What you need to know about watering seedlings of cabbage after its landing in the ground?

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Last year, an attempt to grow cabbage ended in failure: the heads of cabbages grew small and were kept for long. A neighbor says that this is due to improper watering of the seedlings. Tell me how to water the cabbage seedlings after planting in the ground?

Cabbage grows in almost every garden. Some farmers buy ready-made seedlings and plant it on the garden, and who has free time and space, grow it on their own. However, in order to get strong cabbages, it is not enough just to plant cabbage bushes. A good result can be obtained only by observing the rules of care for growing seedlings.

One of the basic requirements for care is knowing how to water the cabbage after planting. This vegetable is very fond of moisture, and crispy juicy heads are possible only with proper and timely care.

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What you need to know before you go out with a watering can on a cabbage patch? It is necessary to pay attention to such moments:

  • temperature and water quality;
  • frequency and watering time;
  • hilling seedlings;
  • when you need to stop watering.

Temperature and water quality

No matter what kind of cabbage is grown, for irrigation of seedlings in open ground should be used:

  1. Ottoyannoe water. Direct water supply from a well or water supply system is not allowed.
  2. Warm water. The most suitable water temperature is from 18 to 23 degrees Celsius.

Such requirements are related to the fact that cold water has a destructive effect on seedlings, as well as on adult bushes. As a result of watering with water from the tap there is a risk of being left completely without a crop. Cold water provokes the emergence of various diseases, as a result of which the fragile seedlings die. In addition, the forks themselves are tied very weak, or they will not exist at all. Water temperature below 12 degrees is critical and leads to the death of cabbage.

Experienced gardeners are advised to use black tanks for natural water heating.

Frequency and irrigation time

The first two weeks after planting the seedlings on the garden bed, it must be watered after 2 days, using for 1 square meter.m. about 4 liters of water. Then the amount of watering can be reduced to two times a week, but the amount of liquid increased to 12 liters. These are general recommendations, but the frequency of irrigation should be determined depending on the regional climate and the existing environmental conditions.

During a drought, the watering frequency needs to be doubled. But it is necessary to be attentive - because of an overabundance of moisture, the heads of cabbage become loose and crack.

The most suitable time for watering is morning or evening when the sun is not active.

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Hilling of seedlings

After each watering, the soil under the shrub must be loosened to avoid a crust. At the same time, seedlings need to be tucked up until the rosettes of leaves close:

  • for early varieties, one hilling is enough;
  • for later will require up to 3 ridges.
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When to stop watering?

To prevent the cabbage from losing its qualities and keeping well, watering should be stopped before harvesting:

  • early varieties - 3 weeks before the removal of the heads;
  • medium and late varieties - per month.

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