The refrigerator Nord does not work

The refrigerator "Nord" has a modern "packaging the design of the equipment does not differ from other well-known brands. But in terms of technology, the producers of Nord have settled on a proven classic. The drip defrost system may not be as user friendly as the No Frost system, but it is also reliable. If your refrigerator suddenly stops working, or if the refrigerator or freezer does not work, you need to sound an alarm.

Our article will help you to find a breakdown.

Content of the material:

  • 1Refrigeration equipment is constantly running and does not shut down
  • 2Additional causes of breakage
    • 2.1The refrigerator is very cold
    • 2.2Not at all cold

Refrigeration equipment is constantly running and does not shut down

There can be several reasons for the breakdown. Normal operation of the refrigerator is to periodically turn off the motor for 12-20 minutes. But if the technology does not "rest" at all, the compressor works without stopping - it's a breakdown.

In the refrigerating equipment "Nord" the sealant wears out rather quickly. Also users complain of extraneous noises, knocking, sounds of flowing water. Perhaps, this is not a breakdown at all, but easily eliminated malfunctions:

  • An illegally closed door, or an object that interferes with its closing. There is a difference in temperature when warm air comes in. The system tries to normalize the climate in the chamber, so the motor works without stopping.

  • When the mechanical control is set to "Superfrost". If you do not turn it off, the work will not stop.

Check if there is enough space for proper ventilation and cooling of the refrigerator systems. Do not put the equipment close to the wall, nor is it recommended to install near a gas stove or heating appliances.

If after verification it turned out that everything is in order, then the case is broken:

  1. The seal on the door was worn or deformed. You need to replace the rubber band - you can do this yourself. Watch the video on the topic:
  2. Temperature sensor malfunctionalso leads to a similar problem. If two thermostats are installed in the refrigerator, then you will notice that the refrigerator does not freeze, but the freezer works. Since the sensor measures the temperature in the compartment, if it breaks down, the module will not receive a signal, and the compressor will operate without stopping.
  3. Problems with the electronic module. If the module does not correctly process the incoming signals, it needs a replacement or repair. Unfortunately, the new module is an expensive acquisition. In some cases it is easier to replace the equipment. Especially, if it has already served many years.
  4. Leak of gas-freon.Loss of tightness of the tube or body of the chamber results in a gas leak. Only a specialist can solve the problem. It blocks the leakage location, and then refills the system with refrigerant.
  5. Compressor failure. When the motor is running on wear, it does not have enough power to create pressure in the tube. In the chambers, the temperature is higher than normal. Trying to compensate for the malfunction, the motor runs without stopping.

Problems with the motor are difficult to eliminate yourself. First, the part is diagnosed, then replaced. Depending on the model of the refrigerator, the master will carry out repairs in your home.

Additional causes of breakage

It happens that the refrigerator freezes products or does not freeze at all. We will analyze each separate case.

The refrigerator is very cold

Immediately see if the thermostat is properly installed. Maybe it's at the maximum mark. There can be also such reasons:

  • Litter in the drainage system. If you notice a layer of ice or snow on the walls of the compartment, or the fruits and vegetables in the bottom boxes are completely frozen, the cause is a blockage. The drain hole serves to remove condensation droplets. When moisture accumulates on the walls, the droplets drain into the hole and are removed from the system. If this does not happen, the water freezes to form a snow coat.

  • The capillary system was clogged. In the capillaries along which the coolant passes, a thrombus was formed. It is necessary to clean the capillaries and, if necessary, fill more gas-freon.
  • The device that controls the temperature in the chamber went out of order. The electronic board does not receive data, so it does not give a command to turn off the motor-compressor.
  • "Zalip" switching valveoffices in the refrigerator with one compressor. Depending on the position in which the valve has jammed, it may freeze the refrigerator or freezer compartment.

Not at all cold

If the technique works, but does not freeze, the problems are exactly the same as the previous case. Usually the user does not immediately notice that the freezer does not work. When a pool of water is already on the floor, a search for breakdown begins. Perhaps the freezer door is difficult to close because of a thick layer of ice and snow. Then you need to defrost the refrigerator - to remove the thick layer of snow, it will take at least a day.

When there is no cold in the refrigerator compartment, you need to check the operation of the fan. On its blades, ice could be trapped, so it can not rotate and press cold air. Have to take defrost.

Each breakdown is dangerous in its own way. Sometimes the user himself can identify the problem and cope with it at home. But this is not always possible. Therefore, if the refrigerator "Nord" does not work, do not over tighten with the reference to the service center. At an early stage, repairs will be faster and cheaper.

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