12 best ultrasonic humidifiers

  • The principle of operation of an ultrasonic air humidification device
  • Advantages and disadvantages of
  • Things to pay attention to when buying
  • Rating of the best models according to customer reviews

Clean, moist air is good for health. It is hardly possible to argue with this statement. However, today's realities are such that not everyone can afford such luxury. In modern homes, offices, and especially industrial premises, the air is very far from ideal. Humidifiers help to correct the situation. Unfortunately, such a device is familiar to not every modern person. To convince the reader of the need to purchase such a unit and its positive effect on the body, we analyzed for you the 12 best ultrasonic air humidifiers for 2017-2018.This helped us feedback from those who have already appreciated such an acquisition. I want to believe that our rating will help you and the best humidifier will take its rightful place in your home.

The principle of operation of an ultrasonic air humidifier

There are different designs of humidifiers. But we will focus on ultrasound. Such humidifiers are considered the most modern and are most popular with consumers. Let's take a closer look at their design and find out the best qualities of such devices.

The principle of operation of an ultrasonic air purifier is based on the use of a high-frequency generator. As a result of its exposure to cold water is formed. Microparticles of a liquid get on a spray. This is a special membrane with a very high oscillation frequency. Now the fan comes into action. It drives air masses through a cloud of water vapor, thereby moistening and cleaning it. Also, the design provides a filter that purifies water, preventing the spread of dirt and dust.

The best models are additionally equipped with a hygrometer. This device is able to determine the level of humidity in the room, and the automation will turn off the device so as not to exceed the specified values.

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Pros and cons

Of course, we tried to include the most popular models in our rating, but even they have some disadvantages. As you know, there are no perfect things. Therefore, it is better to immediately identify the pros and cons of ultrasonic technology to humidify the air.


  • very quiet, almost silent operation;
  • the ability to automatically adjust the level of humidity in the room;
  • wide range of setting values;
  • auto shutdown in the absence of liquid;
  • absolute safety for all living things;
  • water purification from possible impurities;
  • , when used properly, does not leave white residue on the walls and furniture;
  • moisture intensity;
  • profitability.

Negative points:

  • requires a little more thorough care than other similar devices;
  • the need for periodic replacement of filtration cartridges or the use of additional purified water;
  • slightly higher cost;
  • the possibility of covering a relatively small area of ​​the room.

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What to look for when buying an

Since the choice of climate technology on store shelves is great, you should immediately determine the parameters you should look for when buying:

  • Room volume to be wetted. It is easy to calculate it. It is necessary to multiply the floor area by the height of the ceilings.
  • Instrument performance. To get the desired effect, you should choose such a unit that is able to pass through the volume of air you need at least twice an hour.
  • Water Tank. It is not necessary to purchase a device having a tank of less than four liters. In this case, you will often have to add water, which is rather inconvenient.
  • Automation. The undoubted advantage will be the ability to program the humidifier, remote humidification, automatic shutdown system in the absence of water.
  • Noise level. It is unlikely that you will enjoy the device, which by its humming and hissing prevents you from sleeping. This item is especially important if you choose a humidifier for the children's room.
  • filtration system. Before buying a device, it is better to immediately clarify which filters are installed in it, how often they need to be changed and how much they cost. Otherwise, this information may be a real surprise for you.

There are also pleasant, but not necessarily mandatory additions:

  • Ionization. It is considered that such a function contributes to a better hydration.
  • Aromatization of air. The presence of such a function will allow you to use a humidifier as a kind of aroma lamp. This may be useful in the autumn and winter, when the risk of colds increases.
  • Illumination of water. This humidifier is good to use in children's bedrooms as a night light. The main thing is that the light was not very bright or it could be turned off if necessary.

Rating the best models according to

buyers. So we got to a specific discussion of this or that model. We have prepared for you the TOP 12 of the best ultrasonic humidifiers according to consumers in 2017–2018.

Stadler – Form – Jack J-020

This powerful humidifier is not only able to set an excellent microclimate in a room, but it will also be an excellent interior decoration."Jack" is able to work in the format of both cold and hot air. The “hot” option is more preferable when it is required to additionally clear the air of pathogens. Moreover, Jack J-020 has a two-stage filtration system:

Anticalc - designed to demineralize liquids;

IonicSilverCube - “silver” water, that is, saturates it with silver ions, which allows you to further disinfect the room.


  • virtually silent operation;
  • convenient tank equipped with a carrying handle;
  • interesting design.


  • requires frequent replacement of expensive filters;
  • cost about $ 320.

Home-Element He-Hf-1701

An interesting model from the company Home-Element holds a decent position in the rating “Best humidifiers”.Cute device perfectly humidifies the air and is able to become a real decoration of any interior in the Provence style. The volume tank lasts for 12 hours of continuous work, which allows you to pay attention to the device only once or twice a day.


  • the ability to smoothly control the degree of moisture;
  • mechanical control;
  • affordable price, about $ 55-60;
  • quiet operation;
  • nice design.


  • no built-in hygrometer;
  • is not possible to independently set the direction of the pair.

Royal Clima Sanremo( Ruh-S380 / 3.0m)

The following model, which is in our rating, is quite accessible even for a modest budget. In different outlets, its price can vary from 20 to 30 arbitrary units. Such accessibility is due to the absence of various “bells and whistles”, the unit has a simple and clear mechanical control.


