Twin screw juicer

The screw design is designed to preserve the beneficial properties of the juice. Rods with a coating of medical tool steel can not only squeeze water from the stone. The seeds, which are under the power of centrifugal models, easily give out useful qualities when a twin-screw juicer is used.

Feature of the auger

A design like a manual meat grinder cuts and presses the pulp in a special compartment, the juice is poured through the vertical bottom pipe. The residual mass goes in the front and is used for further prescription manipulations.

Fast-spinning centrifugal structures are fast, make up to 9000 revolutions per minute. For comparison, a hand-held circular saw or angle grinder works at half the indicated speed.

Rapid rotation pushes the liquid out of the cut pulp. It is not surprising that when working produced a lot of noise, fast mechanisms are dangerous. Single-screw models go in a fundamentally different way: the pressure on the pulp is created due to the mass pushing behind. Plus, the product is crushed to catalyze the process.

As a result - 160 revolutions per minute. This is 50 times slower than centrifugal juicers. The reason is not solely secure. Already mentioned about the benefits of the extruded auger juicer product. Meaning: heating in a centrifuge destroys some of the nutrients, mainly vitamins. Low speeds achieved by screw juicers, allow you to save a list of useful components.

Two augers instead of one

. When small seeds pass through the meat grinder path, most exit through the grate unharmed. The twin-screw juice extractor, by the figurative analogy of a developer, works like a millstone. Melet and squeezes the product between the metal shafts.

In a twin-screw juicer, the axles rotate towards each other and are enclosed in a single thick fitting. The distance between the spirals is so small that it does not miss a hair.

Naturally, the grain, grass, leaves, the pulp of vegetables and fruits, falling into such a vice, squeezed to dryness and flatten. This is the secret of the highest efficiency of twin screw juicers.

So, the speed is low, the performance is high. The difficulty is understandable. Twin screw juicer is expensive. Productive models of famous brands are able to reach up to $ 1000.The reason for the price is in quality.

Juice quality

Juice is thick and less transparent than in centrifuges, part of the pulp passes to the exit. This is not bad, the separation of the final product is not observed. There is a complete set of vitamins and nutrients passes to the output of the twin-screw juicer.

Trump in the sleeve, hidden by the manufacturer in the end, is considered an incredible efficiency. Twin screw juicer creates many times more output product from hard fruits and vegetables. If it comes to the usual tangerines, the result will please.

The special technologies described below explain why any fitobar cannot do without the described unit.

Who needs the novelty

Specialized websites dedicated to raw food are already full of descriptions of twin-screw juicers. Domestic models are not yet in the lists. Vitek is swinging in thought and produces single-screw juicers. Apparently, at this point there is a marketing analysis of the state of affairs in the said segment. Hear the phrase "domestic twin-screw juicer" in the near future will not have to.

Cost models, reaching up to $ 2000, are not happy, but they promise quality and versatility. Special nozzles allow:

  1. to get juice and fruit pulp;
  2. to produce oil;
  3. to produce pasta.

It is possible to use the device for replacing a meat grinder or a blender. Any spices are easily ground. Between technological operations, the twin-screw juicer is thoroughly cleaned.

The design does not provide for packing of the manufactured product, twin screw juicers cannot be called the best solution for small wholesale manufacturers. For summer residents, the models are expensive, but they are suitable for catering establishments that have decided to please the regulars with fresh juice or thick puree.

The advantages of the owner of a small eatery or high-end cafe, who bought a twin-screw juicer:

  • useful tasty juice, preserving nutrients;
  • maximum product yield;
  • possibility of squeezing any plants.

Squeeze is permissible to use separately for baking pies, cakes and in other recipes. Cheap twin screw juicers cost about $ 500, will pay for the evening in an expensive restaurant.

Healthy for

Vitamins and enzymes are preserved along with a high percentage of pulp in the final product, but manufacturers are constantly thinking about how to further attract the consumer. Options offered by elite Green Power models.

Initially, the product is seen by designers on a vegetarian table. It allows you to get a tasty and healthy juice of vegetables and fruits, squeeze the juice of any plants and leaves. For example, to obtain a therapeutic effect. Often, popular recipes - not only domestic - operate with the pulp and oil of many plants.

If there is no confidence in pharmacies, the drug is expensive or you want to do it all yourself, flax seed oil is squeezed out at its best with a twin-screw juicer. In addition to bodybuilders who use the product in a tablespoon at night to speed up the recovery and as a source of essential fatty acids, the oil shows a lot of other uses.

Needles are widely known for healing properties. May air of sunny pine forests heals chronic respiratory diseases. Stock up on a piece of sun for the winter will help the unit. The twin screw juicer can easily produce juice from green needles.

The commercial use of the healing properties of the

Phytobar, which the rare SPA salon now does without, simply requires the purchase of a twin-screw juicer. Advanced technologies associated with the use of anions will be added to the healing properties of plants. Visitors remain delighted with drinks, and the barman - from the twin-screw juicer.

If it is difficult for a pharmacist to set up production, heal himself, his family and friends with ease. It is worth making a reservation that if there are exclusive plants in the area for pressing, it is permissible to establish a serial production. Of course, you will have to get permission from Rospotrebnadzor and other government agencies.

Finally, the scientists decided to please the users of expensive twin-screw juicers with an interesting feature. Each spiral helix contains three layers:

  1. Magnet.
  2. Bioceramics.
  3. Medical tool steel.

The exact method of obtaining additional bonuses is not disclosed, but it is announced publicly that the juice that came out of the twin-screw juicer is saturated with negative ions that are so popular lately.

They do not allow the drink to oxidize, protecting it additionally from oxygen, for the body become antioxidants, providing a rejuvenating effect. Similar techniques are used in expensive bracelets, where 4 types of therapeutic bioceramics are used:

  • emitting IR radiation, which has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system;
  • saturated with germanium ions, helping cells get oxygen;
  • magnetic, stabilizing biorhythms and protecting from external influences;
  • source of negatively charged oxygen ions.

The last active factor contributes to an increase in serotonin production, clearing away depression and at the same time calming down.

Similar effect on products produced with twin-screw juicers. Negative ions will energize and energize. The positive effect of a wonderful cafe, charging the "second breath", will quickly spread around the district. Disclosure of know-how is not necessary, refer the use of twin-screw juicers to the category of trade secrets.

After dinner,

It is well known that single-screw juicers are perfectly washed, in a matter of minutes in semi-automatic mode. This distinguishes the machines from centrifugal models, where you have to manually clean.

Twin screw juicers are not inferior to their predecessors with a single spiral helix.

A number of real numbers

The twin screw juicer test shows that the total weight of the juice and oil cake is less than the originally pledged product. For example, when working with green grapes, the Angel Juicer model yields, respectively, 767 g and 77 g.

It is noted that the percentage ratio of juice and oil cake for a particular product is its own, the weight lost varies depending on the type of vegetables or fruits.

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