The washing machine does not turn on and does not work

The washing machine does not work? What is the reason that the last wash was as usual, but now the machine does not start? To find the malfunction, you need to diagnose the stylalki, check its details.

Thanks to our article you will be able to independently conduct an inspection and try to eliminate the breakdown.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes and symptoms of a malfunction
  • 2What to do if the washing machine does not turn on
    • 2.1After the purchase
    • 2.2After the voltage jump
    • 2.3After moving
  • 3CMA is turned on, but does not work
    • 3.1Problems with posting
  • 4What to do to avoid problems

Causes and symptoms of a malfunction

What are the signs of failure to pay attention to:

  1. AGR does not respond to pressing the start button.
  2. Connecting the styralka to the network ends with a flashing of all the bulbs.
  3. After the machine is connected, the light comes on, but the program does not start.

Why does not the washing machine or semi-automatic machine turn on? Let's consider possible reasons for the failure:

  • Power to the machine is broken. The power cord may be damaged, the outlet may be damaged, or there may be no power to the network.
  • The interference filter or its wiring is burnt.
  • The contacts of the start button have been damaged.
  • Defective UBL lock on the door.
  • The programmer (command device) that is responsible for the operation of the buttons on the control panel has failed.
  • Damaged wiring leading to the control board, or the board itself - perhaps if the lights were turned off.

Before contacting a service center or buying a new machine, check - perhaps the reason is not at all a breakdown, but in a simple malfunction.

What to do if the washing machine does not turn on

Start by visiting the equipment:

  1. Check that the washing wire of the washing machine is connected to the mains.
  2. Check the shield - it may be that the electricity is turned off in the room.
  3. If the machine does not respond to the power button, connect another appliance to the outlet and check if it works.

  1. Inspect the power cord at the time of damage, maybe it is pinched by some kind of object. The damaged space can be sealed with electrical tape, but it is better to replace the wire completely.

If the inspection has not yielded results, further diagnostics and repair of the washing machine will be necessary. We will describe the typical reasons for the failure of the AGR.

After the purchase

What should I do if the new washing machine does not work? If you just installed the styralka, and it does not work, you do not have to do it yourself. Contact the store for warranty. Perhaps there is a factory marriage.

After the voltage jump

After the voltage jump, the mains filter (FPS), which protects the electronic module of the machine from combustion, first of all suffers. Also, the filter serves to neutralize interference that may be exposed to devices adjacent to the washing machine. As a result of a breakdown, the filter may not pass electricity.

How to check:

  • Remove the top cover from the stylus housing by unscrewing the screws from the back.
  • At the side wall you will find a surge protector.
  • Inspect it and the contacts attached to it. Usually, the burned parts or blown filter are noticeable. Then he immediately needs a replacement.
  • If you can not see anything visually, the filter contacts are called with a multimeter.
  • Repair the item is not. To remove it from the housing, disconnect the wiring and unscrew the fastening bolt.

From the filter, the wiring leads either to the start button or to the control module. Depends on the year of production of the machine. After the voltage drop, the wiring could burn.

The start button in the on state must pass current. You can find out this by attaching the meter's probe to its wires. If the resistance on the screen shows, then the working button, if not, it needs to be replaced.

You can order a button specifically for your model in the online store.

Sometimes the button will stick, if detergents get on it. Then you need to clean the socket and put the key back in place.

To avoid problems with voltage, it is recommended to connect the styralka from the generator.

After moving

Before, did your car work properly, but after moving does not turn on? It is necessary to check the electronic module. The fact is that water (not always removed from the dispenser tray) remains in the module during shaking or turning the machine. This immediately disables it or causes it to close when it is turned on.

Checking the module:

  • Unplug the Stiralki from electricity.
  • Remove the top cover.
  • Remove the dispensing tray by pressing the catch in the center.
  • Unscrew all screws that secure the control panel, and remove it from the housing.
  • Take a photo of the location of the wiring, disconnect it.
  • Squeeze the plastic latches, remove the board from the panel.

If no damage is found during the examination, pay the diagnostic fee to the service center.

CMA is turned on, but does not work

If the machines "Indesit "Hansa "Virpul" and other models are turned on, but do not work, the reason is in the UBL lock. The machine does not start the washing, because the electronic lock or its wiring has broken.

In addition to the usual lock in the system of washing machines an electronic lock is provided. After closing it, you should hear the door click. If this does not happen, the electronic module does not receive a signal, so the washing does not begin. At the same time, the indicators are not lit, the "Chateau" lamp may be blinking.

Once the door is locked, you will immediately hear a water intake noise.

How to check UBL:

  • Open the hatch door.
  • To get to the castle, you need to remove the hatch cuff of the hatch.
  • To do this, bend the sealing rubber and remove the clamp.
  • Fill the cuff inside the tank.
  • Remove the two locking screws.
  • Put your hand on the body, remove the lock.
  • Disconnect its wires.

Using multimeter, measure the resistance of the lock on the contacts, if it is defective, install a new part.

Problems with posting

Check the AGR wiring. If it does not burn out, the connectors may loose due to the strong vibration of the machine. Need a thorough inspection and ringing with a multimeter. In the event of a breakdown, the wiring is replaced completely or partially.

What to do to avoid problems

It is important to properly operate the washing machine. For this:

  • Follow the instructions.
  • Do not force the washer to wear. With several launches per day, take breaks for a couple of hours.
  • After washing, leave open the hatch, wipe the cuff from the mold. Periodically rinse out the dispensing tray from the detergent residue.

  • Read the composition of detergents that you use to not harm yourself and the machine.
  • Carry out scale prophylaxis, including an empty machine at high temperatures. Use special tools.

Following simple rules, you can extend the life of your equipment.

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