How to choose a food waste chopper for the sink

  • Types of food waste disposers
  • Why do we need an
  • utilizer How does a kitchen utilizer work?
  • Main selection criteria for
  • How to use the
  • dispenser Caring for the choppers
  • TOP - 3 popular models

Most citizens have seen the dispenser only in American films. To meet such a device in the apartments of Russians can be quite rare. Food waste chopper is a pretty useful thing. No more cockroaches, crumbs and various cleanings! No unpleasant smell from the bucket and drain hole!

We will describe how to choose a food waste chopper for the sink. We will also discuss the principle of operation of this device, its advantages and disadvantages.

Types of food waste disposers

To date, there are 2 types of dispensers on the market of household appliances for the kitchen. Each has its own characteristics of work, advantages and disadvantages.

Hydraulic disperser

Such models are very unpretentious and quite reliable. They are driven by the flow of water, hence the name. The principle of operation is simple: the user opens the tap and the water passes through the chopper, putting it into action.

Among the positive qualities of the device can be noted its efficiency. For his work does not require the use of electrical energy. Another of its good sides is the virtually silent operation. On this, perhaps, the pros and ends.

The main disadvantage of hydraulic shredders is that you cannot turn it off at will. It will work whenever you open the tap. So it pays to constantly watch what you put in the sink. Otherwise, the dispenser may crumble into mush what you did not plan to feed him at all.

If you live on the top floor and there are problems with water supply in your house, such a dispenser will not work for you. It simply will not be able to work due to the low pressure in the pipes. In addition, the hydraulic waste shredder is not too powerful. It can break if you load chicken bones or bones from fruits into it.

Electrical Displacement Device

Only a specialist should install such a device. After all, the electric dispenser has direct contact with water and with electricity at the same time.

Electric models are quite powerful and can cope not only with soft food waste, but even with small bones from fish or chicken. The advantage of such dispensers is that you can turn them on and off at your will. They have nothing to do with the pressure of water in the faucet and will work when you want it.

Disadvantages of electric display players are also available. First of all, this is quite a noisy job. The sound of the motor that drives the device, not everyone will like it. Arrangement of such a shredder involves the withdrawal of the control button. Sometimes for its equipment it is necessary to drill an additional hole in the new worktop or “pick” the wall. And of course, such a chopper consumes additional electricity. You do not spend much, but it is, nevertheless, an additional expense.

Why do we need an

utilizer? It is impossible to cook dinner without leaving any waste behind. Most often for their disposal hostesses use plastic bags placed in the trash.

Those who consciously relate to the environmental component place special containers in their kitchens, and they take the most responsible approach to the issue of waste disposal. Plastic, glass and paper are handed over for recycling, but food waste has to be carried to the garbage.

In order to get rid of unpleasant-smelling remnants of food as quickly as possible, a kitchen utilizer was created. Of course, you still have to go to the yard container. However, you will do it much less often.

The only drawback of such a device is that not all waste can be put into it. Quite soft potato peelings are quite hard for him. But the hard bones from peaches or apricots should not be sent there.

How does a kitchen utilizer work?

The principle of operation of the household dispenser is quite simple. With the help of special devices, he grinds into small porridge the food particles that fall into it. After that, the resulting mass is washed off with water flow into the central sewage system.

The unit is located under the kitchen sink. It must be installed in place of the siphon and equip the drain into the sewer. The design includes only two key elements:

  • drive;
  • grinding chamber.

Contrary to popular belief, imposed on us by Hollywood films, the device does not have any monstrous knives. Inside the chamber there are freely “floating” hammers, which rotate and rub against ribbed walls of the tank surface when moving. Thus, the waste is pounded on the inner surface of the chamber and down into the sewer pipe.

The main selection criteria for

In order to acquire the most suitable food waste chopper, you need to know what you should pay attention to.


This indicator is important for electric models. After all, I want to spend as little as possible, but it does not lose quality. For a young family of 2-3 people, a dispenser of 550–600 watts is enough. But this is the case if you do not plan to load everything into it. Models that can “crush” even large bones or nutshells consume at least 1300 watts of power from the network. But this figure can not be called economical.

