Overview of the robot cleaner PVCR 1126W: reviews, features, comparisons with competitors

In 2017, the company Polaris released a new robot vacuum cleaner PVCR 1126W.

The model in the price range of about 15 thousand customers have already tested, so the specifications and reviews about her work can be compared with competing devices from leading manufacturers in the field of home automation means cleaning.

The content of the article:

  • Features and characteristics of the model
    • Basic specifications
    • Features of the unit power supply
    • Modes and types of cleaning
    • Terms of care robot
  • Pros and cons of this model
    • advantages of the device
    • identified weaknesses
  • Comparison to competitive models
    • Competitor # 1 - Philips FC8792 SmartPro Easy
    • Competitor # 2 - Genio Deluxe 370
    • Competitor # 3 - iRobot Roomba 616

Features and characteristics of the model

This model came out a limited number of copies, as evidenced by the addition «Limited Collection» to the official name of the vacuum cleaner. According to the specifications, it resembles other previously released, and well-proven design 0926W.

Analysis of the main characteristics will allow the potential buyer to determine device capabilities for its case.

Basic specifications

Vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCR 1126W is made of high-quality black coated plastic cover made of tempered glass.

Robot Polaris PVCR 1126W
Design PVCR 1126W is a classic for the devices of this brand - there is no display and to control the robot on the front side is a single button

Qualitatively made of soft plastic spring-loaded bumper has a small stroke. cleaner power enough to handle not only hard surfaces, but also carpets with medium and high pile length.

Gender-liter dust container contributes to the non-stop cleaning the apartment when it is a mild contamination.

Block wet cleaning hard surfaces comprises a container for water and a set of special microfibre cloth. Wetting occurs automatically, allowing the robot to operate in this mode for 30 minutes without addition of water to the tank.

Specifications Polaris PVCR 1126W
Specifications Polaris PVCR 1126W are typical for this class of devices. Despite the US company registration, all robotic vacuum cleaners of this brand made in China

Sweeping debris is sucked to the opening is carried out for all standard devices of this type side brushes and central turbo brush. It is equipped with a separate electric drive, which is activated simultaneously with the motor.

Included with the vacuum cleaner is further available in the following supplies:

  • microfilter;
  • HEPA filter;
  • special brush for cleaning the filters and the dust bag.

The robot is equipped with a sufficiently powerful sound indication of volume, however it should not be included when sleeping humans.

Features of the unit power supply

The robot is provided with a Li-Ion battery capacity of 2600 mAh. For this slightly powerful vacuum cleaner model, this battery enables long battery life.

Electrical parameters Polaris PVCR 1126W
Longer battery life lets you use Polaris PVCR 1126W for large apartments and cottages. Bottleneck to achieve the goal of functioning without the presence of man becomes the amount of dust collector

Lithium ion batteries favorably with NiMH ability to save capacity over time. They are more expensive, but they do not necessarily limit the full discharge before charging procedure.

With long-term prime manufacturers recommend storing all types of batteries in a discharged state, but for lithium-ion devices, it is not so important.

Vacuums can be charged through the base, as well as directly. In the second case, the robot must be switched off - Switch «I / O» must be in «O» position.

Since the battery charger are standard parameters and, when the failure or aging can be carried substituted compatible devices from other manufacturers.

In order to allow the vacuum cleaner to automatically park on base for charging, it must be placed within the "line of sight" to the infrared sensor device.

The robot can go to sleep
It is also recommended not to clutter the place to clean up the room and near the base of the space for the robot during maneuvers

For power savings provided "sleep mode", in which the device automatically switches to within 45 seconds of idle state if no button is pressed.

In this case the "hibernation" cleaner activation occurs when the timer is activated or when the user presses the button «Auto» on the body.

Modes and types of cleaning

If the vacuum cleaner allows you to dry and wet cleaning, first pick up dry debris, and then include a mode using water.

Choosing the path of movement for the two types of cleaning happens automatically - the electronics of the robot itself determines the optimal path option.

Cleaning Modes Polaris PVCR 1126W
Despite the statement by the manufacturer of the five types of cleaning, in fact, the user can ask only two: the automatic and the local site clearance

The first sign of the overflow container the dust is increased noise. Once the resistance to air flow increases, the protection circuit is triggered.

As a result, the robot stops and audible indication signal. To continue harvesting container must be cleaned or blocked mesh.

Tank for wet cleaning
In the vacuum cleaner PVCR 1126W indication of the absence of water in the tank at the wet cleaning is absent. It is therefore necessary to monitor it yourself

Start and stop premises cleaning cycle can be carried out as a push of a button on the robot body, and using the remote control.

All other settings can only be performed with the remote:

  1. Starting the timer. It is necessary to set the current time and the start of the daily operation of the device. For a start, the vacuum cleaner must be switched on, and the charging base is powered from the mains.
  2. Manual control vacuum cleaner traffic. Is performed using the arrow keys.
  3. Forced sending robot to the base for charging.
  4. Activation of local cleaning mode.

local area cleaning is performed under strong its contamination. The robot moves within the limits of one square meter in relation to its position along a spiral trajectory.

Cleaning dirty area
For intensive cleaning polluted site sometimes requires several passes of the cleaner. local area cleaning mode include the remote

Terms of care robot

PVCR 1126W cleaning is carried out to ensure its normal functioning and maintaining a beautiful appearance.

Before the procedure the vacuum cleaner is switched off and disconnected from an external electricity. When wiping the base or charger, they must also be de-energized.

