The washing machine does not wring: causes and problem search

The washing machine properly erases and rinses, but does not want to press the laundry? Of course, you can squeeze the clothes yourself, but this is not a way out. If the machine does not turn on the spin, this is the first warning of a breakdown, which without the diagnostics can worsen.

Why there are problems with squeezing and how to fix the problem, read in the article.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes and signs of breakage
  • 2What to do if the washing machine does not press
    • 2.1When draining
    • 2.2When washing
    • 2.3With poor drum performance
  • 3The washing machine does not open the door
  • 4The spin does not turn off
  • 5How to avoid breakage

Causes and signs of breakage

How to understand that the styaralka does not go into spin mode? Signs that indicate a malfunction:

  • The program ended, but the water remained in the drum. There is no plum.
  • From the drum you get wet things that have not been wrung out.
  • The discharge of water is very noisy.
  • The drainage of the water is normal, but the laundry was not squeezed out.
  • Spin works once, the machine does not respond to the specified parameters.
  • Stiralka buzzes, as if doing the spin, but this does not happen.
  • The water merges very slowly.

These are the main signs that you should pay attention to if the machine does not switch to spin.

What could be the reason that the washing machine has broken down and does not wring out the clothes to the end? There are technical problems that require diagnostics and repair:

  1. Problems with the drain pump. If the washing machine has stopped spinning, the drain may not work, so there is simply no place for water to go.
  2. The level sensor function is broken.. If the sensor fails, the electronic board does not receive a signal about the amount of water in the tank, so it does not give a signal for draining.
  3. Defective control moduleor his triacs. Each triac is responsible for the operation of a particular part in a washing machine. Therefore, if it burns, the board can not control and give commands.
  4. Malfunction of the electric motor. The brushes could wear out, the wiring could burn out. If there are problems with the engine, the drum will not rotate fast enough for high-quality spinning. Either the machine will not work at all.
  5. Does not work tachogenerator, which controls the number of revolutions of the motor. The symptoms of breakage are the same as in the previous case.

If a semi-automatic machine without a centrifuge does not itself squeeze, then the broken automatic machine shifts this responsibility to you. Do not put up with it. Carry out a thorough inspection and diagnostics of LG, Samsung, Indesit, Kandy and other models.

Where to start the test, read on.

What to do if the washing machine does not press

Before you do something or start repair, you need to make sure that the case is broken. Perhaps you just turned off the spin, so the machine does not go to the end of the program.

  • Look at the control panel, it is possible that the mode is not accidentally turned on without spinning, or a delicate washing program is installed in which spinning is absent. Then you need to set the normal washing mode and adjust the number of revolutions.

  • Washing machines with vertical loading can respond to overloading of laundry. Also, with a small number of things, an imbalance could occur when all the laundry is knocked into one lump, and the work of the AGR stops. In this case, the styralka can try to unroll the drum several times, then it stops. You need to open the door and get an excess of clothes or distribute it on the drum.

Modern machines are equipped with the function "Protection against unbalance". Therefore, such problems arise in the models of the old issue.

If you checked all the options, but the AGA still does not turn on the spin mode, then proceed with the diagnostics of the parts.

When draining

If the AGC "Bosch "Ardo "Ariston" or "Zanussi" stopped and do not drain the water, the cause should be looked for in the drain pump. There may also be a situation where the machine drains the water, but does not squeeze it. Perhaps the remains of water are still in the drum, so the spin does not work.

What do we have to do:

  • At the bottom of the front case is a drain hatch.
  • Unclip the hatch latches and open the door.
  • Place the container and remove the filter.
  • To test the pump impeller, start the spin or drain mode.
  • Shine the flashlight into the hole in the hatch and check if the impeller is spinning.
  • If it does not, you need to disassemble the pump.

At the same time, the drainage pipe is checked with a pomp. Depending on the model of the styralka (Atlant, Virpul, Veko, Gorenie), you can get to the pump through the bottom, front or back of the case. More about this, we wrote in previous articles.

  • Unclip the pipe clamp from the tank to the pump, disconnect it and check for blockage.
  • Then disconnect the pump harness and its fasteners.
  • Inspect the structure for debris, perhaps something wound around the impeller.

If the nozzle is clogged, the machine can hum, but do not wring, trying to drain the water. After installing the parts into place, check the operation of the machine. If the spin does not start again - change the pump completely.

When washing

When the machine erases, but does not squeeze, the problem can be in the styrler engine. In this case, the spinning is simply impossible, or it passes, but is too weak.

  • Remove the rear housing and pull out the motor for inspection.
  • Remove the electrobrushes that are on both sides of the housing.
  • If they are worn out, replace them with new ones.


  • Also check the wiring at the time of the subgrade and call the coil with a multimeter.

If the motor coils are non-working, you can not repair them yourself. It is necessary to completely replace the engine.

With poor drum performance

If the CMA drum does not spin, does not gain the proper speed, the reason is in the Hall sensor. The device monitors the operation of the engine, but if it breaks, the engine operation may be erratic. The drum can twist, but do not wring out the laundry, as it does not develop the desired speed.

To check the gearbox, it is necessary to remove the engine as described above. The device is located on the motor housing. If the sensor fails, it can not be repaired, it must be replaced with a new part.

The washing machine does not open the door

If the water level sensor malfunctions, the system does not receive a signal to start draining the water. Consequently, the machine does not wring or open. In order to open the door and pull out the laundry, you need to drain the water through the filter. Then wait until the lock is unlocked and the door is opened.

How to check the pressure switch (level sensor)? In all models SM "Ariston Hotpoint "Electrolux "Siemens "Daewoo "Atlant" the device is located under the top cover.

  • Remove the two screws from the back.
  • Move the lid away from yourself and remove it from the casing.
  • At the wall you will notice the pressure switch.
  • Disconnect its tubes and check for blockage.
  • The device itself is checked by a multimeter. Its probes are applied to the contacts of the device, the indicators are measured.

If the sensor is defective, install a new one.

The spin does not turn off

Problems with the control module in the stylus can be expressed by the fact that the drum does not stop and the spin does not turn off. After such turns the car simply hangs. It can also be that the SMA squeezes, rinses, but does not erase. On the contrary, it erases, but does not rinse.

All these signs speak of problems with the "brain" of the AGR, so it starts to work incorrectly.

Independently you can only externally inspect the control board. The main diagnosis and repair is best entrusted to professionals.

  • Disconnect the washing machine from electricity.
  • Remove the top cover.
  • Pull out the dispensing tray. Pull it on yourself, holding the latch in the center.
  • Remove the screws securing the control panel.
  • Unclip the plastic latches and unplug the panel.
  • Disconnect the wiring.
  • To remove the card, also press the latches.

If there are no signs of breakage on the surface of the board, contact the service center.

How to avoid breakage

It is always better to prevent damage than to repair it later. Especially the rules of operation are simple:

  • Before loading the laundry into the drum, check all pockets, pull out foreign objects.
  • Install and connect the machine correctly, according to the instructions.
  • Sort things before washing. Put clothes with decor in special bags.
  • Do not load too much laundry. This leads to rapid wear of the washer and poor-quality washing.
  • Install the voltage regulator. He will protect expensive equipment from sudden breakage.
  • Periodically clean the drain filter and detergent drawer.
  • Do not close the door after removing the laundry. This contributes to the formation of fungus and mold.

Now you know why the drum in the washing machine can not spin and do not squeeze the laundry. Be attentive to the first manifestations of failure, then you can avoid expensive repairs.

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