Top 10 best dishwashers: reviews and market analysis

  • Dishwashers - the main parameters of
  • What kind of dishes can be washed in a dishwasher?
  • Functional features and useful options
  • Top rating and market analysis for 2018
  • Top rating - overview of the most popular built-in dishwashers
  • Top compact and floor models - review and comparison of sales leaders

Dishwasher - allows the hostess to save time spent in the kitchen and morepay attention to yourself and family. How to make the right choice in a wide variety of models and offers? What criteria should be preferred, and what should I pay attention to first? It is clear that each housewife has his own tastes and preferences, and we do not face daily problems of choice and decision making.

At first glance, it may seem that this process is incredibly complex. You can try to trust the professional experience and honesty of the salespeople of consultants selling any product with skill, and whose main task is to sell everything that is presented in the store. Or try to see for yourself the reviews and comments of the "owners" on the forums, most of which, in fact, are written by advertising copywriters. In fact, everything is much simpler - we have done for you an analysis of the sales market among the most popular Internet resources, and figured out what modern dishwashers are and how not to make a mistake when choosing. Read our review of the rating dishwashers and choose what is right for you it will be easier.

Dishwashers - the main parameters

What is the best dishwasher? Modern trends in the style and design of kitchen space are increasingly forcing consumers to give preference to partially or fully embedded models. Hidden from prying eyes, they are compact, do not spoil the interior, and do not show guests what any hostess tries to hide. Traditional - floor-standing and compact, due to their practicality and functionality are not inferior to the position. However, if you compare both options, except for the method of installation and saving the space of the kitchen space - they do not have any significant differences. We note the fact that floor dishwashers are inexpensive compared to built-in ones.

A huge advantage over manual dishwashing is time saving, the complete lack of contact of delicate skin of hands with stronger chemical components of detergents and high-temperature environment( up to 75 ° C).The top main selection criteria are:

  • number of sets of dishes loaded one-time;
  • water consumption for one cycle;
  • number of programs and modes;
  • noise level;
  • energy efficiency class A – G( total 7) - for the devices in question, it is determined based on the energy consumption for processing the device for 12 persons kW * hour per cycle:
  1. is high - “A” - 0.8–1.05( & lt; 1.06);“B” - 1.06-1.24( & lt; 1.25);and “C” - 1.25–1.44( & lt; 1.45);
  2. means “D” - & lt; 1.65, “E” - & lt; 1.85;
  3. and further low F and G;

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  • landing dimensions( height, width and depth, cm / maximum number of sets):
  1. embedded - 82 × 45/60 * × 55–57 / 9–10 / 12–13 *;
  2. full-size - 85 × 60 × 60 / 12-14;
  3. narrow - 85 × 45 × 60 / 9–10;
  4. compact - 45 × 55 × 50 / 4–6.

For small families, the optimal parameter is from 6 to 9 sets. A larger volume is most in demand among lazy and constantly busy people who accumulate mountains of dishes due to various circumstances, as well as for large families. Do not forget that the peak power consumption of these units reaches 2 kW, and not all electrical wiring( especially in old houses) is able to withstand such a load without any changes - you should think about it before buying.

What kind of dishes can be washed in a dishwasher?

With regard to the dishes themselves, there are a number of precautions and restrictions for washing in home MMPs - and first of all it concerns products made from materials such as:

  • crystal( Czech, containing lead) and thin fragile glass;
  • table silver, aluminum and some types of ordinary steel;
  • plastic( must have appropriate labeling);
  • wood( cutting boards and paddles);
  • antique ware with gilding, enamel and mother of pearl.

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Among the reviews of the owners often found dissatisfaction with the results of work - complaints about the presence of leaks, stains and stains caused by:

  • lack of detergent, or rinse, or container coverregeneration is not fully closed;
  • inconsistency of the regime with the degree of contamination and material;
  • improper placement and distribution, or clogged filters and washing heads.

Functional features and useful options

The standard set of washing programs , usually includes 4 main modes: soaking, normal( economical), fast and intensive. Additional - allow to take into account: the material, the degree of contamination, the composition and type of detergent, the duration of cycles and temperature regimes: delicate, hygienic and quiet.

