Top 10 Philips TVs

  • Philips TVs with a small diagonal
  • Popular models of average sizes
  • Philips TVs with a diagonal of 50 inches
  • Conclusion

Philips is one of the leading European brands, able to compete on equal developing countries with constantly developing Asian companies. The products of this company are of great quality, modern technology and ergonomics.

Our 2018 Philips Top TV rankings are designed to clearly demonstrate why the products of this company have not lost their relevance for many years. To make it easier to choose, we divided our review into three large groups based on the diagonal size of the TV.Listening to the advice of specialists and customers, whose opinions we took into account when drafting a review, you can buy the best TV that fully meets all expectations.

Philips TVs with a small diagonal of

Philips 32PHT4201

The first in the TOP-best Philips TVs got a model that won the users back in 2016 and still does not lose its popularity. This is facilitated by the affordable price and at the same time excellent functionality.

Modern design, LED-lights, full HD-viewing quality - this is not a complete list of its advantages. With the help of a powerful DVB-T2 tuner, the TV perfectly accepts many channels of digital broadcasting. There is a Time Shift feature that allows you to pause a regular TV show and then watch it in a convenient mode. The 32-inch diagonal cannot be called very small. This size is almost perfect for most living rooms and harmoniously fits into any interior.


  • multiple connectors for connecting peripherals;
  • convenient remote control;
  • comfortable screen size;
  • "omnivorous" in playback formats;
  • stylish appearance;
  • many positive reviews.


  • sound is not too loud.

Philips 22PFT4031

Continues the compact TV lineup. Such a device is ideal for placement in the kitchen or in a small room. Its diagonal is only 22 inches, so it will not take much space.

The TV can boast of excellent sound and quite decent picture quality. It lacks many of the features provided for in the more wide-format "brothers", but it is equipped with a high-quality media player that can play most of the known formats. And without any problems, you can view all the channels of analog and broadcast and the “number”.


  • clear sound;
  • excellent viewing angles;
  • wall mount;
  • compact size;
  • multifunctional media player;
  • simple user menu;
  • convenient settings;
  • HDMI connectors( 2 pcs.) For connecting external devices;
  • acceptable cost.


  • lack of "Smart TV";
  • remote control only;
  • no component and composite inputs;
  • need to adapt to the sorting of TV channels.

Philips 24PHT4032

This TV is slightly larger than the previous one. It is also perfect for a small room or kitchen. Its cost and quality of performance are in excellent balance. Excellent picture and clear sound more than compensate for the absence of some "bells and whistles".

Has wide viewing angles, receives digital channels through the built-in tuner. Like many Philips TVs, control is carried out exclusively with the remote. This can be both a virtue and a disadvantage. For example, if you want to restrict children access to the device, simply remove the console higher. But if in the "lazy" batteries sit down to turn on the TV you can not until you insert new ones.


  • small size;
  • stylish appearance;
  • excellent image;
  • sufficient viewing angles;
  • affordable price.


  • initial channel setup can be difficult.

Popular models of medium size

Philips 43PUS6401

TVs with a diagonal size from 40 to 59 inches are among the most popular. They already have many additional features, but at the same time, their cost is not as high as in more widescreen models. Among medium-sized TVs, this model stands out due to Ambilight’s unique backlighting. Such technology visually significantly expands the actual screen size and enhances the sense of reality of what is happening on the screen. For additional processing and improvement of the original content technology is provided Ultra Resolution.

This TV already has a fairly smart Smart TV running on the Android OS, which guarantees the excellent performance of all applications. There is a cloud service, which guarantees a lot of entertainment content for different age categories.


  • improved image display technologies;
  • Ambilight backlight system;
  • the ability to connect a computer keyboard and mouse;
  • control from a smartphone or remote control;
  • Smart TV;
  • many useful connectors;
  • excellent image quality;
  • pure stereo sound.


  • requires regular system updates.

Philips 49PUS6412

This TV is considered one of the most popular among the models with an average diagonal. High technical characteristics of the device provide high-quality viewing of content at any time and at any level of illumination. The transfer of flowers is natural, not “acidic”.There are all the necessary connectors for connecting external devices, and the TV itself reproduces most of the popular TV, video and audio formats.

With the help of the built-in SmartTV, the television is transformed into a modern multimedia center. On it you can view videos posted on the Internet, download and install a variety of entertainment applications. With the help of a special technology, you can network with a home computer or laptop. This significantly expands its functionality.


