Picnic cooler bag from a Chinese manufacturer

In the summer season, people try to spend more free time with the family in the country, in nature. The cooler bag will be indispensable and very comfortable when resting. After a long stay in the sun, the drinks heat up, and drinking them is no longer as pleasant as cool ones. Therefore, people often try to find a place where drinks will not be heated, for example, they are dipped in water, or put in a shade. A cooler bag is ideal for avid gardeners who know how they want to drink while working at their site, and running into the house to drink cold water is not always convenient and takes time. The bag is convenient because it does not require electricity, any batteries or a battery to cool drinks in it. On the website of Chinese goods "Aliexpress" you will find such a cooler bag for 408 rubles 52 kopecks.

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The size of the cooler bag is presented in four variations( cm):

  • 25 * 25 * 30;
  • 31 * 30 * 33;
  • 35 * 35 * 38;
  • 39 * 39 * 41.

List of deficiencies:

  1. The bag does not have a frame, so you need to put some board or foam on the bottom.
  2. Has a peculiar smell.
  3. Inside - foil, the bag's walls of a thin material, therefore it is recommended to handle this item very carefully.
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Bag depending on the size ordered can be very spacious. Lightning closes tightly. The straps will sustain a moderate weight, but do not put too heavy objects there.

In MyTermos online store such bags are presented, but prices start from 958 rubles and more, for example:

The descriptions of cooler bags on this site are expanded, almost all parameters are listed, except for the material from which it is made outside. Appearance is certainly more attractive, the interior is made of special material PEVA.The seller claims that “The bag is easy to clean and practically does not wear out,” but this does not mean that it will last forever and will not need to be replaced.

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Let's sum up. On the website "Aliexpress" we can find the cheapest bag for cooling drinks, quite spacious, but not the best quality. Based on this, it is worth choosing what you need - a beautiful appearance, or just a container for transferring and cooling drinks. If you need a large, dense and high-quality tank with ice, then it will be easier to order not a thermo-bag, but a thermo-box or auto-refrigerator.

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