Comparison of gas stove and hob

  • Which is better to choose?
  • Kitchen stove: pros and cons
  • Hob: pros and cons
  • Conclusions

It’s no secret that a good housewife spends a lot of time in the kitchen. The amount of time and effort spent on preparing a delicious dinner depends on how well and comfortably equipped this room is. That is why when arranging a new kitchen or repair work, the question arises: what is the best gas hob or gas stove?

Which is better to choose?

The unequivocal answer is quite difficult to give. It all depends on what goals and objectives the person sets. The choice in this case depends on a number of parameters:

  • dimensions and design of the kitchen;
  • cost of the device;
  • frequency of use;
  • the importance of having an oven;
  • preferred type of power: gas, electricity or induction;
  • overall dimensions and weight of the device;
  • ease of installation;
  • other factors.

Let's look at how the cooktop differs from the cooker, and what advantages and disadvantages each of these units has.

Kitchen stove: the pros and cons of

Despite the widest choice of various kitchen units, many housewives continue to choose traditional stoves. Moreover, the choice of models today is incredibly large. If you wish, you can purchase a gas, electric, induction or combined model.

Advantages of

The first and most important advantage of a traditional plate is its ease of installation. In order to replace the unit, simply remove the old slab from the room and install a new one in its place. If you decide to buy not a gas stove, but a hotplate or “induction”, you do not even need to call a gas service specialist to connect. It will be enough just to turn on the device in the outlet.

The next plus is the low cost of the device. Inexpensive gas stove "without frills" will cost much less than the most budget cooking surface. And if you add to this amount and the cost of an inexpensive oven, the difference will be even more tangible.

Traditional plates are quite durable. On this surface, you can put any, even a very heavy pot.

Washing stationary stoves is also easy. Most of them have enameled metal surface. It can be cleaned with a soft brush with various detergents and not be afraid to scratch anything.


The usual stoves, including gas, are a rather bulky piece of furniture. The stove will take at least half a square meter of space. In addition, the gas stove can be placed only where the pipes are laid and there is an opportunity to properly equip the ventilation.

Traditional stove is quite difficult to fit into the interior. No matter how hard the designer tries, the unit still divides the overall plane of the headset into 2 parts. It is impossible to provide a snug fit on the sides of the device. Anyway, there will remain cracks in which garbage, water and fat drops and other “gifts” will fall. In order to properly wash the stove, it will have to be regularly moved from its place. Otherwise, the side walls simply do not wipe.

Hob: Pros and Cons

Such a surface is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional stoves. In the market of home appliances, various modifications are presented, from gas to induction or mixed.

Advantages of

Cooking surfaces are supercompact, especially in thickness. It can be placed literally on any tabletop, and the space under it can be used for arranging shelves and drawers. It is simply the perfect solution for small kitchens. If there is no need for constant use of the oven, you can purchase a stand-alone compact model and store it in the pantry, taking out as needed.

Kitchen panels are beautiful. You can choose the perfect option for any design. The surface will look just an integral part of the tabletop - stylish and original.

Cooking surfaces are easy to maintain. For daily cleaning you just need to wipe the panel with a regular soft cloth. This is especially true of those models that are made of glass or glass-ceramic.

Panels are installed completely independently. There is no need to place it over the oven. The latter can be placed, in general, in the other side of the kitchen. And if the hostess does not use the oven, you can not buy it at all.

Negative features of

To self-install the hob, you will have to work hard. For her, you will have to cut a special opening in the tabletop, carefully adjust all dimensions and only then be engaged in installation and connection. In addition, for proper and long work, it is necessary to ensure a good ventilation system for the immediate cabinet. Otherwise, the panel will quickly deteriorate, and furniture from excessive heat may catch fire.

Special equipment is provided for built-in equipment. If it is not there, you will have to spend additional money on the purchase of a kitchen unit.

If you decide to buy both the panel and the oven working on gas, it will be difficult to build them in. Each device will require a separate gas hose. We'll have to call the gas industry masters and order a separate project. The use of a variety of doubles and separators is strictly prohibited.

A good hob is quite expensive. Plus add the cost of the built-in oven. The resulting amount may not please. It must be remembered that, most likely, you will also have to spend money on installation.

A classic hob made of glass or glass-ceramic is not able to withstand a total weight of more than 15-17 kg. And on each burner you can put no more than 5-6 kg. So if you are used to cooking compotes with buckets, this option is definitely not suitable.


As you can see, each of these devices has both advantages and disadvantages. So what should proceed solely from their own preferences.

If you want to end up with a state-of-the-art kitchen and do not scare you with additional spending, it’s better to stop the choice on the panel and the additional free-standing oven.

If the priority is the ability to cook a lot and at the same time, it is better to prefer the traditional stove.

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