Vanish for carpet cleaning: mode of application for dry and wet cleaning - 4 kinds of means


  • 1 Vanish choose from 4 types of
  • 2 How to use tools
    • 2.1 liquid shampoo
    • 2.2 wetted powder
    • 2.3 active foam
    • 2.4 Spray
  • 3 Output
Picking the right product in a line of "Vanish", you can even remove stubborn stain on a carpetPicking the right product in a line of "Vanish", you can even remove stubborn stain on a carpet

Unfortunately, the carpets are added not only comfort, but also the efforts of the large accumulation of dust, dirt and allergens. The situation is complicated by the appearance in the house of children or pets, as cleaning must be carried out more frequently.

But now a lot of cleaning products available that facilitate household work, to one of which relates Vanish for manual cleaning of carpets. How to dilute the product and how to use - I would like to tell you more.

Vanish choose from 4 types of

Before using Vanish carpet, wear rubber gloves to protect the skin of hands and nails.Before using Vanish carpet, wear rubber gloves to protect the skin of hands and nails.

To carpet cleaning at home it was effective and not time-consuming, it is important to choose the right means of "Vanish" line:

Picture Means
table_pic_att14939126672 View 1. liquid shampoo

Universal product suitable for wet-cleaning conducted by the hands, and cleaning using detergent cleaner.

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Effectively cope with the removal of dust and fresh dirt and odor.

A special antibacterial formula removes disease-causing germs and bacteria, which is especially important for allergy sufferers.

Price agent depends on the place of purchase and on average 300 - 400 rubles.

table_pic_att14939126673 View 2. wetted powder

It is preferred in cases where undesirable wet carpet cleaning, for example, if:

  • carpet made of viscose, wool or silk;
  • drying will take too much time because of the thickness or square.

Mode of application - does not require dilution in water, the tool is immediately ready for use. Just enough to shake it before cleaning.

Abrasive powder particles effectively absorb pollution and push them to the surface, providing a further ease of removal of brush or a vacuum cleaner.

So unable to refresh the appearance of the carpet, and deliver him from even chronic spots.

Price means It is about 600 - 800 rubles.

table_pic_att14939126714 View foam

The concentrated product intended for the cleaning of heavily soiled areas with high traffic.

Due to the deep penetration into the fiber mat is effective against inveterate stubborn stains and dirt.

Convenient dispenser bottle format greatly facilitates the entire cleaning process.

Price means - from 400 to 600 rubles.

table_pic_att14939126745 View 4. Spray

For getting rid of stains fresh, locally sprayed on the resulting pollution for quick removal.

A particularly useful means in this respect include the long format coating that eliminates the need to conduct cleaning of the coating.

Price stain remover in spray format is approximately 500 - 700 rubles.

How to use tools

Before performing one of the cleaning means above need to prepare a coating and clear it from contamination with a vacuum cleaner or brush.

Before using Vanish carpet vacuum the surface to remove dust and debrisBefore using Vanish carpet vacuum the surface to remove dust and debris

liquid shampoo

Before clearing a look at how to breed Vanish for manual cleaning of carpets. To do this we need to:

  • to prepare a container for the solution - a basin or bucket;
  • pour into it approximately 1 liter of warm water (about 40 ° C);
  • Add water means 9 caps and stir to form air foam.

Further guide application described below:

Picture Description
Step 1 table_pic_att14939126787 With foam sponges soaked in the solution, causes foam their hands on the entire surface of the carpet or some contaminated sites.
step 2 table_pic_att14939126798 Waiting drying agent over 30-60 minutes, vacuum the surface, scrubbing dirt.
step 3 table_pic_att14939126809 We pass a wet brush with a nap on the carpet to better gather all the dust and finally clean it with foam.

Thoroughly dry the carpet for a minimum of 2-3 hours in order to avoid the appearance of mold and mildew.

wetted powder

How to use Vanish for carpets, designed for dry cleaning? Follow this procedure:

Picture Description
Step 1 table_pic_att149391268110 Evenly pour the powder on the surface of the carpet.
step 2 With carefully rubbing brush means in the pile circular motion.
step 3 table_pic_att149391268211 Vacuuming clean coating to completely remove all tools and dirt particles.

Before using cleaning agents, check their impact on the coating paint on a small portion thereof, to avoid the appearance of bright spots.

active foam

How to use Vanish right - foam for carpets used very simply:

Picture Description
Step 1 table_pic_att149391268412 Lightly shaking the vial, sprayed foam on the carpet at a distance of 70-90 cm.
step 2 We distribute the foam sponge in a circular motion around the carpet and give it to dry for several hours.
step 3 table_pic_att149391268913 After drying vacuum the coating.


Spray for carpets "Vanish" is used locally. Recommended for use immediately after the appearance of blemishes, removes even stubborn stains:

  1. Spray the stain remover to the contaminated area.
  2. Rub this place brush that means better absorbed in the pile.
  3. Wait 5 minutes and wipe with a clean rag or sponge portion.
  4. To consolidate the results - vacuum the floors.
Spray copes even with stubborn stains in 5 minutesSpray copes even with stubborn stains in 5 minutes


Now that you know how to clean the carpet Vanish correctly. To maintain a clean coating for a long time to carry out routine cleaning of these means 1 time per month. Also recommend that once applied to the stain powder or spray, while they are still fresh and did not have time to absorb.

And how do you deal with pollution? I invite you to discuss in the comments.

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