Wipe the metal parts of the vacuum cleaner must be dry and clean cloth. Plastic parts are treated with a damp cloth without the presence of the individual drops on it.

Infrared sensors with a clean soft cloth, when it is impossible to avoid physical pressure on them in order to avoid changing the direction of the beam.

Periodically viewing side brushes for damage or jammed solid objects. Defects that this detail will need to be replaced.

Otherwise, the marked deterioration in the quality of cleaning. The brush is wiped with a damp, well-wrung cloth.

Care robot
Cleaning bristle roller needs to be done during the formation of the obstruction or wound on him long hair or thread. With a slight amount of wound their items can be removed with a sharp knife

In case of heavy contamination of the roller, it is necessary to remove. To do this, perform the following steps:

  • pushing the tabs lock, remove the frame fixing roller;
  • extract roller by lifting the right side of the part and pulling it to the right;
  • contamination is removed, using a sharp knife or scissors;
  • set the roller into place.

For tough dirt, which is difficult to remove in the home, it is best to contact the service center.

HEPA-filter washing followed by drying should be done 1-2 times a month, and it is recommended to change every six months.

HEPA filter for robot cleaner
Filters HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) do not work on the principle sieve. They are intended for cleaning air from the fine particles by the engagement of the effects of inertia and diffusion

Pros and cons of this model

When you select a specific model, it is usually compared with similar devices in the close price range. Analysis of other robots and user reviews have revealed both positive and negative vacuum PVCR 1126W.

advantages of the device

The majority of "classmates" model Polaris PVCR 1126W longer battery life is 1-1.5 hours.

The presence of capacious lithium-ion battery and a small rated power has made it possible to overcome the three-hour duration of the turn of continuous cleaning. This allows efficient use of the robot in larger rooms when not strong dustiness.

Low height allows the device to call for beds, wardrobes and other furniture on the legs, which no false wall. If you do not clutter the space, the robot removes dust accumulates there.

It is very convenient, since the use of an ordinary vacuum cleaner or mop to clean up such sites difficult.

Container of water leads to a lack of need to manually wet cloth after every 2-3 minutes, allowing you to leave the vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning mode enabled unattended person.

Polaris PVCR 1126W bottom view
Powerful drive wheels allow to overcome the wire and do not slip on the surface with a slope of up to 15 degrees

According to user feedback, this model qualitatively cleaner removes debris of any type. Negligible nominal power offset competent central brush design. Also note the good permeability of the robot.

Stylish spectacular design of the vacuum cleaner is made in black tones and complemented by an insert made of tempered glass. Although the absence of other colors can be put in the negative.

identified weaknesses

The model PVCR 1126W is no system of "virtual wall" that limits cleaning zone, and there is no plan for the construction of the premises, which causes difficulty in the need to clean the room only.

Therefore, it is impossible to perform a wet cleaning of the territory, where there is a carpet cleaner because there sure will call. Such deficiencies are deprived of many of the models in this price range.

Some problem is the lack of display and automatic stop of the robot when the tank is empty. Work "dry" leads to a rapid wiping cloth microfiber.

Sold under the brand Polaris robotic vacuum cleaners have a relatively high noise level.

Comparison to competitive models

Competitor # 1 - Philips FC8792 SmartPro Easy

It is a very compact model cleaner height of only 5.85 cm, but in spite of this there is mounted Dust capacity (0.4 l).

For Philips FC8792 SmartPro Easy correspond to uninterrupted operation of optical sensors, and is controlled using the remote control. The device can be programmed to clean at certain days.

Vacuum cleaner FC8792 SmartPro Easy is intended only for dry cleaning, can automatically select the cleaning mode, and he returns to base to recharge.

According to user feedback, the advantages of this model are: quiet operation of the device, cleaning quality, the ability to clean even under the furniture, affordable price.

Among the shortcomings of some users call: no limiter function and wet cleaning.

Competitor # 2 - Genio Deluxe 370

Genio Deluxe 370 - one of the main competitors PVCR 1126W. He is deprived of such a drawback, as the inability to select the operating mode. Which significantly limits the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner Polaris brand smokers with complex geometry walls or furnishings numerous

Hoover Deluxe 370 one of the most functional and quiet devices in its price segment, its noise level is only 45 dB.

With compact size, the apparatus has a rather capacious cyclone volume of 0.65 liters. And because of the additional options the manufacturer has provided the function of collecting fluids, as well as an indicator Dust bag full.

On the positive side users noted the good quality of cleaning - the appliance copes both with smooth and with carpeted floors. Pet owners will also not be disappointed - the vacuum cleaner is able to handle even the fur of pets.

Among the shortcomings it was named only one: Genio Deluxe 370 can not get out under low furniture.

Competitor # 3 - iRobot Roomba 616

It is the overall pattern of all competitors PVCR 1126W, designed for dry cleaning facilities. It runs from the battery 2200 mAh, and the battery life time is about two hours.

The device can be operated by remote control. To improve cleaning in hard to reach places the manufacturer has provided the presence of the side brush.

Members had time to buy iRobot Roomba 616 say good quality of cleaning. Hoover copes with both small and large debris with equally high quality clean and smooth, and carpeting.

On the downside, some people call that the device is a base for a long time, and also very noisy works.

Model PVCR 1126W Polaris manufactured can be considered a classic representative of the robot vacuum cleaners for the price niche of about 15 thousand rubles. The main difference of the unit is increased the duration of battery life.

He also has other advantages as disadvantages, so for the right choice you need to compare the declared characteristics and identified consumers cons with the features of a particular room.

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