Rating of the best built-in dishwashers 45 cm

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  • Results - choose the best model of 45 cm in size

45 cm machines. According to the rating, we single out the main manufacturers, consider which dishwashers are better and why. Basically, it is based on the analysis of real demand statistics and consumer preferences of multiple users of the Runet( home appliances e-shops, electronic product catalogs, analytical reviews), and the results of independent market assessments by specialized marketing agencies. According to the rating of dishwashers 45 cm, we will review the manufacturers and choose the best built-in dishwasher 45 cm wide.

The rating results show that consumers increasingly prefer quality and reliability. Therefore, it chooses the famous German brands Bosch , Hansa , Siemens , Körting , sales of which together account for 71% of sales in Russia.

And this is not surprising - after all, manufacturers of this level always value their name and reputation, constantly give priority to innovations, the quality and functionality of their products, which necessarily pass a serious test for compliance with the requirements of reliability and safety, and pre-sales preparation. Their dishwashers have the best in their class of energy consumption and fully comply with the highest quality standards( Rostest /ISO/ CE /GS/ EMW).What allows their owners to be completely confident that these machines will serve them for many years without any problems.

Criteria for choosing a dishwasher 45 cm

Since we are talking about a built-in dishwasher with a size of 45 cm, criteria such as size and the ability to "build in" we will not mention, this has already been determined. We list the remaining selection criteria:

  • The number and type of trays for dishes - this criterion is individual, it all depends on the type of dishes in the kitchen. Must be a tray for cutlery.
  • Capacity - do not take models for 12-15 sets of dishes. With a size of 45 cm it is worth choosing a dishwasher with a load of up to 10 sets.
  • Profitability - A + dishwasher and A class dishwashers will be preferable. Water consumption up to 20 liters.
  • Additional features - one of the largest criteria. The farther, the more functions appear in this type of technology. We will not list everything, we advise you to choose only those that will really be useful to you, everything else is “marketing chips.”

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hi-end dishwashers - choice of premium class

Among the most expensive and stylish 45 cm wide built-in dishwashers, which unfortunately not every lucky person can afford because of their high cost( about2 thousand dollars), the highest steps of the rating for more than five years, the Germans constantly keep. Note: hereinafter in the text in parentheses are the main performance indicators: water consumption, l./ cycle / number of sets of dishes / set of programs / noise level, dB / energy consumption class / price range, rub.(January 2018).

  • Miele is a premium dishwasher with blow-drying, an eco-sensor of water quality( washing) and a proprietary set of functions, including Update( changing program modes: temperature, volume, duration).Programming machines is possible, using a laptop, models:

- G 4860-SCVi ( 9 /9/9/45/ A ++ / from 129 900) - fully embedded;

- G 4760-SCVi ( 7 /9/6/46/ A ++ / from 106,900) - fully embedded;

- G 4700-SCi ( 9 /9/6/45/ А + / from 109 900) - with the panel open.

[Miele-miele.de( Miele & Cie. KG, Gütersloh city / factories in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic)].

  • AEG is their distinguishing feature in the original function of Fuzzy Logic( electronic system for intelligent assessment of the quality of loading, independently evaluates and selects the optimal mode), the best dishwasher machines: F 88400-VI0P ( 17) - 7A-7AS-14AS-;- fully embedded, with touch controls;

    - F 65401-IM0P ( 9 /9/5/46/ А + / from 41928) - with the panel open;

    - F 65402-VI0P ( 10 /12/5/46/ A + / 33010–44990).

    [AEG - aeg.com( General Electricity Company, Frankfurt am Main, the company is subordinate to the Swedish holding AB Electrolux & Atlas Copco)].

    • SMEG - surprisingly quiet and efficient stainless steel dishwashers, the largest selection of programs and modes, including night. Bestsellers:

    - PLA4525 ( 10 /10/5/44/ A ++ / 69490–87930);

    - STA4526 ( 10 /10/5/44/ A + / from 76590).

    [SMEG - smeg.ru( private company Smeg, Guastalla, Italy)].

    • Gaggenau - gaggenau.com( Gaggenau Hausgeräte GmbH).

    It is worth stopping at these 45 cm embedded dishwashers, if you are not limited in funds and it is important for you to choose the most modern and reliable. Each of them will have the maximum functionality and impeccable quality. Rating built-in dishwashers 45 cm according to consumers recommends the choice.

