How to clean the wallpaper from a ballpoint pen

Small children find it difficult to refrain from writing a new learned word or painting something on the wallpaper, because the wall is so big and cannot be comparedwith modest sheets of paper. But it’s not worth scolding your budding artist, because even if the marks from a ballpoint pen cannot be scrubbed away, you can leave pictures to remember the child’s carefree childhood, or simply re-stick a spoiled piece of wallpaper. Not all methods equally treat all types of wallpaper with care, therefore it is important not to overdo it, so as not to spoil the wall completely.

First steps

If the child painted washable wallpaper - the most successful option, as long as the tracks are fresh, you can easily wipe them off. There are several main types of wallpaper, each of them needs a certain approach when washing:

  1. In this regard, vinyl wallpapers are particularly advantageous, they can be washed even using household chemicals.
  2. Painted wallpaper should be washed with care, given the structure of the applied paint.
  3. It is better not to wash textiles without a water-repellent coating at all.
  4. Paper wallpapers are also not recommended to be washed, you can permanently damage their structure and color.

If you use special detergents, it is not necessary to use them in a concentrated form in order to have a gentle effect, you can dilute them with water in a ratio of 1: 2 or 1: 3.Washing is the easiest method to get rid of traces of a ballpoint pen, but it does not always work. But there are alternative methods that have passed the test of time, with the help of them, wallpaper pictures can be removed quickly and efficiently.

What to do if washing did not help

If you could not clean the wallpaper, you can resort to more clever methods of dealing with pen marks. Their plus is that all the necessary materials can be found at home, you do not have to buy expensive cleaning products.

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A solution of potassium permanganate and vinegar

This way to wash the wallpaper from a ballpoint pen is considered the most effective, and therefore the most popular. It is suitable for all types of wallpaper, but first it is better to check its effect on an inconspicuous area. If nothing happened with the structure and color of the coating, you can safely rub off the ink.

Manganese crystals need to be dissolved in 70% -Axus to produce a pink hue of the liquid. A soft, clean sponge is moistened in the solution; a soiled surface is treated with it; if you are dealing with paper wallpaper, the sponge must touch it with a dot.

After about 10 to 15 minutes, the ink will start to fade, but a new problem will appear - a pinkish stain will remain. It can be easily solved by using hydrogen peroxide, it is necessary to wet the cotton pad and blot the resulting stains.

If you are unable to immediately wash the ink, you need to carry out the procedure again. In most cases, this happens if the stains have already eroded, so it’s best to start removing them as soon as you notice.


This remedy with a familiar many specific odor often comes to the aid of housewives when it is necessary to remove stains of various nature from any surface. In the case of wallpaper, it is also used very effectively, but it can only be used to wipe a ballpoint pen from vinyl wallpaper.

In a glass of warm water, you must thoroughly stir 1 tablespoon of ammonia. In the resulting solution, a cotton pad is moistened with which the entire surface of the wallpaper is treated with traces of a pen. As contamination will need to be replaced cotton pads, so take care of them in sufficient quantity in advance. When the stains are removed, the residual moisture gets wet with dry discs or wipes.

Citric Acid

The safest way to scrub the handle marks from any type of wallpaper is citric acid. Proceeding from the scale of the problem, it is necessary to squeeze out the right amount of lemon juice into the container, usually for these purposes no more than 1 - 2 citrus fruits are required.

Affected areas of the coating are treated with juice using a clean cloth, it must be applied alternately to the spots until they disappear.

There is another way to wash wallpaper using lemon. In a glass of warm water must be dissolved in 20 grams of citric and oxalic acid. The resulting solution is dotted processed ink on the wallpaper, for greater convenience, you can use a cotton swab or a thin brush for drawing. It is not necessary to remove the solution, gradually the art of the child will disappear from the wall until only memory is left of them.

Detergent "Whiteness"

This method can be used only if white wallpaper has suffered, all other colors of "Whiteness" will simply discolor and the wallpaper will have to be re-glued. Work with bleach must be very careful, be sure to wear rubber gloves for cleaning. Even if a tool of weak concentration gets on the skin, it can damage it, permanently providing you with unpleasant sensations.

“Whiteness” should be mixed with warm water at a ratio of 1: 5; a soft, clean sponge is moistened in the resulting whitening solution, and all affected areas of wallpaper are treated with it. Ink will almost immediately begin to fade, so after 10 - 15 minutes you can restore the wall to its original state.

. Other ways.

. There are less popular, but still effective ways to scrub handles. First, you can use a delicate acetone-free nail polish remover. It should be applied to a cotton pad and treat them soiled places. This method is suitable only for fresh stains that have not yet been absorbed into the coating structure. With it, you can also remove traces of markers or markers.

Secondly, you can use the dishwashing detergent. In 1 glass of water you need to stir 1 tablespoon of detergent. In the resulting solution, a clean, soft sponge is moistened, all ink traces are processed. Vinyl wallpaper is allowed to slightly rub, so that the process is faster.

Non-standard methods

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You can also clear ink from wallpapers using creative methods that have also proven themselves very well:

  1. Boiled egg. The egg is boiled hard-boiled, and all affected areas of the wall are rubbed. You can cut the egg in half to cut the ink, but then you need to completely remove the yolk, so as not to stain the coating. Protein copes with the task, absorbing all the traces of the handle.
  2. Milk. You need to warm up a small amount of fresh milk, moisten a brush or a cotton swab in it, and then process all the ink lines. You need to wait until the wallpaper is completely dry, only after that it will be possible to notice that the spots began to brighten, and then completely disappeared.
  3. Bread. Continuing the theme of products, it is impossible not to mention the way to remove stains with bread flesh. It is necessary to cut off a small piece of fresh bread, cut off all the crusts from it, and flesh the necessary places. If there are a lot of stains and they are ingrained, it is allowed to rub the bread. When you manage to completely cope with the problem, bread crumbs must be removed with a dry cloth.
  4. Iron. This non-standard way can also give tangible results if everything is done correctly. It is necessary to heat the iron to medium temperature and iron all the painted areas through a clean white sheet of paper. It is important that the steam mode is turned off on the iron. If it was not possible to remove the handle marks the first time, let the wallpaper cool and repeat the procedure.
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