Using the TV as a computer monitor

Make TV monitor like gamers. Most powerful personal computers are bought by players. Seriously think how to connect a TV, set up a monitor, read the review. Generally speaking, there is no need to buy a home theater in many cases. Most do, guided by two considerations: so that the remote control comes out only( if the manufacturer is one), listen to the musical accompaniment of the Sound Around format. Think about why you need a home theater? It will be possible to listen to old recordings of the radio in high quality. Now let's discuss the use of the TV: the display looks like a computer monitor.

Connecting a TV to a computer VGA

Methods for connecting a computer to an

TV How it started: TV VS computer

You know, when you were a ZX-Spectrum personal computer and similar monitors, it was difficult to get. Self-taught masters found demodulator circuits, bypassed — since there was no carrier frequency — they gave a signal to amplifiers. TV became monitor. Trying to stop being confused, they made a special switch that sets the desired mode to the device:

  • Television.
  • Computer.

Graphics adapter geographically located inside a hefty thick keyboard, cramping other electronic stuffing. Processor, RAM.Ordinary users avoided indulging with hard drives, extra money is needed. They scored 5.25-inch floppy disks with games, put the result in there, hoping to continue next time. .. Error track 0, is sector 9 familiar? Who is not, personal computers have not seen, received a gift Pentium. The disks broke in flight, losing the player's data.

They produced the Russian equivalent - Vector. Notable for assembly language. Personal computer entirely domestic invention. They recognized it as unpromising, gave preference to a giant computer. Small cars began to produce foreigners, making a lot of money. Why do Soviet people have a full pocket?

Home Theater Connection 48kB connection scheme, the space accommodated cool games that are popular with children and adults. There were no freezes, crashes. Programmers just straight-handed engaged mainly. The resolution was 640 x 480. Most of the toys had an assembler core, painted in a limited window. The scrolling speed of the image became fantastic, allowing gamers to hone the reaction. On the Full HD TV did not think. Enjoy life.

Filling the market with an expensive product has made adjustments, today everyone wants to play CS on a 60-inch TV.Expensive toys beat price records. Taking a personal computer, paying 300,000 rubles, will be a miracle with unusual input devices, a lightning-fast processor, a productive video card. TV. .. just big, tech. More, 4k is powerless to issue, the frame refresh rate supports hundreds of times per second. Gamers enough, poured ZX-Spectrum. ..

Interfaces connecting the TV to the computer

Adapters VGA ZX-Spectrum had one feature: burned, you just touch the screen. It doesn’t matter whether the TV, the monitor, the chip were out of order, killed by static electricity. Today's screens, as a rule, are not afraid of barbaric treatment. The first best interface is HDMI.

HDMI Adapter

HDMI for connecting the TV to the computer

The interface is better because:

  1. Digital. Interference is reduced to zero, small ripples are excluded, if the signal is sure.
  2. Allows you to transfer the soundtrack cable. You will listen to the sounds of CS using the Sound Around format. The great advantage is: a home theater has been bought, the board will correctly decompose the stereo channel of the computer, you will be guided by the ear, looking for the enemy, choosing a strategy. The next step in the approximation of virtual reality to human existence. The TV is equipped with 3-4 HDMI ports, not all input. We connect the computer through one, home theater - through another. The image is displayed on the screen, sound, bypassing the plasma panel, should be on the home speaker system. By the way, take the trouble to arrange the columns correctly.
  3. The transfer speed will allow processing the FullHD high-definition format( 2014 introduced amendments, published, prepared for the implementation of a new resolution version).

To connect a TV as a computer monitor via HDMI, set the source correctly. Use the instructions for each device unique methods. There is a button HDMI, Source on the TV remote control. The first immediately puts the equipment into the desired mode, the second will allow you to consistently select from the list the right one.

VGA Cable

Avoid confusing HDMI port numbers, which have two or more. Technique punishes flaws. On the computer side, the operating system will see the monitor:

  • On the laptop, press the appropriate function key, for example, Fn + F3.Traditionally red, another color painted icon that resembles two screens. You will see several modes of which all are suitable, except Computer only:
  1. Duplication: the image will be the same on the desktop of the laptop, on the TV screen. You can show home how cool we can blast the enemy.
  2. Continued: extends the desktop to the TV area. And, digging through the settings through Change Resolution, you can put on the left, right.
  3. The projector( screen, monitor) turns off the image on the laptop, the TV will work. By default, the option is Only Computer, be careful, there will be no image on the TV.
  • On the computer, you must wait until the TV displays a list of system devices. Then through the context menu of the desktop( right-click on the free space) go to Change resolution. A drop-down menu will appear. Multiple screens, the options listed above will be available. If necessary, shuffle the screens with each other for health.

HDMI allows hot plugging. TV, turn off the computer too. Devices are designed to see each other. In the TV set the source. The recognition procedure is going on successfully, we will hear a characteristic sound resembling a blow. It is required to listen to music through the TV, visit Playback devices( right click on the speaker icon).There we activate the TV.If necessary, other devices are disabled.

Connection via VGA and other analog interfaces

Although the morally analog VGA interface has long been outdated, in practice most of the monitors are connected through it. It would be a mistake to think that the TV is deprived of obsolete interfaces. Black is more often color, signed differently, but - VGA.Therefore, it is logical to use the connector. The sound will not be transmitted, however, you can use individual outputs to transfer music.

Some video cards( not laptops) support the standard tulip interface in the world of pros. The scientific name is RCA( composite).Do not confuse with component, forgetting to transmit sound. There are three plugs in the tulip:

  1. Yellow - analog video output.
  2. White - mono sound format, left speaker.
  3. Red - right column.

It is clear that in this case it is easy to listen to the accompaniment at the home theater, because HDMI is free. See the manual for details on whether the interface is capable of transmitting. Usually one HDMI is there. Allows you to listen to music through the speakers, avoiding the laying of additional cables, without touching, without disturbing the performance of a known good assembly.

Many will want to play 3D games using a TV.The good news: the best models are equipped with an internal splitter, the image is divided into components. The bad news: points must be passive. They wrote, each company specializes in one type( passive / active).A lot of good things are said, praising the active ones, to carry more than an hour is simply harmful. We speak because one thing is that you can use the TV as a monitor, the other is to take care of children's health. How many dad and mom allowed to sit at the ZX-Spectrum? Cathode ray tubes are harmful, passive-type 3D glasses tire vision.

More and more companies are engaged in passive technology. Before buying a TV, carefully study the technical description, ask the manager. We hope, showed how to make a monitor out of the TV.These are not the only, but common methods. You can connect indirectly, bypassing the home theater. Music lovers fit. Manufacturers consider it a worthless idea to make a TV monitor. The grain is large, you have to sit far away to preserve the quality.

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