  • great value;
  • ease of management and maintenance;
  • does not have expensive replacement filters;
  • has a shutdown ionizer;
  • pleasant backlight does not "cut" the eyes;
  • has a built-in flavor.


  • to extend its life, you should use purified water;
  • while working at full power, the surface on which the device stands can be slightly damp;
  • aromatization function is not powerful enough.

Ballu Uhb-400

Another model that is right in our rating. Among the low-cost options, this humidifier is able to cover the largest area. Its capacity is enough to work in a room of about 40 m2.

Advantages: The

  • device is equipped with a special cartridge for water demineralization;
  • able to regulate the direction of steam;
  • silent;
  • lightweight, slightly over 1 kg;
  • presence of aroma capsules;
  • profitability;
  • has a built-in light;
  • low liquid level indicator;
  • does not leave a white mark on the interior;
  • price is about 40 dollars.


  • rather weak aromatization;
  • insufficiently long cord may cause inconvenience during installation;
  • pouring water into the tank is not very convenient.

Timberk Thu Ul 03

This model from the German manufacturer has a very interesting design and can become a real decoration for rooms up to 30 square meters.


  • very quiet operation;
  • air flavoring;
  • has the ability to adjust the spray direction;
  • built-in liquid level indicator.


  • demanding on water quality;
  • is not very convenient to pour water.

Polaris Puh 5206di

Another quite popular model that provides good air moistening in the room.


  • three-level steam adjustment system;
  • sleep timer;
  • ability to turn off the indicator light;
  • carbon fiber water filter;
  • automatic shutdown when the tank is empty;
  • LED – display;
  • effective hydration;
  • attractive design;
  • has a built-in ionizer.


  • costs about $ 100 due to the presence of an ionizer, but not everyone needs it.

Wild Wind An-310

This humidifier was designed specifically for use in the nursery. That is why his body is made in the form of a cheerful blue penguin, which your child will surely like. In addition, the "penguin" is made of durable plastic and different build quality. By turning the bird's head in different directions, you can adjust the direction of the steam jet, and there is also a regulator of its intensity.


  • smooth intensity control;
  • capacious water tank;
  • economical.


  • works well on an area of ​​no more than 20 m2( about 30 m2 declared);
  • sometimes with long work around the humidifier some water condenses.

Redmond Rhf-3303

One of the most technologically advanced models in our ranking. At a cost of about 100-110 US dollars, this humidifier is equipped with a set of functions found in expensive models.


  • filter CRYSTAL CLEAR for water purification;
  • low water consumption;
  • stylish design;
  • has a built-in hygrostat, automatically turns on when the humidity drops below a preset parameter;
  • is equipped with an air ionizer;
  • is controlled by remote control;
  • is equipped with a large water tank.


  • not too durable filter;
  • can not turn off the alert sound;
  • when disconnecting from the network resets all settings;
  • there is no hole for water inlet from the top;
  • does not respond to moisture levels below 40%.

Electrolux Ehu-3510d / 3515d

This model is quite a frequent participant of the reviews "The best air humidifiers for office and home."Despite the rather high cost( about $ 170), many consumers prefer it. And for what reason.


  • compactness;
  • high power;
  • silent operation;
  • has a built-in UV-lamp, which allows to disinfect the air as much as possible;
  • is equipped with a droplet size regulator;
  • installed “silver” filter( requires replacement at least once in 6 months);
  • has a hygrometer and auto power off function;
  • capacious water tank.


  • expensive;
  • for the gulf of water it is necessary to unscrew the filter;
  • settings are not saved;
  • there is no remote control.

Boneco Air-O-Swiss U7135

The Swiss company Boneco is one of the recognized leaders in the production of climatic equipment. And the model Air-O-Swiss U7135 is an example.


  • capacious tank;
  • high-quality humidification;
  • virtually silent operation;
  • has the function of air heating.


  • is not very convenient to pour water, this should be done from below;
  • replaceable filters are not cheap and are rarely available;
  • is a fairly high price, more than $ 100.

Shivaki Shhf-3062w

According to user feedback, this model is the perfect combination of quality and price.


  • consumes energy with sufficient moisture;
  • is quite compact;
  • there is the ability to adjust in manual mode, to force the desired parameters;
  • not too loud;
  • has a “warm steam” function;
  • auto power off when the tank is empty;
  • rotary( 360) nozzle allows you to set the direction of emission of steam;
  • roomy tank;
  • price from $ 90.


  • it is recommended to use distilled or additionally purified water;
  • A full tank is quite heavy;
  • in case of breakage it is not always possible to find a specialized service center.

Bort Blf-824

This inexpensive and convenient model also has its advantages and disadvantages. First, of course, disproportionately more. That is why Bort Blf-824 got into our rating.

Positive aspects:

  • compact, lightweight, neat;
  • great value, about $ 35;
  • wide range of modes of operation;
  • is pretty quiet;
  • has a “warm steam” function;
  • ; the direction of the steam jet is changed by simply turning the top cover;
  • there is a touch control - a guarantee that nothing will flood with water;
  • energy saving.

Negative qualities:

  • is demanding on the quality of water, however, like many other models;
  • is not very convenient to add water;
  • rather bright backlight can be a little annoying;
  • water tank is not too roomy, only 2.4 liters;
  • there is no built-in humidity sensor;The
  • at the place of installation of the device sometimes condenses some water.

As you can see, the advantages of this device are much greater than the disadvantages. Especially for the price. That is why he takes his deserved place in the list of the 12 best ultrasonic humidifiers of 2017-2018.

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