8 best steam cleaners according to customer reviews

  • Design and principle of operation of the steam cleaner
  • Applications
  • Types of steam cleaners
  • How to choose the best steam cleaner for your home?
  • Rating of steam cleaners for home in 2018.

Want your room to sparkle from cleanliness? Then stop spending on household chemicals and rub off the dirt with difficulty! Modern device - steam cleaner, has long won the hearts of millions of users. With the help of such a device, you disinfect hard-to-reach places, and thanks to a hot pair - get rid of viruses, bacteria and allergens. Just imagine the perfect purity, and yes even with health benefits. Since it is difficult to buy a good device, and not everyone knows what to pay attention to, we will help you figure it out and tell you in detail how to choose a steam cleaner for your home and make up the ranking of the best 2017-2018 years!

Device and principle of operation of the steam cleaner

Please note that manufacturers only improve their production technologies every year. And let the steam cleaner is not a new device, the models of the new generation are the perfect assistant in every home. The design of a modern steam cleaner consists of:

  • Nozzles and additional accessories
  • Element for heating a fluid
  • Water tank
  • Pistol-type trigger
  • Elastic

hose Before you start working with this device, you must fill the steam boiler with water. Only then connect to the grid. After a few minutes, it will be noticeable as the water boils and turns into steam. Please note that the trigger mechanism provides buttons and modes that allow only after pressing to release the steam flow, reaching temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius. You can not even worry that hot steam is bad for your health! Due to the loose structure of the exit stream, you will not burn yourself and wake up in complete safety.

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Steam cleaner is considered one of the most effective and versatile devices of our time. Initially, the device was used in hospitals and medical facilities for disinfecting floors, but over time, the scope of application expanded its horizons. Now, with its help, you can clean up not only the premises, but also apply when cleaning the car or household appliances. The selected steam cleaner is more often used for cleaning the bathroom, but there are many other possibilities for use, including:

  • Cleaning glass surfaces
  • Removing frozen dirt from dishes and household appliances
  • Disinfecting and cleaning upholstered furniture
  • Cleaning bedding from ticks and heart patterns and heart patterns. All of the above features, the device can proudly be called universal and practical to use. The only thing, it is not recommended to use a steam cleaner on wax and varnish surfaces, as well as to clean cold glasses in the winter period( if temperature drops, cracking of the glass is possible).

    Types of steam cleaners

    A wide range of household appliances for the home, will please both expensive and low-end models. Depending on preferences and scope, professionals distinguish three main types of steam cleaners:

    1. Vacuum Cleaners. Devices of this type are best suited for professional use. Among analogues, the device has high power characteristics and efficiency. Given the high build quality, durability and equipment, it is considered the most expensive. Want to choose an assistant for more than a dozen years? Then it is better to spend time than to spend nerves and money for repairs.
    2. Compact. A mountain of popularity is occupied by compact type models. Due to the location of the tank on the floor, they can be compared with vacuum cleaners. This advantage, because you do not have to keep the device for a long time on weight. Before choosing, be well acquainted with the complete set and the long hose and cable. It should be remembered that this type of model should have a hose of at least 3 meters in length, and the electrical cord - the longer, the more convenient to use. As a rule, compact steam cleaners are completed with nozzles for cleaning different surfaces.
    3. Manual. Many will ask: “Which steam cleaner is better to buy for the house at an affordable price and with good parameters?- Of course, manual. This unique invention allows you to quickly and easily clean any surfaces. Small weight and compact design is easy to operate and convenient to store.

    How to choose the best steam cleaner for your home?

    Still not sure which steam cleaner is better? You do not need to re-read a ton of information, you just need to decide on the scope. The best steam cleaner is one that fully satisfies the preferences and needs of the client, so you should pay attention to the following parameters:

