Artificial Boxwood from China

Hedge, bizarre-shaped bushes, flower beds with the selection of plants planted in such a way that the flowerbed blossoms from early spring to late autumn, delighting with its colorful flowers - all this gives boxwood. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to maintain a green garden. An alternative solution to the task of upgrading the territory has become an artificial boxwood. Ornamental plants can only be recognized close to or to the touch. Manufacturers of imitations have foreseen even the fact that living plants turn yellow, turn brown. All this is fully reflected in the finished work.

A natural boxwood fence will take time to grow, and before that a metal frame with pots of ornamental climbing plants planted in it will be visible. Inevitably, the time will come when the natural flowers will wither, they will have to be planted again, and before that they will have to tirelessly monitor the shape of the plantations, prune, fertilize. Installation of an artificial box will cost less. Caring for them is minimal - cleaning of settling dust, which is easy to do with a hose for watering the garden.

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There are varieties of evergreen boxwood, but no ornamental plant can not withstand the harsh winters under the open sky. There is no need to worry about artificially created jewelry. The material is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, does not shed under the influence of precipitation and does not crack in the cold.

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The advantage of the artificial green fence is that it will remain dense in the winter, not letting the wind pass to the site. Ornamental trees and shrubs provide protection only in the warm season. Closed area from the cold winds, without prejudice to the appearance, makes an artificial boxwood( no worse than a profiled sheet).You can order its delivery from China in batches, which will give a discount of 40%, which is quite a lot.

In a wide range of artificial boxwood is in the online stores of Russia and Ukraine. With bulk purchases, its value may be even less. It is more difficult to send bulk goods by mail. Apparently, therefore, it is not possible to find the Aliexpress volume sections - a box of artificial boxwood for fences.

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Animal figurines, spirals, balls, lawns made of artificial box will never wither and fade. Small boxwood decorations for the garden landscape, a fence with stone pillars from China to order more profitable. The main thing is that there are no restrictions on the amount of the order, so that the delivery was free.

Artificial Green Fences - Video

Artificial Plant Modules - Video

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