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  • Drying - the most common constructive solutions for today:
    1. Condensation - moisture evaporates due to the difference in air temperature - warm on the dishes, and cold on the walls of the chamber, along which the settled condensate flows down. Long, but effective.
    2. Turbo - faster, thanks to the uniform blow warm air from the built-in fan.
    3. Intensive - re-condensation with an additional heat exchanger due to the pressure difference between the cold air intake and the working chamber( there is no fan).Today it is the most innovative and advanced technology.
  • Aqua-Stop - instant response to an emergency( hose rush, leakage, power outage).
  • VarioSpeed ​​ - allows you to effectively cope with even very strong and complex contaminants.
  • DosageAssist is a system for the dosage of 3 in 1 tablets and its distribution in the detergent mixture.
  • GlassProtec - careful protection of fragile glass and porcelain.
  • ExtraDry - delicate improved cleaning of plastic dishes.
  • Self-cleaning - special filters and food residue grinding system for high-quality waste disposal.
  • Purity Sensor - detects and monitors the presence of residues of detergents during the final rinsing.
  • Child Protection - automatic door opening lock with separate control on a digital display.
  • Delayed Start - the launch of processes, delayed in time and tied to your rhythm of life.
  • Half load - smart models are able to independently recognize the weight and volume of the load, while choosing the optimal economy mode and consumption of components.

Top rating and market analysis for 2018

The results of the analysis of statistical data on real demand and consumer preferences of numerous users of the worldwide network show that among the variety of trade marks on the market, the products of German( Bosh, Siemens) and Italian brands( Hotpoint - Ariston and Indesit ).And this is natural - serious manufacturers always value their name. Their products are presented in the classes of functional, comfort and elite. Unlike the economy class, such products must undergo a serious test for compliance with reliability and safety, respectively, and are more expensive. But having bought such a unit, you can be sure that it will serve you faithfully not for 3-4 years( as a cheap equivalent), but a dozen years with full return on your investment.

Rating of manufacturers in the segment of built-in dishwashers

Compare the market share of the best manufacturers in percentage terms.

  • 42% - Bosch ( Robert Bosch GmbH, build Germany and Slovenia -;
  • 19% - Siemens ( Siemens AG, Berlin / Munich -;
  • 7% - Hansa ( German AMICA WRONKI S.A., Polish assembly -;
  • 9% in total - Hotpoint-Ariston and Indesit ( Indesit Company, Fabriano, Italy -;
  • at 4% market share:
  1. Gorenje ( Slovenia, Velenje -;
  2. Electrolux ( AB Electrolux, Stockholm, Sweden -;
  • 3% - Whirlpool ( Whirlpool Europe, assembly production in Poland -;
  • 12% - other manufacturers.

Top rating in the segment of compact and outdoor dishwashers:

  • 36% - Bosch ;
  • 22% - Candy ( Candy Group, Brugherio, Italy -;
  • 11% - Hansa ;
  • 12% in total - Hotpoint-Ariston and Indesit ;
  • by 3% - Siemens and Electrolux ;
  • 13% - other manufacturers.

On the basis of the rating, it is safe to say that Bosh is still leading, German quality and reasonable price is the key to the success of this brand.

Top rating - review of the most popular embedded dishwashers

Comparison of market offers allows you to select the top ten models - sales leaders, as of April of this year( consumption liter / cycle / number of dish sets, units / modes / noise level, dB /energy efficiency class / price range, rub.:

  • Siemens SR 66T090 ( 9/10/6/44 / A / 58400 - 62990);
  • Bosch:
  1. SPV 40E-10 ( 11/9/4/52 / A + / 25690 - 30000);
  2. SPV 53M-00 ( 9/9/5/46 / A / 37829 - 45960);
  3. SPV 43M-10 ( 9/9/4/48 / A + / 25884 - 43133) is the hit of the season and best-selling, a wonderful set of proprietary functions: Accelerated VarioSpeed, Beam on the floor( process indication), delayed start, protection from children( blocking).The optimal ratio "price / quality".Among the shortcomings - only the absence of intensive washing, especially advanced cases, you will have to work with your hands first.
  4. SPV 40X-80 ( 9/9/4/48 / A / 24990 - 25990);
  5. SMV 47L-10 ( 12/13/6/48 / A / from 37990);
  6. SMV 40D-00 ( 12/13/4/52 / A / 30480 - 35460);
  • Hansa ZIM 436 EH ( 9/10/6/47/A + / 18360 - 21999);
  • Indesit DISR 14B ( 10/10/4/51 / A / 1970 - 23110);
  • Hotpoint - Ariston LSTB 4 B 00 ( 10/10/4/51 / A / 18999 - 23060) - the minimum, only the necessary functionality with a 3-hour Eco mode. From the comments - its owners believe that the sound signal of the completion of the process is too quiet, and the baskets are not practical enough for pots and pans.

