Why blackcurrant does not bear fruit - several reasons

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In nature, this shrub is distributed throughout Europe, European part of Russia, Siberia, up to Lake Baikal.

Can grow as single shrubs or small thickets. Prefers well hydrated, loose soil with plenty of sunlight.

In the 10th century, monks from Kievan Rus began to cultivate wild currants. For the tart smell of the plant began to be called "currant", which later gave the name to the fruit bush.

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The Value of Black Currant

Leaves, plant buds and berries are all used for medicinal purposes. It has disinfectant properties due to essential oils. It is used as a diaphoretic, diuretic and fixative.

Chemical composition:

  • Vitamins C, B, P, A.
  • Organic acids.
  • Sugar expressed by glucose and fructose.
  • Glycosides, flavonoids.
  • Pectins.
  • Tanning and nitrogenous substances.
  • Minerals: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron.
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Up to 30 kg of berries are harvested from one hectare of currant in farms. It is believed that this plant is unpretentious. But often gardeners complain that the black currant bushes do not bear fruit and are looking for reasons.

Why not fruit?

Currant is a perennial plant that produces fruit every year. Its peak yield reaches 5 years after planting.

Lack of fruiting for the first year is normal. But if this happens on the second and subsequent year, it is necessary to look for the cause.

Has the landing site been chosen correctly?

The harvest can be either very low, literally a few berries, or it will not be at all. Perhaps the bush was planted in the shade, where it lacks the sun, or, conversely, along a fence or structure, which in high heat is heating up and literally kills currants.

The soil should not be acidic. It is better to produce it in those areas where you plan to plant bushes. This must be done in advance about a year before work. If there is not enough moisture in the ground, the plant can throw off the ovaries of the kidneys. If you do not bear fruit black currant - what to do? Once again, evaluate the place where your shrub grows and transfer the currants to meet all the requirements for planting.

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Weather conditions

The climate may not be suitable for a plant. Southern varieties used to “wake up” and buds can suffer from spring frosts. Such a plant is not resistant to winter frosts and suffers every year, so it becomes obvious why black currants do not bear fruit.

Lack of pollination

There are such bushes that do not form the ovary without cross-pollination. This is rare, but it happens. Mostly currant samoplodnoe plant. Only one way out - to provide pollination. It may be planting next to a bush of honey flowers.

Diseases can be the cause of the lack of fruiting

  • Reversion - a disease of currants, in which the bush ceases to bear fruit. The leaf becomes longer, with a pointed end. Veins are more pronounced and the specific currant odor disappears. The flowers change color to purple, and subsequently the berry does not form. There are no exceptions, every plant in the risk zone. Unfortunately, such currants should be uprooted and burned.
  • Kidney mite. It affects the young buds of the currant, developing inside. If you see enlarged, round buds on the shoots of the bush, they should be immediately removed, that is, tore off. If the plant is completely affected, we make up and burn it. For prevention between bushes plant garlic.
  • Butterfly - glass box. To notice it is quite difficult. Observe the plant; if the leaves wither, the ovaries fall off, the currant may be affected by this pest. Insect is able to gnaw his moves inside the shoots. We cut them down until a healthy, intact stem is found, sealed with a garden pitch.
  • By the way, if there are a lot of forest ants in your plot, they can also harm currants. They eat away the entire interior of the flower, leaving only sepals. It is necessary to fight ants with the help of biological methods, if there is no result, we use chemical preparations.
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Armed with knowledge, you can not only determine what “dissatisfied” your plant, but also answer the question - why the black currant does not bear fruit?

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