How to clean the pants from gum and wipe the stain

Chewing gum has become an integral part of the life of schoolchildren and students, and they do not always take care to throw it into the trash after use. Often, a sticky mass remains on the school or university benches or on the seat in public transport, waiting for their future victim, whose clothes can be stuck.

Emergency measures

To clean up the gum from the trousers, remove the gum from the trousers, make it, and make yourself, and make yourself, and make yourself, and make yourself, and make yourself, and make yourself, and take it, make it, and make yourself, and make it, and make it, and take it and make it to the body. As soon as you find a malignant stretch on clothes, the thing must be removed and dunk. Leave it in warm water without adding funds. After half an hour, use liquid soap. Suitable and washing powder. Apply a thin layer of coating on the gum. Within 15 minutes it will be absorbed. Then take a hard pile toothbrush and try to clean the elastic from the fabric. In this case, try not to smear it on clothes. A nail file or a knife will help to deal with the remains of gum. Scrub the bubble gum should be the blunt side of the blade. The final step is washing.


Low temperatures will help you to remove gum from your pants. Put the affected clothes in a plastic bag and send in the freezer for half an hour. After this procedure, you can easily otkovyrnut toffee from the fabric. To scrape off the remnants, take a stiff brush for clothes.

If the trouble caught you out, then ice will come to the rescue. You can get it in the office and in the restaurant. Put it in a bag and put it on the gum for 5-7 minutes. Then clean it of the pants with a knife or nail file.

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For a cold method with adversity sticking to clothes, fast cooling means are also suitable. For example, use Freezer aerosol from a radio equipment store or dry ice.


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Clearing the trousers from puffing with an iron will not take you more than five minutes. Put the item on the ironing board. Place a thick cardboard under the fabric. He will save the second side of the pants - the gum can leave a mark there. Put some paper napkins together and place them on the gum. After all the necessary preparations have been completed, set the iron to heat up on medium mode. Then several times iron the soiled area until the gum is absorbed into the napkin.

Instead of an iron, you can take a hairdryer. The principle of operation is the same. In both cases, after the dissolution of the fraying on the clothes, a stain will remain. Apply detergent or soap solution to it, and after ten minutes wash the pants in the car.

Boiling is also a hot method. To cuddle away, pour your pants with boiling water or hot steam. Take care not to get burned. Under the pressure of high temperatures, the gum will soften, and you just have to walk on it with a toothbrush. It will remove gum residue.

Household Chemicals

All funds from this category are divided into professional and assistant. The former are specifically designed to remove gum from fabric surfaces. The latter are widely used and always at hand by the hostess.

Household chemicals quickly remove impurities, but can harm tissue. Therefore, it is better to use it only on dense materials.

Professional products

Before use, wear protective gloves and a mask to protect your skin and respiratory tract. Often, the composition of the professional spray includes various toxic substances. Due to this, the means are very effective.

Chewing Gum Removers Spray is designed to remove chewing gum from different types of fabrics. Manufacturers say that it is harmless and cleans clothes instantly. It is enough to put it on the problem area. The spray has a pleasant citrus scent. The price is 400 rubles.

Sapfire Aerosol is used to clean the car seats. He scrubs even frozen contamination. Works due to cooling. Suitable for thick fabrics, it is better not to use it on light trousers. Price spray - 310 rubles.

Paste "Bioklin PV-101" gently removes the gum, but does not spoil the material. The tool does not discolor even things from natural fabrics. After applying the paste dries very quickly, and the toffee falls off almost by itself. Price - 300 rubles.

Amway produces Prewash Spray SA8.According to the promises of the manufacturer, it will be able not only to remove stains, but also to wash the gum from the trousers. The peculiarity is that the basis of the spray - natural ingredients. The treatment of the pants is carried out by holding the bottle vertically at a distance of 15 cm from the clothes. After applying the chemical reaction occurs within two minutes. After that, the gum should be hooked with a sharp object. Then the clothes are washed. Spray can not be used on things made of silk and wool.

Accelerated tools

Take any of these tools:

  • dishwashing liquid;
  • acetone-free nail polish remover;
  • alcohol solvent;
  • toluene.

Wet a cotton pad with one of them and process the chewing gum with it. Try to keep the product out of the fabric. Otherwise, the thing may become discolored. It should be noted that this household chemicals are not as effective as professional tools. You may have to wash new stains from clothes after it. Also, it is inferior and the method with freezing.

Folk methods

The fantasy of housewives in the fight against adhering gum does not know the limit. All means are used: from scotch to bread crust. Consider popular folk methods.


Take a cotton swab, dip it in fuel and apply it on the stuck "invader".After a few minutes, the gum will peel off. However, gasoline on clothing may be a speck. Removes his usual dishwashing detergent or any liquid soap. Apply it to the cloth, and wash it off after a quarter of an hour. Complete machine washable.


A small section of tape can also clean your pants. Press it as tightly as possible to the place where the bubble gum is stuck. Then sharply unstick an adhesive tape. You are unlikely to remove the draw from the first time entirely. This method requires patience and effort. Repeat the procedure until you have removed most of it. And try to remove the rest in another way.


The hostesses of the "old school" know that they are good at washing the gum from the fabric with ordinary table vinegar. That means acted on the gum, it must be heated. Then dip the toothbrush into the hot substance and quickly rub it with the gum. She should peel off the pants. Vinegar will leave an unpleasant smell on the fabric. To get rid of it, wash the thing with the addition of air conditioning.

Other chewing gum

Chewing gum is possible not only for fresh breath, but also to cope with its “fellow” adhering to the trousers. Take the used toffee and knead it properly in your hands. It should stick to the fingers. Attach it to the sticky gum so that they stick together. After that, pull the sticky mass up."New" gum should pull the "old".


For this method, you will need peanut butter. They smear the toffee, avoiding contact with the fabric. Otherwise, then you have to remove another spot. After 10-15 minutes, the oil will soften the cud, and you can easily scrape it off.


Housewives recommend cleansing the "uninvited guest" with clothes using bread crust. She must be callous. They say bread does a good job with fresh rubber bands.


Apply it on the toffee. After 10-15 minutes, the gum will harden, and you gently pick it off with a knife.

It all depends on the material

. To fight against adhering gum does not cause damage to your pants, look at what material they are sewn. For different fabrics use different tools.

Synthetic and wool suitable freezing method. If your child brought home a school uniform or a tracksuit soiled, try a hot method. Any kind of skin( artificial including) is also well tolerated by the effects of low temperatures, but it should not be long. Therefore, use an ice method for processing here.

For dense materials( these include jeans) you can use all the methods, but at the same time act carefully. Remember that some chemicals contain highly aggressive substances. Therefore, without a test on an inconspicuous area of ​​clothing is not enough. To clean silk clothes at home, you can use nail polish remover, but it is important that it does not contain acetone.

Almost all materials are allowed to use medical alcohol. However, it can damage the color if the item is brightly colored. Do not use alcohol for black clothes.

Removing the stain

Even after removing the toffee, a stain remains on the pants, which also needs to be removed. A reliable way to do this is to use a special tool. TOPEFEKT PUNKT, ORANGE-POWER or Dr. Beckmann can easily remove the gum stain from pants and other clothing.

Stain removers have a chemical formula capable of cleaning any dirt. Not a single powder can handle this. However, after applying the tool thing should be washed.

Before use, do not forget to read the instructions. Keep in mind that not every stain remover is suitable for all types of fabrics. If used improperly, it can not only spoil the color, but also eat away the fibers.

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