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After washing, you want to get not only clean linen, but it should also smell good, easy to iron, be soft and pleasant to the touch. All these qualities can provide a properly selected fabric softener.

A good manufacturer of household chemicals is trying to attract as many buyers as possible. Therefore, to choose the "right" means - a real torment. Based on the feedback from experienced housewives, we have compiled a small rating of the best conditioners for linen. These trademarks have proven themselves only from the best side. The active ingredients in the composition will make the fabric soft and manageable, silicone additives will prevent premature abrasion of the material and the formation of pellets.

TOP-5 children's fabric softeners

For convenience, we divided our TOP-best fabric softeners into 2 large groups. In the first part, we will describe which means are best used for washing children's clothes. They should not only have a pleasant aroma, but also their composition should include only the safest components, unable to harm the delicate baby skin.

Ushasty Nyan

One of the most popular Russian manufacturers, which produces household chemicals specifically for children. Means "Eared nannies" are great for kids from the very first days of life. This conditioner is also suitable for adults suffering from allergic manifestations. The composition includes aloe vera - a component that prevents the appearance of various skin irritations.

Children's air-conditioned "eared nanny" has an antistatic effect. After its application, things are easily ironed, have a pleasant unobtrusive smell. By the way, the tool does not contain dyes and heavy fragrances. Air conditioning is convenient. The bottle has a handle and cap-dispenser. The tool is great for both hand and machine washing, consumed economically and is quite inexpensive.

Vernel "Children"

For washing children's clothes it is better to use special detergents, such as Vernel, for example. It gives the fabrics an antistatic effect, the clothes are easy to iron, it becomes soft and dries faster. Like many children's fabric softeners "Vernel" does not contain dyes and various fragrances. The tool has been approved by the association of dermatologists and can be used for children in the first year of life.

Air conditioning has a neutral odor, is consumed very economically. Means is easily washed away from fabric, long rinsing is not required. The brand is quite popular. According to reviews of young mummies, this is one of the best means in terms of quality and cost. Suitable for various types of fabrics.


Continues the review of one of the most popular fabric softeners. On the shelves of retail outlets, you can choose a variety of different options, volumes and flavors. However, in this case we are talking about the air conditioner for baby clothes.

The product is consumed very economically, since initially there is a concentrate in the bottle, which should be diluted with water. The aroma is a bit harsh, but rather pleasant. The sharpness is manifested due to the concentration of the solution; when washing, the smell seems to dissolve in a large amount of water. Towels and other children's little things become soft and soft to the touch, smell nice and perfectly smoothed.

The Lenor conditioner protects fabrics not only from crushing, but also from additional wear. Clothing for a long time retains the shape and initial brightness of flowers. At the same time, the conditioner itself has a pleasant milky color and is devoid of toxic chemical dyes. There is an antistatic effect.

One of the features of the air conditioner is the fact that the tool perfectly removes the specific "cat" smell. So if in your house there lives a furry pet with whom the child often plays, Lenor is what you need. In addition, it is not at all allergic, and can be used even for very young children.


One bottle of this product is sufficient for 33 washes. The aroma is gentle and pleasant. The air conditioner smells unobtrusively and according to the housewives it is reminiscent of the smell of baby chewing gum or sweets. Cotico is available in a bottle with a convenient handle and has a measuring cap dispenser. The tool neutralizes the appearance of static electric, saves the laundry from the pellets and facilitates the process of ironing.

The laundry washed with the Cotico conditioner keeps the color and shape for a long time, less wrinkling when worn. The conditioner has no sharp fragrances and does not cause an allergy. Suitable for all fabrics and can be used for diapers and baby clothes.

The Kotiko linen conditioner has 2 features that, at first glance, are not important, but for some these facts may be decisive. First, the conditioner is biodegradable. This means that using the product does not cause much harm to the environment. Secondly, there is an icon on the label denoting kosher. So those for whom it is important can use it without fear.

Our Mom BIO Active Components

A special feature of this conditioner is the presence of chamomile and aloe extracts. The volume of a liter bottle is enough for 15–20 washes, and this is practically the only drawback in the opinion of consumers. They believe that this is not enough.

The conditioner softens the laundry very well, it becomes almost unnecessary to iron. There is an antistatic effect, and a system that prevents the formation of the pellet. The tool can be used for different types of fabrics, including for washing children's clothes.

Air conditioner has a rather pleasant unobtrusive creamy smell. The packaging is tough, the bottle is stable. The only complaint is the absence of a pen and dispenser. It is not very convenient to use, however, it has no effect on the properties of the product.

Children's clothes for conditioning linen "Our Mother" does not cause allergic reactions and can be used from the very first days of the baby's life.

TOP-5 conditioners for adults

If you do not know what a good fabric softener is better to use when washing “adult” things, carefully read on. We have tried to compile our rating in such a way that it includes trademarks that are different from the “children's” options. Those who like to use air conditioning with a pronounced aroma, will suit one of the following options.


This laundry conditioning agent has at least two wonderful fragrances:

  • Soflan - has a pronounced citrus fragrance;
  • Juliette - it smells like vanilla and jasmine.

