How to wash lipstick: how to remove bright spots from clothes

How to wash off bright lipstick, if as a result of an oversight, she was on one of the items of your wardrobe? To remove such traces is quite real, and simple means at hand will help in this.

Lipstick can make a girl more noticeable and more attractive, but by chance finding herself on clothes can give her mistress a lot of trouble. To think how to wash lipstick from an elegant blouse or favorite jacket probably accounted for the majority of lovers of bright makeup.

Often such contaminations seem to be quite persistent, but you can still get rid of them. There are several effective ways to help remove lipstick marks from your clothes.

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Effective detergents

It is much easier to get rid of any stain before it has been put into fabric fibers. If there is an opportunity, immediately start the fight against the insidious cosmetics, washing the bright marks on the blouse with soap.

If you could not immediately do the laundry, use a quality stain remover. Pour some liquid on the stain, wait about half an hour, and then wash the whole thing. In most cases, modern detergents successfully cope with the removal of lipstick from clothing made from a variety of materials.

Folk ways

If detergents could not clean your clothes from cosmetics, you will have to use folk recipes. Before cleaning the lipstick using any of the suggested methods, carry out the preparatory work:

  1. Spread a clean cotton napkin or towel on a flat surface( for example, on a table or a smooth plank).
  2. On top of the napkin, place the soiled clothes with the wrong side up. Lipstick contains a fatty basis, so all procedures for removing stains are best done from the inside.
  3. Before using any tool, check its effect on the fabric in an inconspicuous area of ​​clothing. You must be sure that in trying to remove the stain of lipstick do not completely ruin the thing.

When the preparations are completed, you can proceed directly to the removal of stains.

Dishwashing Liquid

Liquid used for washing kitchen utensils is often the best helper in dealing with stains of diverse origin. She will help in case you need to remove bright spots from lipstick from an elegant blouse. Apply the product to the stain for ten minutes, and then with an unnecessary toothbrush, gently clean the fabric and rinse in cool water.

Lemon and soda

A good “stain remover” is obtained by mixing freshly squeezed lemon juice and baking soda. Dissolve the soda with this citrus juice to make a thick gruel, and richly lubricate the stain of lipstick. Wait until the mixture is completely dry, brush off and rinse the cloth.


You can quickly remove traces of lipstick from wool or silk clothing using ammonia. Soak a cotton pad in the liquid and treat the stain, moving from the edges to the center until it disappears completely. To get rid of the pungent smell and avoid possible divorce, wash the thing.

Gasoline or Alcohol

If you have some of these fluids in your home, try moistening a clean rag with them and rubbing away traces of lipstick. Since after using gasoline, stains may remain, wipe the soiled area again with a solution of vinegar, and then wash the clothes.

A mixture of turpentine with ester

For bright colored fabrics, the following method of removing cosmetics is suitable: mix equal amounts of ether and turpentine and apply on the stain of lipstick.

Hydrogen Peroxide

If inadvertently the bright trace of lipstick spoiled your snow-white blouse, do not worry. Fill the stain with hydrogen peroxide. Wait until the liquid is absorbed, if necessary, repeat the procedure.


Liquid glycerin will help to return cleanliness to your favorite things. Heat gently and apply generously to the stain. After an hour, rinse the cloth in salt water.

Now your clothes look neat again, and there is not a trace of the annoying bright spot!

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