How to connect a washing machine pump yourself

If your drainage system does not work properly due to a breakdown of the drain pump, it is not necessary to call the service center immediately. Connection of the washing machine pump is possible without the help of a master. To connect the pump correctly, use our tips and instructions.

Below you will find connection options for different models of washing machines with photos and videos.

Content of the material:

  • 1How to choose an analog and connect
  • 2Wiring diagram of washing machine pump
    • 2.1Pump connection through the bottom
    • 2.2Connection with the removal of the front panel
    • 2.3Connection from the rear
    • 2.4Installation with the removal of the bar

How to choose an analog and connect

About the causes and symptoms of the failure of the drain pump, we wrote in detail on the page "How to replace the drain pump in the washing machine." Here we will consider in detail the connection of the pump.

But first you need to pick up a quality analogue so that your work does not remain in vain.

The differences between the parts are basically the type of attachment inside the case:

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  • bolts (3 pieces);
  • latches (3-8 pcs.);
  • combination type.

Electric pumps are connected by means of chips or terminals. Power can range from 19 to 20 watts. Also in the choice of a suitable pump is the role of placing contacts - the wiring can be fastened both from the front part and from the rear.

On how to connect a new pump, read on.

Wiring diagram of washing machine pump

Before installing a new pump, you need to dismantle the old one. All the stilalki are arranged in their own way, so there is no single scheme for replacing the pump. The order of your actions depends only on the difference in the design of the machines.

On a note. If you decide to replace the pump yourself, you will save considerably, since you only need to pay for the very part. The main thing is to do everything correctly.

Pump connection through the bottom

This option is suitable for brands such as Samsung, Indesit, Beko, Ardo, Kandy, LG, Ariston and Virpul.

On a note! Replace the pump in the AGR of LG brand you can by video:


In this case, to disassemble the pump, disassembly of the case is not necessary. All work is carried out from the bottom. This is considered the easiest option for installing the pump.

The scheme of actions is as follows:

  • De-energize the AGR.
  • Close access to communications.
  • Put the machine on its side - so that the drain pump is on top.
  • You can lay the floor before turning the machine on its side so as not to scratch the paint.

  • Remove the lower bar behind which the dustbin is hidden.

  • If the bottom is closed with a lid, remove it by unscrewing the bolts.
  • Unscrew the pump. The screws with which it is attached are usually located from the outside - look for them where the drain valve is located.

  • Remove the part by pressing it from the outside.
  • Hold the pump over the pelvis or other container for a while, waiting for the water to drain.
  • Loosen the hose clamps that secure the hose and drain hose to the sewer.

  • Remove both parts, let the remaining water drain off.

Important! This replacement algorithm is suitable for cases where both the pump and the snail assembly are changing. If you are not going to change the snail, remove the part without it. To do this, unscrew the bolts that connect the pump to the cochlea, and replace only one part of this complex.

The connection of a new part consists in the return of all the elements to their places in the reverse order.

Connection with the removal of the front panel

Do you have a German washing machine "Bosch "Siemens" or "AEG"? Then this option is for you. In these washers, the bottom is closed, so you can get to the desired part only by removing the front panel. Do it this way:

  • Unscrew the top cover fasteners. They are located at the rear of the case. Pull the cover towards you and up.

  • Remove the lower bar.

  • Take out the cuvette for the powder, under which you will find the bolts holding the control panel. Unscrew the fasteners.

  • Carefully separate the panel, making sure that the wires do not break. Lay the panel on top without disconnecting the wiring.

  • Loosen and remove the rubber seal collar by picking it with a thin flat screwdriver.
  • Fit the cuff inside.

  • Unscrew the fasteners holding the pump, then remove the remaining fasteners holding the front panel.

  • When removing the panel, remember that the lock is connected to the machine by wires. If you are afraid of breaking them, take a picture of the location of the chips and disconnect the wiring.

After removing the front wall, you can start installing the pump. The process differs little from the instruction described above:

  • Disconnect the pump wiring.
  • Unclip the hose clips on the drain hose and drain plug.
  • Remove the pump separately from the cochlea.

Attention! Sometimes to remove the pump you do not need to unscrew the bolts - just try turning the part to the left.

After cleaning the distributor, you can mount a new part and collect the washer in the reverse order. After assembly, do not be lazy to run a trial wash to make sure that you did everything right.

Connection from the rear

Owners of CM "Zanussi" or "Electrolux" will approach such an installation option. In vertical machines of these brands the installation in general is extremely simple - it is enough to eliminate only the side wall.

And in the front-end machines, the rear panel has to be dismantled:

  • Drain the waste water through a drain filter or hose under the plinth.
  • Slide and remove the top cover.
  • Unscrew all the fasteners that hold the rear wall.
  • Remove the wall and set aside.

Removing the side panel:

  • Find the fasteners that hold the side part in the back of the case.
  • Remove the fasteners that are in front and at the bottom of the case.
  • Slide the panel back and pull it down to remove it.

Installing the pump:

  • De-energize the pump.
  • Unscrew the bolts or open the latches, separate the distributor.
  • Clean the snail.

  • Install a new pump on it.
  • Connect wiring.
  • Collect the styralka, acting in the reverse order.

Installation with the removal of the bar

Actual for owners of the brand "Hansa". One of the simplest ways: to replace the pump it is enough to move the plinth panel. Under it, and installed a pump that drains the water.

Unscrew and install a new pump, acting on any of the wiring diagrams listed above.

Now you can connect the drain pump yourself, without resorting to the services of specialists. Match the pattern according to the brand of washing machine, buy a new original analogue components, and - for the cause.

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