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  • 1 We classify and select
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    • 1.2 Citrus Press
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  • 2 Attention to characteristics
  • 3 Summing up
Do you want to cook fresh juice with your own hands, then you can not do without a juicerDo you want to cook fresh juice with your own hands, then you can not do without a juicer

They say health cannot be bought. I agree with this statement only in part. In one way or another, we can buy something that can be useful for our health. I will not talk about the benefits of natural juices, but will talk about how to choose a good juicer for the house.

We classify and select


Philips Centrifugal JuicerPhilips Centrifugal Juicer

The most extensive group - centrifugal juicers (universal). They received their people's love for the excellent ability to squeeze the juice from any fruits and vegetables, be it melted watermelon or stubborn carrots.

Structurally, the juicer is a separator, hidden in the housing and connected to an electric motor. Let's throw an apple and see what happens.

At the first stage, the apple is crushed with “teeth” in mashed potatoes, at the second stage - centrifugal forces come in, scattering the apple mass along the walls of the separator and causing the juice to flow through the holes.

On the photo - Delfa DJ-140 juicerOn the photo - Delfa DJ-140 juicer

All that remains of the apple and can not pass into the holes for the juice rises to the lid of the juicer and goes into a special container. That's all, you have in your hands a glass of apple juice.

The separator may be cylindrical. Such models are notable for the fact that they squeeze the juice out of the fruit more carefully, but, unfortunately, they have not “learned” to separate the flesh.

What is fraught with the purchase of such a kitchen assistant? Squeezing the juice from vegetables and fruits, every half a liter you have to disassemble the entire structure and remove the remnants of the pulp.

Philips Citrus Press Model 1871Philips Citrus Press Model 1871

In fairness, I note that universal juicers are only partly so. When you try to extract the juice from cherries, cherries or citrus, the design is very quickly clogged with crushed stones. Citrus lovers recommend looking for a citrus press.

I advise:

  • PHILIPS Viva Compact HR1832 / 02;
  • MOULINEX Frutelia JU350;
  • BRAUN J700;
  • KENWOOD JE 730.

Citrus Press

Breville Citrus Press lineBreville Citrus Press line

A citrus press or citrus press is a construction in the form of a rotating cone with many notches. At the bottom of the set capacity for collecting juice. Lemon, orange is cut into two halves and pressed to the cone. When moving, it squeezes the juice out of the pulp.

Russell Hobbs Allure Citrus Press (price - from 2000 rubles.)Russell Hobbs Allure Citrus Press (price - from 2000 rubles.)

This type of juicers is very economical in the consumption of electricity, takes up little space, is easy to clean, but, unfortunately, has limitations in the choice of fruits.


  • RUSSELL HOBBS Ultimate 22700-56;
  • PHILIPS Daily Collection HR2738 / 00;
  • KENWOOD JE 280;
  • PRINCESS 202010;
  • PETRA ZP 202020.


Opti-Fresh Auger JuicerOpti-Fresh Auger Juicer

Auger juice extractors easily cope with tomatoes, bananas, berries, carrots, apples and even herbs such as celery and parsley.

Externally, the universal screw juicer can be compared with a meat grinder. The main work item - auger, grinding and squeezing the fruit. It can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

Omega 8006 juicer, which can allOmega 8006 juicer, which can all


  • Hotpoint Ariston SJ 15XL UP0;
  • PHILIPS Avance Collection HR1945 / 80;

Attention to characteristics

And now a small instruction that will help select applicants for the title of "Best Juicer".

Characteristic Recommendations
table_pic_att15105943238 Power

The simplest citrus press has a capacity in the range of 20–150 W, full-fledged screw and centrifugal models - from 150 to 2000 W.

Choosing power, focus on the fruits that you often have to squeeze. If it is tough vegetables, for example, carrots and beets, take a more powerful model.

table_pic_att15105943249 The size

Consider the size of the separator or auger. The more it is, the faster you will cope with the task.

Models with a maximum size of the work item are needed only for processing a large number of fruits.

For home, I would not advise to acquire such a kitchen monster.

table_pic_att151059432710 Volume

Under this concept falls volume capacity for pulp and ready juice. In the first case, the saying “The more the better”. Large pulp compartment - fewer breaks for cleaning.

Large capacity for the finished juice is not so important. By all the rules, freshly squeezed juices are not intended for storage, they are consumed immediately after preparation, which means that a large glass for a few liters does not need anything.

Take a closer look at the direct spin models. They do not have a container for the finished juice and squeeze directly into the substituted glass.

Before you choose a juicer, ask if it is possible to wash it in the dishwasherBefore you choose a juicer, ask if it is possible to wash it in the dishwasher

Tips for choosing additional features:

  • "Stop a drop" - a function that allows you to turn the nose of the juicer up so that when filling the glass from there did not leak out the juice.
  • Juice level indicator - this function is equipped with a model with a container for juice. Convenient for those who plan to prepare cocktails or follow a strict diet.
  • Poreseparator - separates the foam, which is formed due to the fact that the juicer captures the air. Structurally, this is a small plate-partition, located inside the container.
  • Pulp adjustment - allows you to add a small amount of pulp in the juice, making it more saturated and thick.
  • Protection against improper assembly - will not allow you to turn on the juicer if its parts are not securely fixed or the structure is not assembled correctly.

Summing up

Now you know all the subtleties of choosing a juicer, it remains to watch the video in this article, and you can safely go shopping.

Your turn…

And what kind of juicer lives in your kitchen?

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