How to replace the heater in a washing machine Samsung

In washing machines of Samsung brand, an electric tubular heater (TEN) is located on the flange - often there is also a fuse. This is just for many models. The main function is obvious - heating the water for washing. Further we will disassemble, for what reasons is broken ТЭН in washing machines Samsung and how to replace it with own hands.

Content of the material:

  • 1What causes the failure
  • 2How to find a part
  • 3Checking
  • 4Buying a Heater
  • 5Replacement of heater
  • 6Visual assessment and installation
  • 7Additional recommendations

What causes the failure

The first symptom of a heater malfunction is washing in cold water (when choosing a high-temperature mode). The machine wipes off in cold water due to a breakdown of the water heating system as a whole.

If you have, for example, CM Samsung Diamond, then the error code will appear on the scoreboard H1, and the wash will end prematurely. The reasons can be:

  • failure in the operation of the control unit;
  • temperature sensor failure;
  • failure of the heater.

Most often the heater goes out of order because of poor quality of water. If the water in the plumbing system is too stiff, when washing at high temperature, and especially when boiling, a scum forms on the TEN.

If you do not arrange periodic prophylaxis, do not fight the rigidity of water and the scum itself, the layer becomes thicker. Over time, the heat that the TEN generates ceases to pass through thick plaque, and the heater burns out.

Perhaps you will not notice it right away, but when clothes stop washing or the error code lights up, everything will become clear.

How to find a part

To get to the heater, it's not enough just to unscrew the back cover, as in the Ariston or Indesit models. But in the typewriter Samsung is located in the front, and before pulling it, you need to remove the front wall.

On the front panel there is a loading hatch, a powder dispenser, a control panel - you know that it's a little more difficult to remove than simply unscrew the 4 bolts. Do not worry, we will tell you in detail how to replace the heating element in the washing machine.

Attention! Do not be discouraged ahead of time: but you do not have to unroll the machine, disconnect it from communications, repair will be much "cleaner".

We will consider in detail how to remove the heater from the washing machine Samsung, start from the front panel:

  • Remove the drain filter to easily drain the water that has remained in the tank.
  • Remove the detergent dispenser (inside there should be a small button, pressing it, you easily remove the part).
  • After removing the dispenser, you will see another pair of fasteners, unscrew them.
  • Another bolt is on the right, on the control panel, - it also needs to be twisted.
  • Slide the panel without removing it.
  • Take care of the loading hatch: pick up the clamp with a thin screwdriver, which holds the rubber cuff. Turn the cuff itself inside - into the drum.
  • Below you will find another small panel, near the dustbin. It is held by fasteners, which must also be unscrewed. The panel itself can be pinched by a thin screwdriver for convenience.
  • Along the removed wall, you will be waiting for 4 more fasteners, which were previously covered with a panel. Unscrew them.
  • Lift the control panel and put it on the top cover of the case. In the place where the panel was, you will have to unscrew another three screws.

Important! When working with the control panel, do not cut off the wiring in order not to complicate the repair.

  • Now everything on which the frontal part of the machine's hull is held is two small hooks. So that they let go of the panel, take it down the corners, and lift it up - it will easily take off.

Important! Do not pull the panel sharply and strongly, so as not to break off the wiring of the lock. Your task is to move the wall away so that it does not interfere with reaching the heater, so you do not need to disconnect anything - just put it next to it.

  • Go back to the control panel, now it does not bother you, so put it down so that during the repair it does not fall off the lid.

Now you know what kind of work needs to be done before removing the TEN from the Samsung washing machine. After removing the wall, you will immediately see the heater shank - it is under the tank.

But do not rush to make a replacement! We must first check everything, make sure that the heater is faulty, and then decide: change or not to change.


We have already said that before removing the heater in a washing machine Samsung, it is worth checking it. This is completely justified: suddenly the heater will be serviceable, and it will not have to be changed (this happens with failures in the electronic unit).

All you need to check is the usual multimer; in people it is better known as a tester.

Do this:

  • Configure the tester: select the resistance test mode, set the lowest value (in Ohms).
  • Remove all wires from the contacts and the temperature sensor (built in the heater). This work should be careful not to cut off the wiring.
  • One probe is leaning against one contact of the heater, the second - to the second one.
  • From the value obtained, assess the situation: if you are shown in the range between 25-30 Ohms, then the heater is working. Did you see 0 or 1? It will be necessary to replace the heater in the washing machine Samsung.

Buying a Heater

As a rule, repair of the heater in a washing machine Samsung is impossible, so you need to change it.

Before you remove the old heater, buy a new one. But be extremely focused on buying, the new element must fully comply with your model and the AGR brand. If in doubt, then first you need to get the part and take it with you to the store.

You can also order an item in an online store, where you can often find cheaper. But be careful - do not buy spare parts too cheap. On average, the price of a heater for the Samsung SM varies in this range: 500-1500 rubles.

Knowing which is installed in your washing machine Samsung, you must choose the same - not only in appearance, but also in power.

Important! The heater power in the SAMSUNG models is usually 1850 or 1900 watts.

Replacement of heater

If you removed the front panel, you already bought a new part, then it's time to repair the machine. We'll figure out how to get the TEN without much trouble:

  1. Armed with a socket wrench, unscrew the nut. The mount is located in the center of the shank, between its contacts.
  2. Grasp both the contacts of the old part and loosen it.
  3. With a small hammer or the same key, strike the hairpin on which the previously removed nut was screwed.
  4. The hairpin fell through? Great, go on.
  5. With a minus screwdriver, pierce the part, thus displacing it from its place.
  6. Pull the contacts to get the heater out of the groove.

Attention! Do not overdo it by getting the heater: if the contacts break off, getting the heater will be more difficult.

Visual assessment and installation

Having brought TEN, you can immediately, without special adaptations, understand the condition of the part. We are 95% sure that there is scum on it, and if black spots are noticeable, the heater will probably burn out.

Installation of the heater is as simple as possible:

  1. Check the resistance of the new element with the tester. You need to make sure that the part is not defective.
  2. Lubricate the seal with grease or machine oil. Ideal for WD-40.
  3. Install the part instead of the old one.
  4. Replace the temperature sensor.
  5. Connect wiring.

Now you know that replacing a heating element in a Samsung washing machine does not require you to have a special tool and special skills: even a beginner can cope with such repairs.

Additional recommendations

Before changing the heater, check the hole in which it was installed.

Over the years, it can collect dirt, scum and debris. The new details all this can prevent stable work. Take a rag and clean the hole. You can also put on a tight glove and gently remove rubbish with your fingers.

Now you know how to change the heater, so that the washing machine normally warms the water. As you can see, nothing is complicated in this. Visualize the replacement of TEN in the washing machine Samsung can be on video:

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