In the washing machine there is a lot of foam

You have habitually loaded the laundry and went about their business, and when they returned, they found out that foam was coming out of the washing machine? What could have led to such consequences? Do not hesitate: take urgent measures before finding out the cause of the breakdown.

How to be in this situation and how to troubleshoot, read below.

Content of the material:

  • 1Precautions before work
  • 2Finding the reason why there is a lot of foam in the washing machine
  • 3How to troubleshoot a problem
  • 4What to do if the powder does not foam
  • 5Prevention of breakage

Precautions before work

What to do if a foam gets out of the car, and is it harmful? Since moisture can get to the electronic module, it can lead to the closure and breakage of the washer. Immediately use our recommendations:

  1. Stop the washing program. Disconnect the washing machine from the mains.
  2. After opening the drain hatch at the bottom of the front panel, drain all the water into the container.
  3. Then open the hatch door, remove all the linen.
  4. Remove the remaining foam by hand, carefully cleaning the drum.
  5. To somehow reduce its amount, run the rinse cycle. If it goes badly, install repeated rinsing and draining cycles.

Returning the machine to its normal state, you can proceed with the diagnosis.

Finding the reason why there is a lot of foam in the washing machine

Before you restart the Stiralk, find out the cause of the problem. If the foam goes again, this can lead to serious malfunctions.

Start with a simple one:

  • Remember which powder you used. If the powder for hand washing was accidentally chosen, it is not surprising that foam came from the tank. The same happens with substandard detergents. In unsuitable for automatic washing powders there are no defoamers. Therefore, during intense washing, the powder strongly foams.
  • Exceeded dose leads to the same results. Always follow the instructions or use measuring spoons.
  • Washing of things that "whip" foam. You can not beat the drum with light and porous linens until the end. It can be curtains, tulle, overalls, down jackets. Large things are obliterated one by one, and with light fabrics, the tank is filled in half. The dose of powder can be reduced, otherwise you will notice that the machine rinses with foam, which is not the norm.
  • Perhaps you moved to another location or installed a filter for cleaning, and the water became softer. Therefore, a lot of foam is formed, which remains even after rinsing. More rigid water prevents foaming. In this case, reduce the use of the detergent in half.

If you are sure that the powder is poured as usual, and water always comes from the same water pipe, then the cause of foam formation in the failure.

How to troubleshoot a problem

How much foam should be when washing? Enough to wash the laundry. But if she starts to climb through the top of the washing machine, the reason for the cuff failure.

Sealing rubber is responsible for sealing the hatch, protects against water leaks. The cuff could be damaged during washing by an extraneous object or leak through time. Also on the rubber are affected by mold and fungus.

Did the foam flow through the top or from under the car? Hence, the internal part of the rubber is damaged. We need to replace it urgently.

Buy a replacement worn cuff can be found in the online store, indicating the brand and model of stylalki.

  • Open the hatch door.
  • Remove the screws securing the lock UBL.
  • Bend the rubber and remove the outer yoke.
  • To remove the inner yoke, remove the top cover of the AGR, unscrewing the two screws from the rear.
  • Remove the cuff from the tank.

Clear all the grooves in the area of ​​the rubber, then install a new element.

When it is noticeable that soapy water flows and acts under the machine, the cause may be in the malfunction of the drainage system.

  • Immediately need to eliminate water. How to extinguish and remove the foam, we described above.
  • Examine the entire system, from the drain filter to the pump.
  • Remove the back of the stylus by unscrewing the bolts around the perimeter.
  • Inspect the drainage pipe. If it is damaged or leaky, it can skip the foam.
  • Unscrew the bolt and loosen the pipe clamp.
  • Disconnect and replace the element.

In the same place, the drain pump is checked. Inspected drain hose and its attachment to the sewer. If some connectors have moved away, they need to be fixed more firmly.

What to do if the powder does not foam

When washing, do you notice that there is no foam in the drum, and the laundry does not wash properly? Reasons why this happens:

  • Water is too hard. If the concentration of salts is high, the detergent does not foam well. Install a cleaning filter that will soften the water.
  • Unsuitable powder. Try changing the powder, maybe it was substandard.
  • The heater does not work. In cold water, the granules of the powder dissolve very poorly, forming little foam. As a result, white divorces remain on the items. It is necessary to check and replace the heater.

Prevention of breakage

Do not allow the formation of excessive foam. For this:

  • Choose a quality washing powder in the washing machine.
  • Install a water filter. It will also protect the heater from scale.
  • Do not exceed the dose of powder. For light things, rinse even less money than usual.

Those who have modern washing machines at home should not worry. Manufacturers have provided a special program for the control of foam. If it is formed in excess, the pump picks out the excess, after which the cycle continues.

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