Exhaust fan for the bathroom

Today discuss which exhaust fans for bathrooms is commercially available as a built ventilation system. If the residents of apartment buildings topic is not important, the owners of private houses seriously interested in how to set up and install the equipment correctly. The main parameter for the apartments is called sound pressure level (noise), measured in decibels. Exhaust fan interferes with sleep, when shall serve as the middle of the night.

Spanish equipment Soler & Palau Silent line

Soler & Palau produces a wide range of equipment. It can not be called cheap, but the prices are available on selected products. Silent famous line that includes exhaust fans for the bathroom is extremely quiet. The equipment has a decent class electrical protection, it does not require grounding. The distinctive features of the family are:

  • Quiet operation. The manufacturer does not specify a particular value, then ask the dealer option. A useful option is achieved simply: asynchronous motor mounted on special rubber and steel dampers. Vibration damping elements are smoothed, appear at work, do not allow the disturbance transfer wall or enclosure.

Spanish equipment of Soler & Palau

  • The check valve on the exhaust fan back side to the bathroom does not give air to flow in the opposite direction to the specified value. The design consists of two wings, folded into a perfect circle when the equipment is turned off. This advantage - is not expected back draft. However, not sure that ventilation with the natural instinct will be able to open the valve, so clean air supply disrupted. The manufacturer is silent on the subject, it is better to clarify the issue before you buy an exhaust fan for the bathroom.

In the line number of sizes, although the hole diameter is unusual Silent 100 - 105 mm. It is difficult to justify the choice of numbers. Probably constitute a housing wall thickness of 2.5 mm, which is done to maximize the power transmission. The guide lists the standard sizes:

  1. Silent 100 - 105 mm.
  2. Silent 200 - 125 mm.
  3. Silent 300 - 160 mm.

The last two are the same size of a standard size circular ducts, the second addition, among the present corrugations. For Russia, is considered optimal exhaust fan for the bathroom with an installation size of 125 mm. The mechanism for the suit and round air duct made of plastic and aluminum corrugation.

The equipment is classified as axial fans placed at the entrance to the canal. If mounted at the output, the thrust will be the reverse. Soler & Palau have their own controllers for asynchronous motors, frequency changing speed. The electrical circuit is not driven, are reasons to believe that the regulation of revolutions suitable for any device produced in Russia, such as CPM - 2.5. Acts on the basis of changes in the voltage amplitude, is built on symistors.

This is not the best way regulation, but control the single-phase inverter 220, smoothly changing the pulse rate difficult. Of course, it is possible to construct his own, if knowledge in electronics allow, build experience and networking equipment available. Otherwise, it's easier just to pay than to pay the burned asynchronous motor.

Try to withstand operating conditions. Silent line used indoors at a temperature of 0-40 ° C. Of course, the humidity of 100% is not a contraindication. Some models are equipped with humidistat is included automatically on the specified condition. For the results of the special potentiometer is set relative humidity level above which include household exhaust fan for the bathroom.

Household exhaust fan for the bathroom

Installation of the device is the only complexity: the power supply cable comes straight out of the wall. Of course, it is easy with the help of skilled hands to get around the restriction, then the manufacturer can not guarantee the safety and reliable operation of the exhaust fan for the bathroom. Strengthen the unit on the wall can even schoolboy, if the house is prepared punch. The top cover is removed, in the corners of the drilled four holes through which the exhaust fan for the bathroom attached dowel-nails to the wall.

Attach the body of the place mark with a pencil the future holes punched a hole punch for mounting depth, be sure to thread the wire before final fixing. For an unknown purpose specially comes rubber gasket that fits on the cable before threading the hole. Rather, from the containment requirements. Soler & Palau advance provides such uncomplicated means to eliminate cracks and gaps. Suitable PVS2 small cross section (0.5 mm 2, for example). I have observed a structure where the current going through the signal conductor to the loudspeaker. Power is so small that burn wire can hardly.

Exhaust fans bathroom line Silent Design room

Ruler Silent Design company Soler & Palau detailed above was repeated with the sole exception:

The front side is covered with a decorative panel, slightly lagging behind the body and allows air to go inside. Outside it looks like a pair of concentric squares of durable white ABS-plastic.

Exhaust fan for the bathroom Silent Design room

In order to harmonize with the surrounding environment white diluted strict right (or left - as set) the vertical (or horizontal) a replacement strip. Decor comes four pieces:

  1. yellow;
  2. blue;
  3. red;
  4. green.

Thus tricky swing exhausters for bathrooms S & P Silent Design fit in any room. Installing the exhaust fan in the bath is already described for the circuit of the hole diameter 105 mm.

Control and regulation

We mentioned that Soler & Palau own controls for induction motors in the desired mode. The device does not differ with the exception of the advantages of bright smart design and security.

There are plenty of artists who wanted to buy the exhaust fan for the bathroom, and the regulator to make their own hands. Recommended to place the device out of reach of the water. The main thing is that the length of the connecting wire between the exhaust fan and the regulator was not too big. Recommended limit of ten meters.

Fan for exhaust in the bathroom

Scheme suitable device found on the Internet. The regulator called NF246. The device is designed for 1,000 watts, at first glance seems suitable for single-phase induction motor. Heels can be powered exhaust fan for the bathroom.

Fan for exhaust in the bathroom should have a maximum capacity, but manufacturers prefer the volume in cubic meters do not indicate how to extracts. Rather, it comes from the understanding of the designers of the fact that, with good natural ventilation no use will not be compulsory for the rare exception. If difficulty with traction, performance depends on three factors:

  1. RPM speed of the blades.
  2. Engine power.
  3. The resistance of the ventilation path.

The last parameter manufacturer has on hand, because the rate depends on the particular conditions and can not be predicted. But an experienced engineer to calculate specific information on the site of the performance can either measure anemometer.

Exhaust fans in the bathroom are designed to maintain a given level of humidity, be sure to pay attention to models with a built-in humidistat. Will work automatically as required. This is useful in the absence of reverse thrust. For the latter case, S & P fans are equipped with a special valve, mentioned above.

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