Grass Knife Made in China

A perfect green lawn and several flower beds are the ultimate dream for many owners of country plots. Fresh vegetables and fruits can be easily found in the nearest supermarket or at the fair, so there is no need to make a real plantation out of modest six hundred square meters today.

A beautiful and even lawn is a great place for relaxation and active children's games. The “green carpet” requires minimal care: after a hot summer day, do not forget about the irrigation system, and you should take the lawn mower at least three times a month. The more often you do this, the juicier and thicker the lawn will be next season.

In Russian online stores and “summer” hypermarkets, lawn mowers and trimmers are presented in a large assortment, but sometimes even the most powerful unit is not able to carry things through.

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This is a question of hard-to-reach places: under fruit bushes, near the fence, near flower beds. To combat the remaining tufts of grass in the arsenal, you must have a multi-tool that combines a knife for the bushes and grass.

The product of a popular brand is equipped with a lithium-ion battery. Comfort during operation provides a soft overlay on the handle. The grass knife weighs only 550 grams, the cutting length without reloading is 50 minutes. In the manufacture of blades applied laser technology.

The cost of a grass mowing knife in a domestic store is slightly lower than the cost of a trimmer or a “modest” lawn mower, so not all gardeners can afford such a unit. A similar product is offered on AliExpress on the price of 2600 rubles. The charge time of the lithium-ion battery is from 3 to 5 hours. The description states the weight of the product along with the handle and wheels( 1.14 kg), but these two accessories must be ordered separately. The kit includes only the device itself, a charger and two blades( for grass and bushes).

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Reviews note the small power of the tool, but with high grass, raspberry thickets and strong weeds it copes perfectly. Continuous operation time is about 30-40 minutes. Shoppers like a comfortable rubber coated handle and charge indicator. Despite the large number of orders from Russia and the CIS countries, the instruction is presented only in English.

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East grass knife comes in two colors: light green and dark green. Vendors on AliExpress offer to order an additional battery, as well as the handle and wheels indicated in the description.

Compact trimmer owners believe that the tool is suitable only for small areas near flower beds, shrubs and fences. Do not try to use a lawn care knife on all six hundred square meters - this will significantly shorten its service life.

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