Guide to the style of the cafe in the interior of the kitchen

  • 10 design ideas for the kitchen in the style of the cafe

The kitchen in the style of the cafe is the kitchen stylized as a cafe in the spirit of retro or vintage, namely under:

  • French bistro;
  • Italian Trattoria;
  • English Bakery;
  • American Diner from the 50s;
  • . .. or any other cafe.

For those who want to simulate in their kitchen the relaxed and relaxed atmosphere of a coffee shop, pastry shop, pizzeria or restaurant, we have prepared a list of 10 decorating ideas and 100 photos for your inspiration.

10 design ideas for the kitchen in the style of the cafe

1. Get the bar counter

The bar counter will not only support the style of the cafe in your kitchen, but also make it easier for snacks, parties and work at the computer.

In a small kitchen, it can replace the dining table, and in a large kitchen it can divide the space into zones of the kitchen, bar and dining room.

The most authentic bar counter is a stand in a partition niche, as, for example, in this small kitchen in a studio apartment.

Tip: if there is no place at all in the kitchen, then you can convert a window sill to a bar counter.

2. Design the dining area a la bistro

Special attention should be paid to the dining area. After all, having decorated it correctly, you will already half achieve the very atmosphere of a cafe.

For the kitchen in the style of a cafe fit:

  1. Forged tables and chairs;
  2. Wicker Furniture;
  3. Tall tables and chairs;
  4. Roundtables;
  5. Tables on one leg;
  6. Sofas;
  7. Benches;
  8. A combination of 2-3 small tables such as, for example, in this kitchen in the style of a French cafe:

And here is a selection of photo examples of the design of dining areas( scroll slider to the right).

Tables on one leg in the style of the cafe

And of course, do not forget about the themed decor of the dining area. It may be a small bouquet of flowers on the table, hanging clocks or sconces on the wall, pointers and inscriptions( we will discuss this in more detail below).

Tip: when looking for tables and chairs in furniture stores, do not forget to look in the garden furniture department and contact organizations that sell specialized restaurant furniture, including street furniture.

3. We use open shelves, racks and rails

The open shelves in the kitchen are not very practical, but they correspond exactly to the bistro style canon, as they resemble bakery showcases or a barista workplace in a coffee shop. You can completely abandon the headset cabinets not in every kitchen, but for a couple of shelves and roof rails in addition it is not so difficult to find a place.

If the kitchen and dining area are isolated from each other, then the kitchen can be turned into a professional kitchen of the chef with a “warehouse” in the form of a shelving unit as in the top right photo.

Tip: don’t forget to put a stylized cafe decor on the shelves, for example: jars of spices, bottles of oil, wine glasses, copper Turks, etc.

4. We include the characteristic colors of the

into the interior. In the interior design, advertising and corporate identity elements of restaurants and cafes, appetite colors are most often used: red, orange, yellow, burgundy. This is especially true for American diners of the 50s.

Tip: In the kitchen in the style of an American cafe, red, orange and burgundy are most often diluted with contrasting white, black and blue tones. In the interior of the kitchen in the style of a Parisian, Italian or English bistro is more appropriate muted shade of red or burgundy in the vicinity of more natural shades - gray, terracotta, beige, brown, etc.

If your kitchen faces south or bright warm shades not in yourtaste, then you can choose any other color as your primary color. For example, green as in the photo below.

More information about the use of all colors in the interior of the kitchen can be found in our section "Kitchen Color".

5. Choosing the right finish.

. What materials to choose for finishing walls, floors and apron?

Our choice:

  1. Real brickwork or its very high quality imitation in wall decoration;

  1. Chalky wallpaper or lettering paint for 1-2 accent walls;

  1. Facing the apron - tile "hog";

  1. On the floor is a parquet and / or tile, especially authentic is the color of paving tiles and black and white;

  1. Wooden lining along the walls;

  1. Old-fashioned design wallpapers - flowered, checked, etc., or with a themed print;

  1. Themed photo wallpaper for highlighting the accent wall;
  1. Airbrushing, painting or murals on one wall;

6. We decorate the windows in the style of the cafe

Curtains are another style forming detail of the interior design of the kitchen in the style of a cafe. For an improvised French, Italian or English restaurant, curtains of discreet colors and country motifs of the following types are suitable:

  1. Curtains-cafes;
  2. Roman Blinds;

  1. Striped awnings are a direct bistro style quote. The photo below shows an example of how to beat such curtains in the interior of the kitchen in the style of a cafe.

The same red canopy awnings, blinds, and any curtains with a chess or thematic print will fit into the interior of the American diner.

Tip: it’s difficult to find ready-made curtains in the right colors and size, so it’s better to order them in the atelier, on the website of the Fair of Craftsmen, and even better to sew with your own hands.

7. We give preference to technology and plumbing in retro style

If you are at the planning stage of kitchen design, then try to choose all home appliances and sanitary ware in retro style, the benefit today you can buy it in any store.

If your goal is to update and convert an already formed interior, or you don’t have the opportunity / desire to choose all appliances from the refrigerator and to the retro-equipped coffee machine, then you can buy only a couple of stylized appliances, for example, a toaster or a kettle from Smeg.

Tip: in the interior of the kitchen in the style of a cafe, small household appliances are not only the right things, but also part of the surroundings. If there is enough space on the tabletop, then there may be a lot of devices and you should not hide them in the closet.

8. Decorating the walls with vintage or retro signs

When creating little France, Italy or England in your kitchen, do not forget to add one or a couple of signs and display words like '' Bon appetite! '', '' Bistro '', ''Patisserie' ',' 'Café ”in French, English' 'Bakery' ',' 'Tea time' ',' 'Coffee' ',' 'Cookie' ',' 'Good morning!' ', Etc., and Italian“Cucina”, “Ristorante”, “Pizza”, “Spaghetti”, etc. For American retro themes, LED-illuminated signs like '' Open '', '' Grill '', '' Bar ”and others are suitable.

Tip: You can search for a large selection of different imitations and real vintage( or retro) signs on the siteEtsy or do it yourself.

9. Create a cozy lighting

Take on the techniques of restaurant lighting design, with their help, you can instantly create an atmosphere of intimacy and romance in your kitchen, for example, during dinner. The lighting in the coffee houses is always local and warm, so let a candle stand on your dining table too, and a wall lamp, a ceiling lampshade, a chandelier-chandelier or a country-style lamp hang over it.

Of course, the working area should be well lit, and for the entourage, you can hang a wall lamp as a street lamp.

10. We select the themed decor and accessories

As you know, the interior style creates details, so try to choose the decor, dishes and various accessories of the appropriate subject, but keep in mind that they must be of good quality so as not to look like a dummy.

Here are some decor items that can decorate the kitchen in the style of a French bistro.

But such a kitchen in the style of American diner era of pop art.

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