Error codes for dishwasher Candy

To the user and the dishwasher Candy better "understand" each other, manufacturers have developed a digital display. The screen displays not only the time before the end of the cycle, but also the fault codes.

If you notice one of the codes when turning on the PMM, do not worry: the errors of Candy dishwashers indicate a fault. All you need is to find out the meaning of the error and to eliminate the causes of its occurrence. You can repair yourself.

How to decode the trouble codes "Kandy"

Depending on the type of dishwasher control, the fault code is displayed in different ways. For example, in machines with a display, the error will be displayed on the display. If your equipment does not have a display, watch the indicators blink. The number of flashes indicates an error.

If the code appears on the PMM panel for the first time, the machine needs a reboot. This may be a failure in the system, and after the technician is rebooted, the work will resume. What should be done:

  • unplug the machine from the power;
  • wait for 15-20 minutes;
  • connect the equipment.

You can continue to work if the error has disappeared from the screen. But if it lights up again, look for the cause of the breakdown.

Problems of the dishwasher "Kandy" can be divided into three categories of complexity:

  1. Clogging in the system. When the machine is not filled with water or, conversely, does not drain from the tank, check the system for blockage. Hoses need to be inspected and find an inflection. Such repairs can be performed by each user within 15-20 minutes.
  2. Replacement parts, which provides for partial disassembly of the PMM body. For example, the replacement of a pressure switch or keys on the control panel.
  3. The most difficult repair is to completely disassemble the equipment, replace the circulation pump or control card. In such cases, call the master.

Consider the error codes in the dishwashers of Kandy.

DTC What does Causes of appearance Repair by own hands
E1 There were problems with water intake. 1. There is no water in the system.

2. A small head.

3. Blockage in the inlet hose or filter.

4. Blockage or breakage of the intake valve.

1. Unscrew the tap, check for water.

2. Wait until normal pressure returns.

3. Detach the filler hose from the housing. Clean it from blockage. Pull out the strainer, rinse under the tap.

4. Diagnose and replace the intake valve.

E2 Value: The waste water does not drain from the PMM tank. Why is this happening:

1. The drainage path was hammered: the filter, the pump, a hose.

2. Block the drain pump with a foreign object.

3. Incorrect operation of the level sensor.

4. The electronic block is broken.

How to fix the situation:

1. Check and eliminate blockages in the drain filter, pump, hose. Perhaps you need to clean the sewer.

2. Remove the cover and check the impeller of the pump for the presence of debris, food debris that could block its operation.

3. Run diagnostics and install a new level sensor.

4. Repair of control board.

E3 Which means: there is no water heating. What happened:

1. Breakage of the heater wiring as a result of a short circuit.

2. Faulty heating element.

3. The thermostat, which is responsible for measuring the temperature, has failed.

4. The manager of the TEN triac burnt.

How to solve a problem:

1. Inspect wiring, replace burnt areas.

2. Call the TEN contacts with a multimeter. Install the work item.

3. Change the thermostat.

4. Repair the electronic board or replace it.

E4 The protection against leaks "Aquastop" has worked. In the dishwasher was water. The float sensor surfaced, the "Aquastop" system sent a signal about the leak. It is necessary to inspect the dishwasher "Kandy to eliminate the leakage.

In general, the leak happens:

· In hoses and their connections;

· In the PMM tank;

· In door or pump door seals.

E5 The temperature sensor sends inaccurate data. 1. The cause is in the closed contacts of the sensor.

2. The thermostat itself is faulty.

Check the contacts and sensor. Replace parts.

In the dishwasher Candy a few mistakes. In addition, the breakdown is not so serious as to cause the master, with some of them you can manage on your own.

But only a specialist can diagnose the fault of the control module. Therefore, if there is a suspicion of a malfunction, do not repair the Kandy dishwasher charge yourself. Contact the service center immediately.

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