Several ways to clean clay from clothes or carpet

It turns out that in addition to folk signs, there are also parental ones. For example, if a small sculptor sculpts something from plasticine, Mommy doesn’t sleep, but prepares to scrape the remnants of creativity from clothes, carpet, furniture.

Remove Plasticine from

Fabric The first thing that catches your eye is smeared things, and not only children's ones. In some unimaginable way, even my father's trousers may suffer from clay, although they were not at all present at the moment of the birth of the next masterpiece, but were at work with dad.

Rough cleaning

If the clay is not smeared with a thin layer, first try to clean things by freezing: put in the freezer for a couple of hours. Paraffin, which is part of the clay, hardens, and the pieces will begin to easily separate from the fabric.

When you had time to rub the clay deep into the fibers, iron the clothes with a warm iron. Just spread on both sides of toilet paper or a regular napkin, folded in several layers.

. ..

Ironing is needed from the inside out, so that the dirt does not penetrate even deeper into the fibers.

Some mummies are struggling with the remnants of clay with sunflower oil. Wipe the dirty area well with an oiled disc. Contamination will begin to gather into the pellets, which are relatively easily removed from the fabric. Then proceed to the next stage of cleaning.


  • The composition of the clay also contains fats, leaving ugly, difficult-to-remove stains everywhere. They need to be fought with the method of fouling. So, if daddy's pants or other clothes made of synthetics, you will need a strong soap solution. Thoroughly dissolve the laundry soap in hot water, soak the clothes in the solution. Alkali contained in soap breaks down fats; hot water will accelerate the breakdown process. For reliability, add a little hydrogen peroxide. After 15 minutes, arm yourself with a soft brush and treat dirty areas of clothing from the inside. There are traces - sprinkle the area with baking soda, wipe again with a brush. And only after this thing wash everything completely.
  • Children's clothes made of natural material can be cleaned in another way. In a glass of water, dissolve 10 drops of ammonia, moisten a cotton pad, wipe the desired location. Do not give up: rub until the dirt disappears completely, change the wheels more often. Instead of ammonia can be isopropyl, but it does not need to be diluted. A PCB remover, if available, is also suitable. Light material can process gruel made from chips of soap and hydrogen peroxide.

Removing clay from the carpet, furniture

Here a little more difficult, because the carpet in the fridge does not shove in any way. But ice cubes or even frozen chicken wrapped securely in a towel will be useful. Squeeze the ice to the stained pile, after some time, remove the frozen pieces. Or iron the carpet through the cloth with an iron, you can also heat the surface with a hairdryer. In this way, you can easily remove dirt from the upholstery of the sofa.

Gasoline, acetone, ammonia will help to remove the greasy stain from the carpet. Soft upholstery is better to treat non-aggressive detergent, then sprinkle with baking soda. When the soda dries, brush it off with a clothes brush.

The clay from the table surface is scraped off well, and the remnants are washed off with soapy water and a slurry of soda.

And another parental sign: if the child is not scolded for things smeared with clay, another Michelangelo can grow out of it. You can check!

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