Vise desktop from China have a dead grip

It's hard to imagine a country cottage without a garage. In this holy place, the master often removes the soul, repairing various mechanisms. Without a desktop vice, it will be difficult to quickly and accurately perform such work. Chinese manufacturers offer to buy, surprisingly, quality goods.

With a simple device, a mechanic can easily fix parts as well as special blanks. After all, only in a stationary position the structure is amenable to the required processing

General characteristics

The tool is made of high carbon steel - cast iron. There are no soft elements in its design. The material quietly withstands dynamic loads and high temperature( up to 450 ° C), while not losing its properties. Also, it is not subject to corrosive effects, which significantly increases its wear resistance. Despite the considerable weight( 1.55 kg) working with him is a pleasure. Among other things, the vise has useful characteristics:

  1. Fastening mechanism. The width of the grip is 50 mm. Install the device on the tables, stands, as well as benches, tightly tightening the screws. The coefficient of adhesion to the surface is high because the clips are cup-shaped.
  2. Static and movable jaws. They are made of hardened steel. The range of disclosure of the plates varies from 0.5 to 65 mm. In the connected state, there is a slight backlash, but for rough work with large parts this is not a problem.
  3. PTZ device. The device rotates around its axis. So, details can be processed under a different tilt angle.
  4. Anvil Presence. It is used to trim the workpiece with a hammer. The advantage of the cast-iron vice is that they successfully withstand a series of strong blows, and at the same time they are not deformed.
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Retractable knobs of the mounting device make it easy to control their movement. Each screw has a clearly made thread, so it is screwed in quite easily and quickly.

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You can’t keep quiet about the shortcomings

Compact, and most importantly sustainable, the device is not without drawbacks. In addition to the backlash between the jaws, the vulnerable place of the vice is in the lock washers. They wear out too quickly, due to which they need frequent replacements.

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The width of the plates in such desktop tools is relatively small. For this reason, they do not hold up long pieces badly, the other edge of which often outweighs the center of gravity. At the same time, with strong and prolonged impacts, the device comes off its axis. So, he has to constantly tweak.

At the site, AliExpress propose to buy a desktop vice made of cast iron( made in China) for only 1,034 rubles. Domestic online stores request up to 1,200 rubles for the same model.and more.

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