Error codes for dishwashers Beko

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Most modern technology is equipped with a self-diagnosis system - not an exception and the dishwasher "Beco". In case of malfunction, an error code is displayed. Such codes can be several, and each has its own meaning. Having learned the decoding of the error, you will quickly find the cause of the PMM breakdown.

How to decode the trouble codes "Becco"

In the table below we describe all the errors of the Beko dishwashers, as well as the ways of their elimination. But first you should not exclude system failure, as a result of which code could be displayed. To reset the error, you need to reboot the machine.

How to reset the dishwasher:

  1. Unplug the machine for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Connect and look at the display.
  3. Did the error disappear? It's all right, and you can continue to work.
  4. If the code lights up again, you need to know its meaning and fix the problem.

Before repair, disconnect the dishwasher "Beko" from the mains and shut off the water supply.

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Malfunction codes What does Causes of appearance Repair by own hands
0000 There is no water intake. 1. In the water supply there is no water, or the pressure is too small.

2. The input tap stops the flow.

3. The PMM filler hose is clogged or damaged.

4. Clogged filter-mesh, which is at the inlet of the intake valve.

1. Check for water and head pressure. Wait until the normal feed resumes.

2. Unscrew the input tap to full power.

3. Inspect the inlet hose. It should not be bent or damaged.

4. Get and clean the filter mesh.

000 The water in the tank does not heat up. Causes of failure:

1. The heating element has burnt out, or its contacts have been damaged.

2. A thermistor that measures the temperature of the water in the machine is faulty.

What can be done:

1. Carry out a diagnosis of the heater and its wiring. With a multimeter, call the TEN contacts. In case of breakage, replace the part.

2. Check thermistor. Install a new item.

H1 The value of the dishwasher code: the thermostat does not work. What happened:

1. The thermostat contacts burned during a short circuit.

2. The temperature sensor itself broke down.

Diagnosis and replacement of a faulty sensor.
H2 The heating element has failed. 1. Heating heater does not work.

2. The electronic board has burned down.

Self repair:

1. Inspection and replacement of the heater for a serviceable part.

2. Diagnosis of the control board. If the triac that controls the TEN is damaged, repair of the board is necessary.

H3 The heater works without stopping. The reasons for such a malfunction in the dishwasher "Beco

1. Incorrect operation of the thermistor, which sends incorrect signals to the control module.

2. The main module is defective.

How to fix the situation:

1. Check thermistor and replace.

2. Repair or replace with a new electronic module.

H4 What does the error mean: a fault with the triac of the input valve. Problems with the electronic card. Repair the triac card or complete replacement of the element.
H5 There is no draining after the washing cycle. 1. Discharge of the drainage system: filter, pump, hose.

2. Blocking the pump is an alien object.

3. Problems in the operation of the circulation pump.

How to fix the problem:

1. Check and clean the drain filter, pump, drain hose from the blockage.

2. Wearing gloves, you need to inspect the impeller of the pump, which could be blocked by glass shards.

3. Diagnosis of the circulation pump.

H6 The control motor triac of the PMM does not work. There was a problem with the control module. Repair of the triac or replacement of the control module.
H7 Pressostat gives incorrect testimony. 1. The bunker door is not closed properly.

2. The wiring of the pressure switch is broken.

3. The priming valve does not work.

4. Defective pressostat.

1. It is necessary to tighten the door closer to the casing of the dishwasher.

2. Check the contacts of the pressure switch.

3. Diagnose the valve fault. Run the installation of a new part.

4. Replace the pressure switch.

The system of self-diagnosis PMM "Beko" allows you to quickly identify the problem and extend the life of equipment.

To avoid blockages, clean the dishes from food before loading, place the plates in the trays correctly. To save the electronic part of the machine, install the RCDs - they will protect the technician from surges in the network.

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