UE, UB, E4 error in Samsung washing machine

The Samsung washing machine started the washing cycle normally, but as soon as it came to spin it produced an error UE, UB, E4. This means that you have loaded too much into the drum or, conversely, few things.

To understand how to eliminate it, you need to understand all the reasons for the appearance of the code.

Content of the material:

  • 1What does the UE code mean?
  • 2Why an error occurs
  • 3How to fix the problem
    • 3.1When to call a repairman

What does the UE code mean?

UE error in the CM The Samsung appears on the display if there is an imbalance in the drum. The code E4 is similar to it, which is characteristic for the stylals up to the year 2007 of production.

Usually, the washer displays a UE error on the third, seventh or ninth minute of the spin. But the washing machine can give out an error and after other time after the process of push-up of linen has begun.

Why an error occurs

When the display shows the UE error, the reason is:

  • Too much load of laundry in the drum;
  • Underweight clothes;
  • Washing of things from different fabrics, which in a wet kind have different weights, which leads to an excessive load on the drum during the spinning process;
  • To load too little things into the drum at the same time as large ones, which leads to a strong twisting of the laundry and causes imbalance of the drum;
  • One-time failure in the control module;
  • Placement of Samsung's washer on an uneven surface.

To establish the true cause of the E4 error is necessary to know what to do to fix the problem and how to remove it.

How to fix the problem

In order for the washing machine to start working again in normal mode, try to solve the problem first by yourself. What should I do if the UB error is on the display? Do the following:

  1. When the imbalance of laundry open the door of the washing machine and manually distribute the laundry evenly.
  2. When the drum is overloaded, open the door, get out some of the things and put it back on again.
  3. When the drum is underloaded with laundry, you can moisten a couple of towels with water, squeeze out a little, open the car door and put wet towels in the drum. After this, restart the spinning of the laundry.
  4. In the event of a temporary malfunction in the control module, it is necessary to turn off the machine, remove the cord from the outlet, wait a few minutes, and then restart the washer.
  5. When tilting the washing machine, it must be leveled in a horizontal position, so that the distribution of the laundry is uniform.

For the elimination of fault codes E4, UE, UB, if the door is locked, emergency drainage of water through a special filter located at the bottom of the washing machine may be required.

If the above methods did not help, and after the test run the eraser again shows the UE error, then the case may be in serious failure - you will need to call a master who knows how to fix it the situation.

When to call a repairman

Resetting the error from the Samsung machine display requires a call to the wizard if:

  1. There was a mistake UE on the scoreboard, and the drum does not spin and rotates only one way. The matter is in the malfunction of the control card - the relay on the board or the processor of the control module may have failed. It is required to replace the board.
  2. The drum of the washing machine does not rotate, and the styaralka gives out the UE code after the start-it means the drive belt has torn or stretched. It must be replaced.
  3. When typing the spin for washing, the washing machine is very loud, but does not wring. Perhaps the bearing has collapsed or the sealing of the stuffing box is broken. These elements must be changed to new ones.
  4. The washing machine "speaks" about an error when washing, rinsing or squeezing. The reason - in the breakdown of the vehicle, which requires replacement.
  5. The drum of the styrant is easily scrolled by hand, but does not spin on the selected program. This indicates the wear of the engine brushes - they must be replaced.

After finding out the reason for the appearance of the UE code, it is easier to remove the error and fix the work of the styalki. But for this, it is often necessary to invite a specialist who will fix the malfunction.

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