  • maintenance of all broadcast standards;
  • excellent image;
  • natural color reproduction;
  • interface responsiveness;
  • availability of "Smart TV";
  • content playback from any external drive;
  • stylish design;
  • worthy ratio of performance and cost.


  • extremely inconvenient control of TV channels and EPG;
  • sometimes errors with sound via HDMI;
  • sound deaf;

Philips 48PFS8109

The TOP continues another model with excellent performance. This TV contains the most advanced technological developments of the company. There is an increased frequency of updating the matrix, which allows you to show dynamic scenes without “jagged” shots and jerky transitions. The TV screen supports 3D video format created by the shutter technology.

Due to its characteristics, the TV is interesting enough for fans of video games. Special attention is given to the sound quality. The model pleases users with the presence of a standard Dolby Digital system and a separate subwoofer. And of course, this TV has a Smart TV, with all its inherent capabilities.


  • natural color reproduction;
  • "juicy" and bright picture;
  • built-in camera;
  • Smart TV;
  • gesture control;
  • Ambilight technology;
  • individual setting of many parameters;
  • set of connectors for connecting peripherals;
  • support various broadcast formats.


  • requires periodic software updates;
  • gesture control is not very convenient.

Philips TVs with a diagonal of 50 inches

Philips 65PUS6412

Opens the TV section with a super slim screen of enormous size. With his stylish look and elegant functionality, he quickly captured the hearts of users. The pre-installed Ambilight three-sided backlight visually expands the already rather big screen. The Smart TV system turns the TV into a real multimedia center. The app gallery and the Google Play store will delight with entertainment for all tastes.

TV control is very simple. You can do this with the help of a remote control, a smartphone or just a voice. The device perfectly recognizes all the basic commands. The size of the memory of the TV itself allows you to load a collection of films into it, and the presence of a large number of different connectors - to connect any external devices.


  • 4K Ultra HD resolution;
  • Ambilight;
  • excellent sound quality( 20 W);
  • "Smart TV";
  • support most well-known formats;
  • teletext;
  • voice control;
  • protection from children;
  • timer and TimeShift function;
  • stylish design.


  • cost.

Philips 50PUT6400

Another TV, not inferior to the previous model in its characteristics. IPS-matrix, LED-backlight, refresh rate, sufficient for smooth reproduction of dynamic scenes. Perfectly copes with reproduction of channels of both analog, and digital broadcasting. It can also be connected to your home Internet network. An Ethernet port is provided for this, or you can use a Wi-Fi connection.

TV allows you to view content in 4K resolution. Viewers will appreciate the opportunity to watch your favorite programs from almost anywhere in the room, the viewing angles here are quite large. The speed of the operating system allows you to easily download various applications. This fact is sure to please gamers, as well as the ability to quickly connect a variety of joysticks and gamepads.


  • 4K resolution;
  • uniform backlight;
  • larger viewing angles;
  • "smart" operating system;
  • the possibility of combining into a DLNA network;
  • deep stereo sound;
  • Time Shift feature;
  • ability to control from a smartphone;
  • high-quality deep color reproduction;
  • articulated stand;
  • support Skype;
  • protection from children.


  • difficult setup;
  • "braking" when viewing "heavy" video from USB media;
  • there is no composite input;
  • high price.

Philips 55PUS8809

This TV is for those who are not too limited in their financial capabilities. The model is expensive, but its price is 100% justified. With the purchase of this device, you get a real cinema at home, by the way, not that tiny( 55 inches diagonal).On the back of the TV are LEDs that can additionally increase the picture visually.

The sweep rate for this model has been increased to 1,000 Hz. Today is almost unsurpassed value. Thus, you get an incredibly smooth picture, even in very dynamic scenes. Maximum image clarity ensures 4K resolution.

Of course, the TV is equipped with a Smart TV function and is able to play content in 3D.There are many connectors for connecting external devices, there is a lock from children and a huge variety of advantages.


  • maximum increased scanning frequency;
  • 3D support;
  • Wi-Fi module;
  • productive operating system;
  • almost perfect image;
  • realistic color reproduction;
  • sound quality;
  • support almost all known formats;
  • playback of analog and digital broadcasting;
  • stylish design.


  • some instances have uneven backlighting;
  • software sometimes “buggy”;
  • is expensive.


As you can see, Philips TVs have quite a wide functionality. And this concerns not only expensive models with wide format screens. Of course, in our review did not fall even a lot of quite decent models, which are also a desirable object for purchase. Hopefully, our top-201 2018 TVs from Philips will help you make the right choice and save you from the many pitfalls that can be encountered along the way. Have a nice shopping!

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