How to make a grain chopper from a washing machine

Crusher for grain is always useful, especially for those who keep livestock. Why waste time on making food manually, if you can make a grain crusher from a washing machine.

With this machine you can get corn and wheat flour, and also process vegetables. So you not only save money, but also give a second life to an old washing machine.

Content of the material:

  • 1Advantages of grain crusher
  • 2How to make a grain crusher from a washing machine engine: instruction
    • 2.1Tools and components for assembly
  • 3The order of performance of works
    • 3.1How to install a grate
    • 3.2How to connect an engine
  • 4How homemade grain crusher works

Advantages of grain crusher

Why not buy a grain mill in the store? First, evaluate the advantages of the homemade:

  • Useful use of old technology.
  • Minimal rework of the washing machine, will cost almost free.
  • With the help of a self-made croup, you can process barley, rye, grain, legumes, husks. If you set a disk grater, you can get a chopper for vegetables, fruits and roots.
  • The design is easy to manage.

The only drawback is that you need to pick up some details and spend your time.

How to make a grain crusher from a washing machine engine: instruction

For the manufacture of a grain crusher, the Soviet washing machine Oka or another model with a cylindrical tank is ideal for its own use.

Before we make a device, let's consider the principle of its operation.

The design is simple and works on the technology of a coffee grinder, grinding grain. Instead of the activator, knives or blades are installed in the stylalk, which allow the processing of crops. A funnel is attached to the outside. Through its hole, the milled fodder pours into the container.

The whole grain does not fall into the container, because a fine mesh is installed in the structure.

Tools and components for assembly

Assembly of the structure is facilitated by the fact that it is not necessary to use a welding machine and a lathe. The tool you need:

  • Bulgarian;
  • Drill with drills;
  • pliers;
  • chisel;
  • a hammer;
  • nut and socket keys;
  • nuts;
  • bolts;
  • emery;
  • secateurs.


  • metal fine grating, preferably with sections no more than 3 mm;
  • sleeve;
  • flange;
  • rubber and tin gasket;
  • steel plates (, x20 mm, thickness, mm).

Before you start to manufacture the grain crusher, study the detailed drawing of the device.

The dimensions of the device are individual. Everything depends on the dimensions of the washing machine.

The order of performance of works

Prepared steel plates grind with emery. To put them on the pulley, you need to make a special flange, which will fix the knives.

Then proceed as follows:

  • In the center of the blades, make holes with a diameter of 6 mm. Put them on the pulley.
  • Now we need to make a protection so that the flour does not get into the mechanism.
  • From a piece of tinplate, make a patch that needs to be closed. Above, the construction is closed with a rubber gasket. For more tightness, you can use a sealant.

Now you need to prepare a funnel for flour output. It is connected to the drain - this requires expanding the hole to 12-15 cm. Do this with a hammer and chisel.

In the prepared hole, install a pipe or a piece of pipe of the appropriate diameter. The branch for the forage is ready. It is necessary to do the installation of the grate.

How to install a grate

Grate should be in the tank at an angle of 15 degrees. In doing so, it must be in tight contact with the walls of the tank. It is not easy to do this:

  1. Find out to what height knives will be raised when rotating. Make a note.
  2. Step back from marking up a few millimeters.
  3. Then prepare a grate, which in diameter corresponds to the size of the tank.
  4. Set the grid on the marked line, make sure that there are no gaps, otherwise the grain will slip.
  5. Secure the grille in place with the bolts and nuts.
  6. If small crevices form during installation, cover them with cold welding and leave to dry.

To minimize the loss of grain during loading, make a hole in the lid in which to install the funnel.

From the engine of the washing machine, make a starting device. To do this, you must connect the motor to the mains.

How to connect an engine

From the usual asynchronous motor comes 4 wires - 2 of them lead to the starting winding, 2 to the working winding. To correctly identify the wires and connect them, use the electrical circuit.

You can also check the wires with a tester that is set to the ohmmeter mode. For this:

  • Alternately, attach the tester probe to each wire, looking for pairs.
  • Wires leading to the working winding will show a lower value.
  • Connect the working and starting wire together.
  • Connect the remaining wires to a capacitor or a short pulse button.
  • Connect the power cord.
  • Start and check the engine.
  • To force the motor to rotate in the opposite direction, reverse the starting motor of the winding.

How homemade grain crusher works

Run an empty design, check the operation of the blades and the motor. If everything is in order, place a container under the outlet, fill a bucket of grain and cover the device with a lid.

It turned out a reliable grain crusher for use in everyday life. Over time, you will only have to sharpen the knives and use the machine for your own pleasure.

Now you know how you can crush grain at home without buying expensive equipment. Old, unnecessary parts of the washing machine can always be adjusted, if there is a desire.

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