How to clean up the closet with clothes 17 Tricks


  • 1 Getting rid of trash in step 3
  • 2 Clothes storage - 15 tricks
    • 2.1 5 Secrets correct sorting your wardrobe
    • 2.2 2 ways how to store underwear
    • 2.3 2 methods how to store shoes
    • 2.4 4 ways how to store accessories
    • 2.5 Saving space 4 nonstandard method
  • 3 Summary
Order reigns where not throw!

In my closet chaos occurs periodically, although I now emerging and sort the clothes occasionally. Tired! I decided to draw up a plan for himself the general cleaning in the future to maintain order. Together, let us look at how things add up in the closet is compact and convenient.

Getting rid of trash in step 3

The first step on the way to the cabinet in order - getting rid of excess. Certainly on the shelf overlooked favorite leaky little thing, and maybe more than one. If you want to properly clean up the mess, get ready to say goodbye to them.

Picture instruction
Step 1

Sort clothes into 3 groups:

  1. What always I wear.
  2. What wear sometimes.
  3. What not to wear for a long time.
step 2

The first group leave, a third send to the scrap.

step 3

A second group sort out again into three piles, and repeat step 2.

Get rid of excess is very simple:

  1. Sell ​​items on a special website.
  2. Give unnecessary in a children's home.
  3. Take the old things in SecondHand.

Clothes storage - 15 tricks

How to clean up the mess in the closet, not to return to this question permanently? Here you need to follow three main rules:

  • sort;
  • twist;
  • fold.
Perfect order - when everything is folded in its placePerfect order - when everything is folded in its place

5 Secrets correct sorting your wardrobe

Cleaning in the closet must start with the right sort of clothes. It is not so difficult:

Picture recommendations
Sort things seasonal

Keep only those clothes, which will be useful to you in the current season. Other things add up in a box or in a clean bag.

The clothes should be ironed - so it takes up much less space.

Sort by type

Hang on a hanger all the shirts, the other - jackets, the third - sweaters and so on.

So you can place a lot of things compact.

Collect items in the kits

All the costumes, sets and so on. D. Some hang on a hanger.

Fold the clothes in stacks

On one shelf can be placed in the wardrobe items a few stacks.

Each stack compose of t-shirts, jeans and the like, of approximately equal size.

Use all the space

Proper organization of space in the closet will help to store more clothing. Make additional shelves, use the box, attach the hooks and so on. D.

2 ways how to store underwear

Underwear poorly folded in piles, hang it too uncomfortable. How can keep it?

Picture recommendations
method 1

Use the organizers! It finished drawers with separate cells.

The price of this useful article about 400-500 rubles.

method 2

Place the laundry in the drawer, it is convenient.

Organizer can create with their hands. Enough to build the partition size you want and insert them into the box.

2 methods how to store shoes

It is difficult to get out of the house, which is worth around shoes. If you do not obuvnitsy, loved the shoe can be placed in the cabinet.

Before you put the shoes in the closet, be sure it does not come from the smell. Shoes must be completely cleaned, otherwise unpleasant odor will be in the closet.

Picture recommendations
Method 1. Organizer or the high box

Place the shoes in a suitable bag or box, as in the photo, and store it in a closet.

Method 2. use hangers

Shoes, too, can be hung. Especially if you have lots of closets and small shelves. Attach clips to the hanger, and they Push your shoes.

4 ways how to store accessories

Keeping things in the closet - it is not just hanging clothes, are not left unattended and accessories:

Picture recommendations
method 1

Place the bag in the dressing room doors with the help of hooks.

method 2

Bags can be neatly folded on the shelves.

small clutches can be hidden in large bags for compactness.

method 3

Ties will not take much space when they are hanging on a hanger.

method 4

Ties can be stored neatly folded "rolls" on the free shelf in the cabinet.

The same principle can be stored belts and scarves.

Saving space 4 nonstandard method

You want to clean up the closet with clothes in an unusual way? I present to you original ideas:

Picture recommendations
Idea 1. double hanger

Attach one peg to another.

To be safe, use the "opener" of soda cans.

Idea 2. Ladder-hanger

You can add up things on a ladder horizontally attaching it to the free wall.

Idea 3. Pockets for socks and underwear.

Such cases, as in the photo, you can buy at the store or make your own. The transparent pockets to conveniently store socks and underwear.

Idea 4. Trouser Hooks

Jeans can be hung on hooks. So you save space, and pants are not pomnutsya.


Now you can bring your wardrobe in order and to keep clean it effortlessly. Several useful life hacking, you can learn by viewing the video in this article.

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