Iron overview with steam generator MIE Bravissimo

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  • Conclusion _aVafe, as an exampleWe studied the technical characteristics of the device and tested it on different types of fabric. From this review, you will learn how well the MIE Bravissimo model copes with dented laundry, and whether it is worth buying this appliance for home use.

    MIE Bravissimo is sold under the Russian OEM-brand MIE.In Russia, this brand has a good reputation. MIE sells high-quality steam appliances from Italy in various price categories. From customer reviews in the forums we learned that MIE provides a guarantee for all its products, and also has an advanced and affordable service.


    The MIE Bravissimo model consists of an iron and a steam generator, which are interconnected by a hose. The device is made in black and orange colors. It is compact and mobile. Design MIE Bravissimo thought out to the smallest detail, so the device will fit into any apartment.

    Difference between MIE Bravissimo and other devices

    • Powerful steam blow( up to 5.5 bar)

    Steam impact is a powerful and short-term steam release. This is the time interval in which the device strokes as efficiently as possible. With the help of a powerful steam strike, you can eliminate all complex creases. After the steam is ejected, the device needs some time to generate pressure again. While we are waiting for the next steam strike, we iron the rest of the product.

    The higher the steam impact rate, the faster and deeper the vapor penetrates the fabric fibers. That is, MIE Bravissimo will do an excellent job even with a dry cloth.

    • Antikaplya system

    Thanks to this addition, the appearance of excess moisture on the surface of the iron is excluded. You will not leave wet spots in the process of steaming the product.

    • Tank volume

    The water compartment holds 1.1 liters, which allows you to iron without stopping for 30 minutes.

    • Water addition system during ironing

    If you did not have time to iron all things for half an hour, then just add water to the tank. This can be done directly while the steam generator is operating, without waiting for it to cool.

    • Automatic adjustment

    The power in the steam generator is adjusted automatically. On the control panel there are two indicators: the device is turned on and the steam is ready.

    • Boiler formation of steam

    The result of ironing with an appliance with a boiler of formation of steam is always better and more efficient. Unlike gravity devices, in boiler rooms, steam penetrates deep into the fabric fibers and straightens them.

    • Vertical steam

    Thanks to a powerful steam flow, the iron can steam things right on the hanger. It is not necessary to remove the product and place it on the ironing board - this saves time.

    Reviews on the Internet

    Before testing the device, we read reviews from buyers. There were no negative reviews on the manufacturer’s website, so we studied the forums and websites of independent stores. Negative comments, we almost did not find. Buyers are satisfied with the price-performance ratio of the device.

    As it turned out, the MIE Bravissimo model ranked first among irons with a steam generator in 2016.

    Here is a review about the iron with the MIE Bravissimo steam generator from video blogger Darya Trofimova

    Testing the

    device The first thing I want to mention is the comfortable weight of the iron with the steam generator. It can easily be placed in any place convenient for you. We decided to try to iron the device on a functional MIE Gamma ironing board.

    Please note: if you already have an ironing board with some functions, then by connecting it with the MIE Bravissimo model, you will get a real ironing system!

    The soleplate is made of high polishing stainless steel. It can be used both in the steaming mode and in the dry ironing mode.

    We smoothed a few things from different types of fabric and are ready to share with you the results:

    • Jeans

    MIE Bravissimo easily coped with a rather coarse fabric. We ironed the product with the heated sole of the iron and several times turned on the steaming mode( to eliminate deep folds).

    • Towel

    We folded the towel 2 times( it turned out 4 layers) and tried to steam it in this form. A powerful jet of steam penetrated through several layers of fabric, and the towel smoothed out in seconds.

    • Silk blouse

    Blouse is easy to ruin, as silk is a delicate fabric, which requires special care. We turned on the steaming mode and put the product in order without touching it with the sole of the iron. The result exceeded all expectations: the blouse smoothed out in a few seconds.

    • T-shirt

    We found out that things are ironed off perfectly on the ironing board. It remains to check how MIE Bravissimo cope with vertical stripping. We otparili t-shirt, not removing it from the hanger. We were pleased with the result, but it would be less convenient to iron out all our things in this way.

    You can compare the results with the testing of the device Nina Green

    The results of testing the iron with the steam generator MIE Bravissimo

    It took us about 5 minutes to iron out 4 products. An ordinary iron during this time would cope with only one product. It is worth noting that the device perfectly strips both horizontally and vertically. If you urgently need to leave the house, and things are not ironed, it is not necessary to lay out the ironing board. Simply turn on the MIE Bravissimo and steam the clothes directly on the coat rack.

    Another advantage of an iron with a steam generator is the ability to eliminate a thing from smell. If you put on a shirt only once, it is not necessary to wash it. Just walk along the surface of the ferry, paying special attention to the areas of the armpits. So the shirt will not smell and will get a fresh look.
    In the process of working with MIE Bravissimo, we found one small drawback. Out of habit, I want to put an iron on the surface of an ironing board, but this is impossible. For the iron reserved a special place on the steam generator. This is an inconsequential minus, and a matter of habit.


    Iron with a steam generator MIE Bravissimo - powerful and durable device. This iron with a steam generator is ideal in terms of price - quality, has excellent technical characteristics and rightfully became a leader among irons with a steam generator in 2016.We definitely recommend the MIE Bravissimo model for use at home.

Iron overview with steam generator MIE Bravissimo

Iron overview with steam generator MIE BravissimoHow To Choose

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