How to clean glue stains so that no trace is left of them

We use glue so often that it’s hard to imagine a home or office that did not have it. Not surprisingly, the question of how to wipe off glue from clothes is relevant for millions of people. It turns out that this is not very difficult to do, especially for some varieties of adhesive, and now we will learn several ways.

PVA and stationery glue

Since we get acquainted with PVA since childhood, we stick greeting cards for parents. It is also actively used in everyday life and in construction, so it is important to know how to wipe PVA glue from fabric if it gets on clothes.

Fortunately, this is very difficult to do. It is enough to soak the fabric in warm water and wash it. You can use soap or any organic solvent. But with solvents it is necessary to be careful, because they damage some fabrics. Effectively removes the stains of PVA with acetic acid, so when soaking you can add a little vinegar to the water.

It is not difficult to wipe off the silicate glue, which was previously called clerical, because they glued paper together. Soak soiled clothes in warm water with the addition of soda( large spoon per liter).After that, it remains to just wash the thing, and traces of glue will disappear.

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Wood glue and silicone sealant

If you are engaged in carpentry or restoration work, gluing furniture, then you know the wood glue. It can be washed as follows.

  • Soak a dirty shirt or pants in a basin of cold water overnight.
  • Wash clothes in hot water in a washing machine.
  • If the stain remains, then rub it with a brush and repeat the wash.

Silicone sealant is used to seal the seams, which not only glues the surfaces, but also prevents air and moisture transmission. Fresh stain of it, you can try to wipe in warm water. If the glue on the clothes froze, then it is scraped off mechanically. Withstand such a procedure can only clothes from coarse fabric.

Instant glue

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It is necessary to work with super glue very carefully. Do you know that by safety it can not be applied while wearing wool or cotton clothes? This is especially true for gloves, as super glue often comes on them when working. This is because it reacts with cellulose and at the same time produces a large amount of heat.

In order to wipe away the popular super instant glue, you need to use a special remover that is sold in stores. It is called "Antikley".In addition, acetone or nitromethane-based solvents help. First, be sure to test the effect of the solvent on a piece of similar material. Otherwise, you can ruin your clothes even more and irrevocably.

We recommend wiping out fresh super glue stains by soaking the thing in warm water with powder and a small amount of liquid ammonia( literally a tsp per liter).After soaking, try scrubbing the stain with a stiff brush.

. If a few drops of super glue have fallen on coarse work clothes, then shove them in the freezer, after putting them in the bag. When the drops are frozen, they can be scraped off with a sharp object.

Several rules for the removal of high-speed glue

Super glue was invented more than 70 years ago, and many varieties of this substance are currently produced. They quickly harden and firmly connect virtually any material, ranging from metal to leather. To clean the glue moment, you need to respond in a timely manner:

  • straighten clothes and prevent fabric from sticking together;
  • wet the stain with water;
  • try to scrape it off with a knife.

If the stain is not gone immediately, do not worry, after a few washes it will become almost imperceptible. To completely get rid of traces of glue, try wiping the cloth with purified gasoline for lighters or buy a bottle of Dimexid from a pharmacy and use it in a similar way.

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