How to connect a laptop to the TV

Consider the interfaces for connecting a laptop to a TV.Two categories of viewers: first, just connect the TV, the second is important to improve the quality of the image. Gamers know that the result of the game often depends on the diagonal of the screen. It is easier to aim when the details of the landscape are distinguishable. Cinema lovers need to satisfy their passion. The issue of connecting a laptop to a TV is solved more often in terms of image resolution. The whole science: to choose the right diagonal, the number of pixels, the grain makes adjustments.

Interfaces for connecting a TV to a laptop

There are several options for connecting a laptop to a TV.Port is not one. How to choose a way?

The connection is made using the

wire. Analog and digital interfaces for transmitting the image.

. Do not neglect VGA, the good old interface. It is believed that the resolution is small, it is not. Analog TV has low definition, it is difficult to avoid interference. Initially, the viewing of programs was supposed to be over the air. Interference of an industrial, anthropogenic, natural nature contributed to the change in the signal structure.

VGA interface was originally released for personal computers, not to create a clear image. Reduced requirements were imposed on the length, quality of the cable. Read information on digital standards, suitable for connecting a laptop to the TV.There are strict limitations in terms of screen resolution. The colors for each pixel are encrypted with a sequence of bits. The channel clock frequency is limited by interference considerations. If you take a cable longer than that prescribed by the standard, for sure, pickups from neighboring devices will distort the image.

Signals of three colors - ordinary electromagnetic oscillations. Analog TV input will transmit waves to destination. High-resolution TV will provide the appropriate picture. In the cathode ray tubes the gun fired continuously. To protect the pixels from unnecessary exposure, from the inside was put a metal mask.

In digital monitors, brightness and color are formed by intersections of the electrodes. When the need arises, the analog signal is divided into components. At each section of the screen impulse affects the desired amplitude. By the addition of three primary colors a shade is set, sometimes brightness is formed separately. In analog television, accuracy suffers, you cannot remove noise, colors are distorted, objects look unclear.

With digital interfaces for connecting a laptop to a TV, introducing redundant information into the code structure allows you to detect errors. Sometimes it is possible to fix broken sections. A special code structure, prediction algorithms are used. On one part of the screen, the color does not change much in a split second. In modern television, the sweep frequency is much higher than the conventional 24 Hz. It is possible to accurately correct errors, but not always. The digital interface has two limitations:

Types of cable connectors

  1. The cable length differs for different standards. Exceed the maximum cable length - the size of the error will become too large. Many broken pixels will appear, it is impossible to make adjustments.
  2. To avoid interference, the cable must be shielded. Sometimes wound veins are used. Effectively when the signal difference is transmitted along the adjacent wires. Interference equally affects the components. On the receiving side there is a difference that the negative factor does not affect, therefore it is possible to lay long wires in computer ethernet networks. Check the cable for mechanical strain.

How to distinguish connectors

The first task is to determine the type of interface. Characteristic features of digital, analog interfaces:

VGA connector

  • VGA is practically the only analog interface today. The shape of the connector is similar to the serial port through which keyboards and mice were previously connected. Externally - plastic trapeze, surrounded by a metal edging. Inside the contacts are cut, arranged in three rows diagonally. On the system blocks of desktops, the VGA connector is often screwed with two screws with plastic heads, but not on laptops. If the cord is equipped with screws, it is convenient to remove them. Do not be afraid to confuse the VGA port with another. Each interface is protected from improper inclusion, radically different from the other. Through this blu-ray disc look just ridiculous. Enough homegrown blanks with low-quality recording.
  • The DVI digital format is historically the first to be considered the worst. In fact, the standard is not helpless. It has two speed edits: single-link, double-link. The speed is 2 times different. In appearance of the plug, the ports of standard implementation options are easy to distinguish. The switching connector includes 3 rows of square terminals of 8 each. The standard single-link two central column missing. The DVI standard offers 3 signal transmission options: digital, analog, hybrid. Help distinguish between a group of contacts and a key, located away from the rows. The key is a horizontal dash. If there are no contacts in the vicinity, this is a fully digital connector. In the analog version, the rows are not slim. Three middle columns, several contacts are missing. The analog signal is not divided into single-link and double-link. The hybrid connector has a distant group, like an analog one. Main contacts, like digital. Either 24 terminals, or the middle two rows are missing. Single-link is suitable for transferring full HD resolution, double-link has a limit of 2560 x 1600 pixels.

    HMMI and VGA connector on

  • laptop. The hdmi format is better. From an electrical point of view, it differs little from the previous one. Contact form is fundamentally different, reminds usb port. One long side has pressed corners. This protects against improper activation. The transfer rate is 15 Gbps, doubled overlaps DVI double-link. It becomes possible to transfer a blu-ray disc image, a three-dimensional image format. The hdmi standard has many editions that differ in speed and some other requirements. The cable applies the same edition or higher. Hdmi appeared to reduce the number of cables for connecting equipment, the sound is transmitted next to the video.
  • New standard displayport plug similar to usb. One corner of the connector is beveled, the central plate in the shape of the letter P with small legs. The interface was developed by the VESA group recently, it was introduced five years ago. It is further improved data transmission. The speed reaches 21 Gbps per second, the cord length is 15 meters. Displayport is intended to replace all standards. There is backward electrical compatibility with the listed standards.

Owners of blu-ray discs are not recommended to connect a laptop to the TV via VGA.Without a suitable cable, the laptop is connected to the TV via hdmi via displayport. Buy a special adapter, set the settings correctly. Determine the goal. If the task is to obtain a high-quality image, the laptop to the TV transmits a better picture than it produces itself.

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