7 best Bosch refrigerators according to customer reviews

  • Pros and cons of Bosch refrigeration technology
  • Best stand-alone models
  • Best built-in samples
  • Best Side-by-Side
  • Which Bosch refrigerator is better to buy?

For a long time, the equipment of the German company Bosch, in particular refrigerators, occupies a leading position in sales of its products. The popularity they earned due to the high quality of the assembly and the original design. The manufacturer cares about the reliability of its product, so most models have an energy efficiency class "A" and above. To choose a refrigerator that meets the requirements, you should start by reading the rating of the best Bosch 2018 refrigerators. Our top is based on user reviews and expert opinion.

Pros and cons of Bosch refrigeration technology

Bosch refrigerators have a wide range of functions that make its use more convenient. For example, the "supercooling" mode of operation will allow to put products in the refrigerator warm, and they will quickly cool without causing harm to technology. The useful modes of operation also include:

  • The function "vacation", which will maximize energy savings if the refrigerator is not used for a long time.
  • Dispenser( a tap on the refrigerator door that supplies cold water; it can have a separate water tank, or it can be connected to a water supply).
  • Ice generator.
  • A cold battery is included with some refrigerators.

Despite the fact that the refrigerator can be found in any home appliance store, the company has a serious problem with warranty and post-warranty customer service - there are very few service centers. Yes, and reviews left by more than one buyer in most cases suggest that repair masters do not work in good faith. Suitable parts for replacement can be waited for months, and a check for repairs can even be compared with a receipt for the purchase of the refrigerator itself.

The best stand-alone models

Bosch KGN39XV18

In our top ranking of the best Bosch refrigerators worth exactly this model.

  • Its size is 60 * 65 * 200( width * depth * height).
  • Refrigerator with a capacity of 221 liters, freezing 94 liters( total capacity 352 liters).
  • Electronic Control.
  • Spacious containers.
  • Low noise, barely audible sound of his work.

Among the shortcomings can be identified decorations in the form of chrome stripes, which are easily damaged.

Bosch KGV36XL20

Another good model. This is a two-compartment refrigerator with parameters 60 * 65 * 185( width * depth * height).The capacity of the refrigerating chamber is 223 liters and in the freezing room 95 liters( total capacity 318 liters).High class energy efficiency "A +" and electromechanical control.

It has a Low Frost system, the principle of which is that due to the maintenance of constant humidity in the chamber, the snow forms more slowly and thus the need for manual defrosting is reduced.

Bosch KSV36VW20

The last refrigerator in this list. It has electronic control, dimensions 60 * 65 * 186( width * depth * height) and a capacity of 346 liters. It has no freezer, which is compensated by the function "supercooling".

The best built-in samples

The built-in refrigerator differs from the usual one in that it has no case and it is installed inside the cabinet or under the table top.

Bosch KUR 15A50

A small refrigerator for a small kitchen with electromechanical control of dimensions 59.8 * 54.8 * 82( width * depth * height) and a refrigerating chamber capacity of 141 l. The advantages of the refrigerator include:

  • energy efficiency class( A +);
  • drip defrost system;
  • lack of freezer makes it more compact;
  • antibacterial camera coating;
  • simplicity in design will not cause problems in the work and care.

Bosch KIV 38X20

He has the largest capacity of the refrigerator compartment in the category-219 liters.freezer capacity of 60 liters and the total capacity of 279 liters. Equipped with electromechanical control and one compressor. It is also able to keep the cold up to 13 hours off. Among the drawbacks, it is worth mentioning the unsuccessful round shape of the drawers, which significantly reduces the declared volume.

Best Side-by-Side Refrigerators

Side-by-Side refrigerators are large two-door structures with a freezer located on the side.

Bosch KAN90VI20

Lead in this category. Its dimensions are 91x72x177 cm( width * depth * height), an impressive capacity of 568 liters( freezer-375 liters, freezing-202 liters).A separate advantage is to highlight the design of this refrigerator. The advantages still include:

  • energy efficiency class "A +";
  • freshness zone;
  • cold inside can be maintained for up to 12 hours in the off state;
  • dispenser.

The only disadvantage is the price - about 80 thousand rubles.

Bosch KAN 58A55

Huge sizes 90 * 73 * 180( width * depth * height), containers( 356 l-cooling chamber, 175 l-freezing and 531 l-total capacity) and with electronic control. The advantages include:

  • dispenser;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • availability of two compressors;
  • energy efficiency class "A +".

The disadvantages are the high price and poor quality of the internal containers.

Which Bosch refrigerator is better to buy?

As already mentioned, the company has problems with a small number of service centers, so before choosing a refrigerator, you must first decide where it can be repaired in the event of a breakdown.

First of all, when choosing a refrigerator, the most important thing is the size of the space that they plan to occupy. In the ranking of the best Bosch refrigerators, all dimensions and volumes were described in detail.

If the family is large and the kitchen is spacious, then you should look at the Side-by-Side refrigerators, in particular, the KAN92LB35 model. If the situation is opposite, then you can pay attention to small embedded models such as, for example, KUR 15A50 or a larger freestanding KGS 39XL20.

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