Shape for sidewalk from China

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To create a unique atmosphere of your summer cottage you need not only to think about the structure of the garden and the garden, but you should also think about creating tracks.

A well-designed track system is able to link all the objects on the site. Also the footpaths are an excellent solution for the decor of the courtyard. Most often, the tracks are made of cement using special shapes - this is the quickest and easiest way to create a beautiful relief pavement.

The whole procedure can be done by oneself, it is enough just to get cement or other material you like. To create a unique design, in the mass you can add a colored pigment or broken pieces of tile.

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The very form for the sidewalk can be purchased in China. The product is small in size, though weighty.

The price of one form is only 530 rubles. One piece will be enough to create tracks, however, if you want to finish faster, it's better to buy several forms at once. This will significantly accelerate the process of work, because you do not need to wait time after time until the cement has hardened completely.

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The product is made of one hundred percent plastic. Black color. The dimensions of one form are 43X43 cm. With the help of such a mold, the tracks can be made from sand, gravel, cement. You can also create decorative figures, everything depends on your imagination.

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The disadvantage of buying such a product from China is paid delivery. Practically all sellers on Alyexpress send this product to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus for an additional fee of 1180 rubles. Therefore, buying is not the most profitable in terms of money. On the other hand, paid delivery guarantees that the goods will be received by the buyer as soon as possible (7-14 days from the warehouse in China).

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For example, the price of one plastic form in the online store - 600 rubles plus shipping 200-300 rubles. It turns out much more profitable and faster than waiting for an order from China.

If you do not want to wait long and pay for shipping more than 1000 rubles, it's better to order the goods from the domestic online store. The cost of forms for creating tracks in Russia and the CIS does not exceed the price of Chinese sellers.

You will see the process of creating a sidewalk using the form you can in the video:

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