functions. All this, of course, is useful for the user, but sometimes significantly complicates the repair.

Fortunately, the device of the Indesit washing machine does not imply any special technical refinements, and there are even a number of typical breakdowns for machines of this brand.

In this article we will look at how to repair a washing machine Indesit with your own hands.

Content of the material:

  • 1 Frequent crashes of the brand Indesit
  • 2 how to find a breakdown.

    Repair of Indesit washing machines is common for workshops and service centers. Experts say that Indesit washers are not the most reliable, there are many vulnerable nodes in them that you need to pay attention to first of all if the CMA does not work.

    We used the statistics of the world's leading service centers to come to a simple conclusion: Indesit washing machines are leading among the most broken brands. During the first 5 years of use, every third Indesit machine requires repair, unlike German or Korean-made equipment.

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    What is it connected with? In 8 out of 10 cases, the owners of CM Indesit come to the service centers with such failures:

    • The tubular electric heating element( PET) is one of the typical failures for machines of this brand.
      Why is it such a problem area for Styralock Indesit? Manufacturers decided not to cover the part with any protective compounds, provided only stainless steel( whereas, for example, Samsung took care of the coating). In this regard, the heating element accumulates scale 2 times faster.
    • Surge Protector. The failure of this element is a common cause of Indesit washing machine malfunction. There are whole batches of machines in which a defective filter is installed. Usually they burn in 3-4 years of work.
      The only plus is that in this case repairing the washing machine Indesit with your own hands is quite a doable task.
    • bearings. The breakage of the automatic washing machine Indesit, caused by the wear of the bearings, is a real scourge. The difficulty is not to replace the bearings, but to disassemble the casing and get to them. Therefore, problems with the Indesit washing machine related to bearing breakage are among the most severe.
    • Indesit washing machine control unit( electronic module, controller, board).Masters believe that this is the most "sore point" of the MCA, especially the model line that came off the assembly line until 2012.In machines made from 2014 onwards, more reliable processors, but they often require repair.
      Repair of the control unit of the washing machine Indesit is practically impossible at home - you can only check the wiring and the cables connecting the controller with other elements of the washer. But repairing or replacing the unit yourself is too difficult, such work should be entrusted to a professional.
    • D atch electric motor. If the engine itself can be attributed to more or less reliable parts, then problems with electrician connected to it often occur. The weak point is capacitors.
      The problem is that they are not being repaired, the capacitors must be replaced in case of breakage.

    Important! We did not specifically draw your attention to such factors as blockages of the drain and filler system( hoses, filters and nozzles).The fact is that these problems are a problem not only of CM Indesit, but also of any other brands.

    How to find a breakdown in the AGR Indesit

    In search of answers to the question: how to fix a washing machine Indesit - you can refer to the instruction manual. If you lost the manual, we will provide you with a detailed algorithm for finding breakages and their causes.

    Proceed as follows:

    1. If your model has an electronic scoreboard, great! On it, the self-diagnostic system displays fault codes upon detection of a breakdown. For the Styralok Indesit, the following error codes are typical: H20, F02, F05, F10, F18, and others.
    2. If the display is absent, the machine will still notify you of a breakdown - the indicators will light on it in a certain combination or sequence. Also, some damage can be detected simply by listening to the work of the drum and the electric motor - in the event of a malfunction, you will hear noise, hum, whistle, clank and other unusual sounds.
    3. If there are no signs of breakage, but the SM still does not work, you will need to disassemble the washing machine. The easiest way is with the parts located under the top cover - the surge protector, the water level sensor and so on. But access to the motor, heater, bearings or pump is a little more difficult. You will learn more about disassembling from this video:
    1. Also take a tester with which you can ring all sensors, contacts and wires. If in any of them there is no power, then you can judge the failure.

    Caution! Before you disassemble the body of the SMA, you need to examine the device washing. This will help you electric circuit washing machine Indesit.

    If you did not find it, draw, record, take a picture, or remove all disassembly steps on a video camera to get everything back properly.

    How can I repair the Indesit machine myself

    Next, we will talk about repairing the Indesit washing machine with your own hands. We give tips with photos and videos, gradually consider all the work that you can do without the help of a wizard.