Among other criteria that guide consumers, pay attention and give their preference when purchasing and installing, priorities were distributed as follows:

  • Installation type: fully embedded( 96%);partially, with an open panel( 4%).
  • Width, see: 45( 64%), 60( 36%).
  • Consumption, liters / cycle: up to 8( 8%), up to 10( 59%), 11–12( 26%), and above( 7%).
  • Energy efficiency, class: “A”( 48%), “A +”( 38%), “A ++”( 12%).
  • Noise level, dB: up to 45( 24%), 45–46( 15%), & lt; 48( 34%), and higher( 27%).
  • The most popular modes: economical, intense, fast, automatic, hygienic, quiet night and delicate;pre-soak, rinse and half load.
  • The most popular functionalities: protection against leakage, rinse aid and salt indicators, start-up timer and end signal, clean water sensor, use of tablets, inverter motor, automatic door closer, display beam. In some regions actual hot water connection.

Top compact and floor-standing models - review and comparison of the leaders of sales

The undoubted bestsellers of the domestic market of compact dishwashers today include:

  • Candy :
  1. CDCF 6 ( 8/6/6/53 / A / 15720 - 18560) - the D
    1. CDCF 6 ( 8/6/6/53 / A / 15720 - 18560) is one of the most popular dishwashers on the market.popular and affordable solutions in a compact class, five temperature regimes, the option "3 in 1";
    2. CDP 4609 ( 13/9/5/54 / A + / 17590 - 20800);
  • Bosch:
  1. - SMS 53N-18 ( 10/13/5/46 / A ++ / 51700 - 66350) - Aqua-Stop function with instantaneous blocking of water supply in emergency situations, electronic saving of salt regeneration;VarioSpeed ​​- removes heavy pollution;DosageAssist - dosage and effective dissolution of tablets, alternate water supply technology;
  2. SMS 40D-12 ( 14/12/4/52 / A / dated 26990);
  3. SKS 51E-01 ( 8/6/5/48 / A + / 22157 - 39900) - outstanding custom design, high efficiency, enhanced functionality and software at the level of "large" machines, brand options and technologies, in addition tomain: GlassProtec - protection of fragile glass( glasses), ExtraDry - improves the cleaning of plastic utensils, plus an automatic closer.
  4. SKS 62E-22 ( 8/6/6/48 / A / dated 36790);
  5. SPS 40E-42 ( 9/9/4/48 / A + / 25690 - 31270);
  6. SPS 40E-32 ( 9/9/4/48 / A / 22522 - 25990);
  • Hansa:
  1. ZWM-406 ( 9/9/6/49 / A + / 16999 - 21810);
  2. ZWM-526 ( 7/6/6/55 / ​​A + / 16000 - 16400).

Review of additional criteria that influence the choice of dishwashers at the consumer:

  • Installation type: fully rebuilt( 96%), with an open panel( 4%).
  • Format: outdoor( 72%), compact( 28%).
  • Width, cm: 45( 48%), 55( 28%), 60( 24%).
  • Consumption, liters / cycle: up to 8( 30%), up to 10( 42%), 11–12( 7%), and higher( 18%).
  • Energy efficiency class: “A”( 49%), “A +”( 40%), “A ++”( 11%).
  • Noise level, dB: up to 45( 12%), 45–46( 9%), up to 48( 22%), and higher( 56%).

Therefore, taking into account all the above, experts recommend a balanced and deliberate approach to the selection process, guided by considerations of expediency - it is necessary and sufficient. The most expensive - sometimes does not always mean the best! For extra, unclaimed options and bells and whistles have to pay extra, but it is not always justified. You can always choose the best deals without overpaying.

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