Camera volume

It all depends on the previous item. The more powerful your chopper's engine, the more crushing the chamber. Too small devices are uniquely thin and not suitable for everyone. Of course, when choosing it is worth paying attention to the device to fit freely under the sink.

The speed of rotation of hammers( knives)

In hydraulic models, this figure is directly dependent on the water pressure in the tap. Electric should pay attention to the indicator of at least 1400 rev / min. The faster the hammers spin, the more waste you can recycle.


The ideal option is stainless steel. This is not only a fairly strong material, it is also not susceptible to corrosion. An alternative could be a metal-plastic case, having an anticorrosion coating inside.

To make the most correct choice, you should additionally pay attention to the presence of the following options:

  • ; additional noise insulation;
  • the possibility of reverse rotation;
  • ability to work in several speeds;
  • built-in overload protection;
  • reinforced drain flange;
  • safety guarantee in the form of a long tube to feed waste into a shredder;
  • availability of additional conditions for placement regarding sewage discharge;
  • need to clean the device only with special branded means;
  • maintainability and availability of service offices in your city.

How to use the

dispenser Anyone can use a properly connected food waste chopper for the sink. There is absolutely nothing complicated about it.

  • Open the faucet and set a fairly strong water pressure.
  • Turn on the shredder( the hydraulic one will turn on automatically).
  • Load cooked food waste into the drain hole of the sink.
  • Wait 3–5 minutes. On the end of the work you signal the absence of noise during grinding.
  • Turn off the device and turn off the water for another 20-30 seconds.
  • Close the tap.


It is extremely important to turn on the dispenser only with water. Otherwise, the device will not work or will quickly fail.

Care for shredders

Food waste shredder - a device that is essentially self-cleaning. But still care is needed.

  • From time to time while the device is running, turn on warm water, not cold water. This will help get rid of fatty accumulation on the walls of the device.
  • Never close the tap immediately after turning off the dispenser. Let the water run for a few more seconds. This will allow to remove the smallest particles of ground food into the sewer system.
  • Pour lemon zest and cubes of frozen soda solution into a grinder on a regular basis. This will help avoid unpleasant odors from the drain.
  • When installing the device, try not to use a corrugated pipe. In its folds are capable of stuck particles of waste, which can later lead to clogging.
  • Once or twice a year, pour a special cleaning agent into the sink that is specifically designed for waste disposal systems. It will help clean the unit from plaque, unpleasant odors and germs.

TOP - 3 popular models

In conclusion, our article presents to your attention a small rating of food waste disposers, which have gained the most popularity according to user feedback.

InSinkErator Evolution 200

Incredibly powerful and roomy dispenser. The engine power of about 0.6 kW and the working chamber of 1.2 liters, allow us to recycle a fairly large amount of waste. The design of the system provides Jam-Sensor Circuit, which allows, if necessary, increase the rotation of the engine by 500%.All parts of the construction are made of stainless steel, there is a built-in overload protection. Despite the fact that the model is electric, the engine noise is almost unheard of. The only disadvantage of this model can be quite high cost. But according to reviews, everything pays off quickly enough.

Zorg ZR-75 D

Another fairly popular chopper for kitchen waste. With an engine power of 0.75 kW, it has a 1.2-liter processing chamber. The rotational speed of the working disk is 2600 rpm, which makes it possible to cope with small bones and eggshell. Zorg ZR-75 D has a specially designed noise reduction system and automatic reverse system. Compared with the previous model is very affordable.

STATUS Premium 300

Another pretty good model completes our small rating of shredders. The system is equipped with a special anti-vibration ring. This allows you to minimize the load on the stone and porcelain washings. It has a three-level grinding system and a continuous feed system. According to feedback from users, the STATUS Premium 300 is not too noisy and does an excellent job with the task.

We hope that our article will help you choose the right food waste chopper for the sink. Already after a short time, the dispenser will become just irreplaceable for you.

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