    • Power. Among the majority of parameters, it is considered basic and important when choosing household appliances. The greater the power, the higher the rate of steam supply and more efficient cleaning. The best steam cleaner according to customer reviews is one with over 1000 watts of power. Please note that outdoor vacuum cleaners have a capacity of 1300-2300 watts, but manual ones, in turn, range from 700–1600 watts.
    • Steam boiler volume. This figure varies from 0.5 to several liters. Note that the smaller the container, the more often it will be necessary to fill it with water. Given the amount of work, you will choose the appropriate option. Thus, a capacity of 1 liter with a head is enough for 30-40 minutes of non-stop operation.
    • Declared weight. Mostly for manual steam cleaners and ranges from 1-6 kg( usually measured in the empty form).
    • Nozzles and their purpose. When buying expensive equipment, pay attention to the components, among which must be: a point nozzle, a nozzle for cleaning floors and tiles, a straight and manual nozzle, a cleaning brush, a nozzle for cleaning window surfaces. The minimum number of additional components must be at least 3 pcs.
    • Cord Length. It is best to choose a device with a maximum length of electric cord( 4-6 m).Also, it is worth considering the function of winding the cable. It is very convenient and do not have to manually unravel and coil the cord.
    • Flexible hose length. As the long-term practice shows, the hose length does not always have a good effect on quality and efficiency during operation. If we take into account the rating of steam cleaners, then almost all models have an average hose length. This is accompanied by the fact that at low power, the steam passing through the hole cools down. As a result, frequent splashes of water appear, which is not desirable for treating delicate surfaces.
    • Dimensions of construction. On average, manual and mobile steam cleaners reach a size of 20x15x25 cm, while floor devices, for example: Karcher SC 1702( which is included in the steam cleaner rating), are 50x33x33 cm.
    • Heating time and maximum temperaturePay attention, depending on the power characteristics and the volume of the tank, the average heating time is from 10 seconds to 10 minutes. If the fastest possible heating is required, it is possible to fill the container with pre-heated water. When fully heated, the water temperature reaches 140 ° C, with a vapor pressure of about 3.5 Bar. Due to the high temperature characteristics, the quality of cleaning and bactericidal properties increase.
    • Steam pressure. Rating steam cleaners showed that current models have a vapor pressure of 2-6 bar. In the characteristics you can often see just such indicators, but it is important to understand that this is the pressure inside the tank, and not the steam being supplied. Also, the steam jet depends on the nozzle used and the length of the hose. If you are at a loss in the question of which steam cleaner is better to buy for your home, user reviews will be guided, and in particular they will give advice.
    • Type of heating. An important parameter, which is straight-through or with steam generation in the boiler itself. The second option is considered the most in demand and is recommended for purchase, as the steam power and temperature will be much higher.
    • Manufacturing Material. High-quality design - the key to durability and convenience. It is best to buy equipment, the base of which is made of heat-resistant plastic. Professionals recommend taking a steam cleaner with an aluminum water tank. Due to the good thermal conductivity of the metal, the water heats up faster, and scale does not sit on the surface.
    • Extras. Many expensive models have advanced functionality that allows you to monitor fluid flow, adjust power, etc. But in order to understand which steam cleaner is better, reviews of real buyers will make the right choice.

    Rating of steam cleaners for the home in 2018.

    Grand Master GM-Q7 Multi Elite

    The best steam cleaner for home in 2017.A multifunctional model will help not only to clean the floor, but also to bring the crumpled thing in order. There is a possibility of connecting the iron( included).A power of 1950 W and a 2.3 liter tank will allow cleaning with maximum efficiency and comfort.

    Kitfort KT- 903

    One of the best models in the price-performance ratio. It has a wide range of use, as it is endowed with high power characteristics - 2000 watts. Small-sized and stylish steam cleaner will complement any interior and will please with long work up to 60 minutes.

    ENDEVER Odyssey Q-410 / Q-411 / Q-412 / Q-413

    Steam Cleaners, rated as the best for furniture and floor cleaning - Endever. This model is the best among its counterparts. The device is equipped with a large water tank( 1.5 liters), which heats up literally in a matter of minutes to 130 ° C.Also, the kit includes various attachments that allow you to clean and clean a variety of items.


    Which steam cleaner has “protection against children” in its functionality? Of course Karcher SC 2!The model has a small capacity, but it is not a hindrance to cope with the quality of cleaning. A tank with a capacity of 1 liter can fully warm up after 6.5 minutes. Also, there is antiscale protection and modes for adjusting the steam supply.

    ; Smile ESC 1026

    Wash windows and glass surfaces frequently, but don’t know which steam cleaner is better? Then pay attention to the model ESC 1026. Small-sized and affordable assistant with a power of 1000 W and a reservoir capacity of 350 ml. Please note that the model has a sufficiently long cord, which is convenient for large-scale premises. It is completed with two nozzles for washing of glasses and cleaning of fabric products.

    DeFort DSC-1200

    Compact model, with an average power of 1200 watts. The steam cleaner is made of high quality thermoplastic, with a capacity of 300 ml. The device is completed with a measuring cup and various nozzles.

    Philips GC535 / 35

    If you need a multifunctional ironing and steaming device, then the Philips GC535 / 35 will be the best. This steam cleaner has been in the top 10 for several years in a row. Manufacturers took care of maximum convenience and equipped the device with a removable water tank. Also, there is an automatic cord winder. Do not forget about the power characteristics - they are maximum. The product is completed with nozzles, a rack-hanger and a protective mitten.

    Smile ESC 924

    The modern model of small size, with a capacity of 800-W and a capacity for water - 250 ml. With him, you forget what wrinkled things and dirty room. Worthy result for your money!

    Stay alert and remember that homework using a steam cleaner requires special attention. Follow all instructions and follow safety rules and the result will exceed all your expectations. We hope that now you will not have questions, and you will know exactly how to choose a steam cleaner for the house in the 2017-2018 year!

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