Errors of washing machines Ariston

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Modern washing machines Ariston and Hotpoint-Ariston are equipped with an accurate self-diagnosis system that helps users and masters in the initial identification of malfunctions. A time-honored error code and a correctly deciphered combination are the key to successful repair.

Codes of errors, their significance, causes of breakdown and repair

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Error code What does Causes or symptoms What to check, how to fix
F01, F1 Short-circuiting of contacts in circuits of engine СМА. The drum of the washing machine may not rotate. Causes of failure:

1. Faulty electronic module.

2. Low voltage in the mains.

3. The power cord of the SM is damaged.

4. The contacts connecting the motor of the washing machine with its electronics are damaged.

1. Reboot the Stiralk. If the board is damaged, a firmware or replacement is required.

2. Wait until the voltage in the network is restored to a sufficient level. Install the stabilizer.

3. Check the integrity of the cord by disconnecting the machine. If it is damaged, reinstall the power cable.

4. Check the motor wiring, replace the defective parts.

F02, F2 The signal from the vehicle is not received. 1. The engine is broken, its winding has burnt out, or the bearings wear.

2. The wiring in the motor power circuit is broken.

3. The Hall sensor (TACHO sensor) is broken.

4. The controller is broken.

1. It is necessary to check, repair the defective parts of the motor or replace the entire engine.

2. Route maintenance of wires, repair damaged connections.

3. Call the part, replace it with a new one if it breaks down.

4. Ensure that the electronic controller is operational.

F03 The machine overheats the water, bringing it to a boil. 1. The heater relay is frozen.

2. The temperature sensor broke.

3. The wiring of the sensor or heater is damaged.

1. Inspect the relay and controller.

2. Call the sensor to the resistance level. Change the sensor when it fails.

3. Check the electrical circuits of parts, repair damaged areas.

F04 Pressostat does not fulfill its function. 1. The contacts of the pressure switch (the water level sensor) are off.

2. The element is out of order.

This can be accompanied by simultaneous signals like a water overflow in the tank, and its insufficient level.

1. It is necessary to "go through" the wiring, repair the damaged areas.

2. Check the tester and replace it with a similar one.

F05, F5 Pressostat does not receive data about the water level in the tank. 1. The drain pump of SMA Ariston is broken. The electrical circuits of the pump are broken.

2. The drainage path is clogged: pump, branch pipe, filter or hose.

3. The pressure switch broke, its wiring was damaged.

4. The control module is crashing.

1. Check the integrity of the pump harness, make sure the pump is working. Carry out maintenance of wires, replace the pump in case of failure.

2. Eliminate blockages by alternately inspecting all elements of the drain system.

3. Check the pressure switch and its wiring.

4. Visually inspect the control board for defects. Repair or replace the element.

F06 Error in the operation of the buttons (for the Ariston Dialogic series). 1. The connection between the card and the controller is broken.

2. The control unit is broken.

It is necessary to check the performance of all electronics.

This is a difficult task, requiring a special tool and certain skills. Such work is recommended to entrust service centers or good masters.

F07 The water level in the AGR is below the nominal level, and the heater is not completely covered. 1. In the AGA AVL and AVD with the EVO-II controller: the connection of the J3 connector of the pressure switch to the electronic module is broken. The pressure switch has broken, the TEN or the controller has burnt out.

2. In SM Ariston "Margarita 2000" (AL and ALS) with the EVO-I controller: the contact in the connector of the electric module CM1 is broken; the heater relay has blown.

1. Check the electrical circuits, pressure switch, controller. Replace any defective parts of the wiring or broken parts.

2. Check the board's contacts and the board itself to find out what to do next - you may need to repair, flash, or replace the board.

F08, F8 The heater relay jammed, or the pressure switch generates signals about simultaneous overflow and shortage of water in the tank. 1. The pressure sensor is broken.

2. Burner or thermistor burnt out.

3. The wiring is broken.

4. The heater relay is broken.

5. The controller has failed.

Call and inspect all specified parts and wiring at the time of failure. If you find a problem, replace or contact the service.
F09 Failure (error) of PROM memory. 1. The controller is broken.

2. The microcircuit has failed.

In this case, you need:

1. Repair or change the controller.

2. Flash the microcircuit.

F10 Pressostat does not transmit signals. 1. The pressostat is broken.

2. The wiring between the sensor and the module is broken.

3. The controller has failed.

All tracks, spikes, wires and contacts, like the listed parts, need to be checked. Defective connections and parts must be replaced. Controller to flash or reinstall.
F11 There is no signal that the drainage system is working. 1. System failure (management board).

2. The wiring is fused or opened.

3. The drain pump broke.

4. The level sensor has failed.

Ring, inspect and replace:

· Fee;

· Posting;

· The pump;

· Pressure switch.

F12 There is no communication between the indicating unit and the control board of the SMA Ariston. 1. The indicating module is broken.

2. The wiring is broken.

3. Control board failure.

1. Check and replace the module.

2. Call and check the wiring that connects the indicating unit to the module - replace the damaged areas.

3. Call the board, reflash or replace the electronic element.

F13, F14, F15 Problems with drying (for Ariston models equipped with a drying function). 1. The thermal sensor is broken.

2. Outage the pressure switch.

3. The heating element has cracked or its wiring broken.

4. The controller is malfunctioning.

1. Check the thermistor and replace it with a new one.

2. Check sensor, change if broken.

3. Call the heater, check the contacts and the wiring. Route maintenance wires or replace the heater.

4. Inspect the controller.

F17 Slightly closed or not completely closed the SMA hatch door. 1. Door skew.

2. Failure or slippage of the latch.

3. Breakage UBL.

1. Tighten the hatch loops.

2. Correct the metal rod or replace the retainer.

3. Call the locker's contacts and carry out maintenance of the wiring. Check the UBL and replace the device if it is out of order.

F18 Processor failure. SMA does not work, does not respond to pressing, all the lights flash (and other "inadequate" behavior). The controller needs to be replaced.
H20 Problems with water flood: it is not enough, or, conversely, too much. 1. The water tap is closed.

2. Poor pressure in the water supply.

3. Clogged water intake filter.

4. There is a platter due to improper installation.

5. The jammed valve is broken.

6. The pressostat is broken.

7. The controller has failed.

1. Open the tap-tee.

2. Wait until the head is normal or contact the plumber.

3. Rinse the strainer.

4. Restore the normal position of the hose according to the installation rules.

5. Check the valve, replace if necessary.

6. Check the sensor and its wiring. Replace damaged circuits or the pressure switch itself.

7. Check the operation of the control card.

Now you know how to correctly decipher errors on the scoreboard of the washing machine "Ariston".

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