How to make a concrete mixer from a washing machine

Thought to build? Then you need a concrete mixer to mix cement mortar. But where to get it? Buy - expensive, the more you need it, it can only once.

The output can be a self-made concrete mixer from a washing machine. If you have an old styaralka with a working engine, then you will be able to make your own equipment for household needs.

Content of the material:

  • 1Advantages of a self-made concrete mixer from a washing machine
  • 2Instructions: a self-made concrete mixer with a motor from a washing machine
    • 2.1Accessories
    • 2.2Instruments
    • 2.3Step-by-step execution of works
      • 2.3.1Make a frame (base)
      • 2.3.2Housing
      • 2.3.3Motor connection

Advantages of a self-made concrete mixer from a washing machine

Some believe that there is nothing better than original equipment. However, the self-made concrete mixer also has its advantages:

  • In addition to using old spare parts that are uselessly lying in the garage, you will save money on buying new equipment.
  • Have your concrete mixer, especially in the private sector, always the way. If you need to update the track or patch up the foundation, you do not have to look for equipment again.
  • You can make a concrete mixer by your own drawing. So it will be easier to fix it with a breakdown and calculate the dimensions for transport in transport.
  • The quality of batching in a concrete mixer can not be compared with a manual one, especially when the volumes of work are large.

Instructions: a self-made concrete mixer with a motor from a washing machine

There are two types of concrete mixers:

  1. Mechanical. Capacity is driven by force. This is practically the same as interfering with concrete in a conventional container. How much time and effort do you have to work with a manual drive? Therefore, it is better to dwell on the next option.
  2. Electric. The tank is driven by an electric motor.

The technology of manufacturing a concrete mixer is quite simple. But before you get started, think about whether you can connect the motor yourself? If the answer is yes, then prepare everything you need.


  • A barrel from an old washing machine with a capacity of 200 liters (preferably with a vertical load). It is this volume that is sufficient for mixing the optimal amount of concrete for work.
  • Electric motor (power 200 W).
  • Pulley, drive belt, switch from stylalki.

Due to the fact that most of the washing machine is used, it is not necessary to spend extra on spare parts.

  • To make the base you need a metal corner with a size of 50x50.
  • Wheels. Two wheels can be taken from an old wheelchair, wheelbarrows, carts.
  • As an axis, you need a solid rod made of metal,
  • Reducer.
  • Armature.
  • A strip of metal.
  • Ball bearings.
  • The wire.
  • Washers and bolts.


  • Bulgarian.
  • Hacksaw for metal.
  • Drill.
  • Soldering iron.
  • Welding with electrodes.

Why is it advantageous to make a concrete mixer from an old washing machine? Because the tank of the machine is quite suitable for mixing the solution, its drain hole can be closed. The motors of the old styaroks are strong enough and reliable.

The integrated use of all elements protects the engine from foreign objects when working. This will save you from having to make a defense.

Step-by-step execution of works

Before you begin, you can prepare drawings to facilitate the assembly of the structure. One of the drawings is presented below:

Make a frame (base)

This is an important point, since the whole construction will be based on the frame. The substrate must be strong and stable.

  • From the prepared corners of 50x50 cut two parts of 60 cm and four of 80 cm. A segment of 60 cm serves as a base for a supporting triangle, segments of 80 cm are its edges. Fold and weld triangles. Put them opposite each other.
  • Now weld to the edges of the triangles two angles of 50 cm. It turns out a stable design.
  • To the tops of the triangles you need to weld two nuts. The diameter of their hole should be larger than a pipe with a diameter of 30 mm. Then this pipe should be pulled through the holes of the nuts and press the ends. The pipe should rotate freely, but do not jump off the ground.
  • Make the upper part. Take two nooks in length, m and three by 40 cm. Those that are, per meter, put each other against each other. The rest is located at an equal distance across, like a ladder. Weld parts to each other.
  • The base of the finished structure is welded to the movable tube. It must be positioned across the pipe in the center.


Attach wheels to the base of the carcass reinforcement.

Now the tank is on the turn. Remove the activator from the tank and close the drain hole. Install a shaft or shaft of suitable size to the location of the activator. From the strip of metal, make homemade blades that will mix concrete. They can additionally be twisted with the help of pliers. Weld the blades on a metal strip and attach to the shaft.

To install a large barrel with your own hands, put it on the ladder of the frame. Keep a large part of it in contact with the corner. Weld the barrel to the base for a secure installation. In this case, the bottom of the tank should turn to the tops of the triangles.

Motor connection

The motor is connected to the rear of the tank. To do this, drill two holes at the corners. On the motor housing, you will also notice holes, attach them to the corners and secure with bolts and nuts.

To prevent the engine from breaking due to bad weather, make a casing from the car camera. Provide openings on the sides so that there is no overheating.

The motor with the shaft is connected via a flange. In this case, the distance between the axis and the motor should be 2-3 cm.

It remains to connect the motor to the voltage network and check the work of the self-made concrete mixer. The convenience of such a design is that the ladder tilts like a swing. Therefore, the finished solution can be easily poured by tilting the tank.

Note! If instead of the central axis you connected the motor directly, through the shaft, then the tank can not tilt. The concrete must be unloaded manually.

Knowing how to make a concrete mixer from improvised means, it is possible to save well and acquire own equipment. Act consistently, and everything will turn out.

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