    Checking and Replacing the TENA

    It will not take a lot of effort to detect breakages associated with a blown heater. Problems with the heater can be identified by a number of signs:

    • In the overwhelming majority of cases, the Indesit machine itself informs the owner about the failure of the heater. Error F07 is displayed on the screen, or the 1st, 2nd and 3rd indicators flash.
    • Indirect signs will also indicate its breakdown. So, the powder can not be dissolved when washing, because the water is not heated.
      After 20 minutes after starting the program, touch the hatch: if it is cold, then the heating element does not work.

    To find, check and remove the heater, proceed as follows:

    1. Take a suitable screwdriver and unscrew the back panel, which is usually fastened with four bolts.
    2. From the bottom of the tank you will see 2 pins protruding from its wall. This is the heater shank - TEN itself is located under the drum. Remove the wiring from the heater and sensor( located inside the heater).
    3. Take a tester and take measurements - lean the probes against the contacts. If the device shows a value in the range of 20-40 Ohms, then the heater is fine. If the value is 0, then the heating element is closed, and 1 or ∞ indicates a break in the heater.
    4. At the same time, check if the heating element does not pierce the body. To do this, turn on the buzzer mode on the tester. Attach the probes as follows: one to the contact, the second to the body. If everything is in order, then the tester is quiet, if there is a sample, it will squeak.
    5. Next, remove the old TEH, even if the tester is normal. To do this, unscrew the central fastener by unscrewing the nut. Remove the seal.
    6. Inspect TEN.If it has a thick layer of scale or dark spots, then 100% need to replace the element.

    Important! Buy a new heating element with a rubber seal to firmly install and secure the heater.

    1. Before installing the heater, clean the place in which it is attached, from scale and debris. If it is difficult to do this with your hands, use a wire hook or brush to clean the bottles.
    2. Install a new heater, connect the wires and assemble the machine.

    Replacing the mains filter

    Indesit washing machine faults and their removal is a problem for many users, especially due to factory faults. But if the filter is not defective, it means that unfavorable operating conditions “finished it off” - high humidity in the room or constant voltage surges in the network.

    While Indesit is thinking about how to protect the filter from unstable voltage in our homes, we will tell you how to make repairs yourself. Proceed as follows:

    1. Remove the top cover by unscrewing the bolts that secure it.
    2. The filter is located on the back of the power cord, like a plug - just inside the machine.
    3. Finding the filter, unscrew the screw on which it rests.
    4. Repair parts not possible. You need to replace the item by purchasing the original part.

    From user experience:

    The owner of CM Indesit came to the workshop, already desperate to change anything: according to his words, he changed the filter already 3 times. His working capacity was enough for 5 months. The master inspected the machine, and said that the filter burns out due to high humidity. He installed a new part, and the contacts coming to it, processed a silicone sealant. The happy owner of the second year uses the machine.

    Important! If you decide to follow this experience, before pouring sealant on the contacts, dry them, clean them and wipe them.

    Replacing bearings, repairing an

    board. There are jobs that require effort, time, tools, and most importantly, experience and knowledge. But we cannot but talk about them: a failure in the controller and bearing wear are also possible malfunctions of the Indesit washing machine.

    The most difficult job - with bearings. The difficulty lies not so much in disassembling the case as in the tank. The manufacturers made the tank as reliable as possible, so it is designed in such a way that it cannot be disassembled.

    Therefore, the wizard service centers got the hand in this matter, and just cut the tank into 2 parts along the weld. The solution is efficient - it helps and saves finances, since it is cheaper to cut the tank than to change the half of the machine.

    Of course, not all home craftsmen will have such work on their shoulders, but you can try. Arm yourself with tips from the video:

    As for the control unit, in 9 out of 10 cases it is enough to simply solder the contacts.

    The design of the Indesit washing machine is such that the contacts are located in unfavorable places and are exposed to moisture. Due to condensation, they oxidize, close, and the control unit refuses to work.

    Theoretically, it is easy to repair the control unit, but in practice you need a long and tedious, armed with a tester, check in turn all the elements of the board and contacts. Only there you can find and localize the damage.

    Repair this part is better to entrust a good master, and you can handle the rest yourself.

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