Means perfectly softens fabrics, has an antistatic effect. Trace elements penetrate deep into the fibers of the fabric, make it softer and destroy unpleasant odors, even very resistant. The composition of the air conditioner is almost completely natural. After applying the number of folds on clothes is significantly reduced, and ironing becomes much easier.

Among the negative qualities, consumers note a rather high cost, and Juliette also has packaging, although economical, but rather unstable. For all other parameters, this wonderful Japanese fabric softener received the most positive ratings.

Frosch “Almond Milk”

The next representative of our review is from Germany. All products of the Frosch brand receive many positive feedbacks from consumers and perfectly cope with various types of pollution. Conditioner "Frosh" cares for the skin of the hands and is completely safe for the environment.

Phosphates, formaldehydes and other hazardous chemicals are completely absent. Perfumes it contains only natural, and this reduces the risk of allergic manifestations on the skin. Conditioner Frosch "Almond Milk" contains a natural extract of almonds. Such an additive gives things a velvety structure and natural softness.

The product can be successfully used for both white and colored linen. The only significant drawback of this brand is not too democratic value. But after all good quality also cannot cost cheap?

For those who are not too fond of the smell of bitter almonds, the manufacturer has provided another means with the scent of rosehip. It can be used for conditioning cotton, synthetic, viscose fabrics. The conditioner is suitable also for woolen products, and also fabrics like melange. Properties are similar to the previous "almond" option, and the price is even slightly lower.


A means for conditioning linen from this manufacturer is very popular among Russian hostesses. The most popular fragrance is Provencal Meadows. The conditioner is suitable for all types of fabrics. Using it regularly makes things softer and fresher. Viksan prevents the accumulation of static electricity and helps to preserve the brightness of colors for a long time.

The conditioner contains a certain amount of silicone emulsion. This allows longer preserve the structure of the fabric and to avoid the premature appearance of the pellets. Consumption means quite economical, so that a liter pack is enough for a long time.

When using the Viksan air conditioner, you should exercise some caution and carefully follow the instructions. The fact is that the product is concentrated, and therefore it is highly not recommended to allow the emulsion to fall directly on the fabric.

A minor complaint of users is the presence of a dye in the composition. Of course, this does not mean that your laundry will get dirty, but you need to use it with caution. For those who consider such a flaw critical, we can advise the use of the Viksan baby “Gentle Touch” conditioner. Its properties are almost identical to those described above, but there are no dyes. Thus, a manufacturer from Belarus takes care of the delicate skin of babies.


The inexpensive Russian-made conditioner is also very popular. In our review, it is presented in two flavors:

  • "Blue Lagoon";
  • "Sea Freshness".

Both products have an antistatic effect and simply repel dust particles from the surface of clothes. Virtually the only difference is the smell - each housewife can choose the one that he liked more. By the way, this conditioner is great for those who are looking for a tool that does not have a pronounced aroma, and prefers to smell your favorite perfume, and not conditioner for linen. Housewives complain that the smell of air conditioning rather quickly disappears. However, this can not be called a disadvantage. Many users are looking for just such an option.

For the rest, Chirton does an excellent job with its mission. After using it, the laundry becomes much softer and more tender. The fabric is more difficult to crumple and easier to iron. Means is suitable for any material, costs not much, it is spent economically.


Among all the brands of fabric softeners, products from a Belgian manufacturer should be put on the leading position. Ecover is not easy to provide freshness and softness of the washed clothes. The tool does not contain bioaccumulative components at all, decomposes in nature quickly and naturally and meets all EU standards and requirements.

Components of the Ecover Conditioning Tools contain exclusively herbal ingredients in its composition, and no dyes or fragrances are in its composition. Thanks to such features, the conditioner can be safely used by people with various manifestations of allergic reactions and skin diseases. There are no contraindications for use when washing children's clothes.

The most popular flavors are “Among the Flowers” ​​and Zero. Thanks to the use of a Belgian conditioner, things are easier to iron after washing, less wrinkled and attract dust. Of course, with such an abundance of positive qualities, the tool can not be cheap. Ecover air conditioner significantly more expensive than domestic counterparts. And this is perhaps his only flaw.


All conditioners included in our review are of fairly high quality and really facilitate the process of care for fabrics. Your things will look fresh and neat, bright colors will please for a long time, and the fabrics will retain their original properties. To choose a really good fabric softener you should pay attention to several parameters:

  • The composition of .A good product should not contain a large number of aggressive chemical components, such as dyes and fragrances. The more plant ingredients there are, the better.
  • Usage type .The best option often becomes a universal remedy. It can be successfully used both in the machine wash and in the hand wash.
  • Convenient packaging .The "correct" air conditioner should be equipped with a dispenser-cap. So, you can not only save money, but also not to spoil the fabric. This is especially true of air conditioners, presented in the form of concentrates.
  • Aroma .You should not choose products with a heavy obsessive smell."Smell" conditioner for linen - bad form. It is better to opt for a tool with a neutral, slightly noticeable aroma. And of course, the smell of a fabric softener should please you. Otherwise, the use of washed things will become real flour.

We hope that our recommendations will help you choose a good laundry detergent, and the TOP-best fabric softeners we have compiled will help with this.

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