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    Rating brand leaders - consumer choice

    For greater clarity and persuasiveness, compare the market shares occupied by the top brands in the 45 cm narrow embedded dishwasher segment as of January 2018( as a percentage):

    • 42% - Bosch assembly in Germany and Slovenia.
    • 14% - Hansa Polish assembly. AS D: _ _ _ AS AS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

      - Hotpoint-Ariston - Italy;

      - Körting - Germany;

      - Whirlpool - Polish assembly

      • 5% other manufacturers.

      As can be seen even in such a narrowly considered segment( compared to the entire niche of dishwashers, including floor-standing and compact dishwashers, as we wrote in a previous publication), the difference in priorities and the distribution of the leading "roles" is quite significant. But with confidence one can only say one thing - in all segments of household dishwashers( built-in, floor-standing, compact, of various widths and sizes), Bosch is still confidently leading. German practicality, excellent quality and reasonable price - this is the key to the success of this brand and high ratings of its products.

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      Rating of the most popular models 45 cm

      As of early January 2018, the analytical statistics of requests, reviews, comments and some other market indicators objectively distinguish the first ten models of built-in dishwashers 45 cm - consumer choice andbest sellers in various regions of Russia:

      • MAUNFELD MLP 08B ( 13 /10/7/47/ А ++ / 25500) - indication “beam on the floor”, convenient modern control with LED indication, economical programand for lightly soiled dishes.
      • Hansa ZIM 428-EH ( 9 /10/8/45/ A ++ / 21875–29650) - fully built in, compared to the previous dishwasher there are modes: glass and delicate sink.
      • Bosch SPV 40E-10 ( 11 /9/4/52/ А + / 25460–25690) - 5 levels of water supply with alternating flow technology, instantaneous water heater, electronic regeneration, double beam in the upper chute, load sensor.
      • Bosch SPV 53M-00 ( 9 /9/5/46/ А / 41990-42825) - in addition to the full functionality of the previous model: height-adjustable legs and top trough, nozzle for baking. Programs: auto, intensive, eco, fast and pre-rinse.
      • Bosch SPV 43M-00 ( 9 /9/4/48/ A / 33144–41 380).
      • Bosch SPV 58M-50 ( 9 /10/5/44/ А + / 51324-52490) - the function “beam on the floor”, the use of “tablets”, the program mode hygienic washing.
      • Bosch SPV 43M-10 ( 9 /9/4/48/ А + / 25884–43133) - the best optimal price / quality ratio, an excellent set of proprietary functions: VarioSpeed ​​accelerated mode, Active Light( beam on the floor), delayed start, child protection. Among the shortcomings, only the absence of an intensive washing mode, i.e.in especially difficult and neglected cases, you will have to work with your hands first.
      • Siemens Series SRneat glass cleaning function);Vario Speed ​​Plus( reduces the cleaning time of the plates by 3 times);Hygiene Plus( disinfects dishes, which is especially important if the family has kids);Intensive Zone( allows you to simultaneously wash dishes with varying degrees of contamination);Active Light with beam indication shows the time remaining until the end of the process;backlight camera. One of the best for devices of this class power consumption - 0.7 kW / hour.

        - 66T-090 ( 9 /10/6/44/ А / 53193–62990) - slightly lower class, however fully functional, with child protection, automatic door closer, and an inverter drive.

          • Hotpoint-Ariston LSTB 4B00 ( 10 /10/4/51/ А / 19480–20356) is an inexpensive, low-cost built-in dishwasher, minimal, only the necessary functionality with 3-hour Eco mode. The disadvantages of the owners include: a quiet beep to complete the process, and not practical baskets for pots and pans.

        Among the criteria that consumers follow when choosing embedded 45 cm dishwashers, the priorities are as follows: according to the type of installation and installation, 94% of consumers choose fully embedded;with an open panel, only 6%;condensation drying 95%, airflow choose 5%.Other indicators:

        • Consumption, liters / cycle: up to 8( 6%), up to 10( 53%), 11–12( 33%), and more( 8%).
        • Energy class: “A”( 38%), “A +”( 44%), “A ++”( 17%).
        • Noise level, dB: ≤ 45( 13%), ≤ 48( 62%), and higher( 23%).

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        Results - choose the best model size of 45 cm

        So, the choice of built-in dishwashers begins with the choice of manufacturer. Having studied the rating, we can single out two main firms - Bosh and Hansa, two German brands with exceptional quality. Our editors have identified two built-in dishwashers 45 cm - MAUNFELD MLP 08B and Bosch SPV 40E-10 .The best choice in the segment up to 25 000 rubles. Below we consider both models, as well as provide feedback from consumers.

        MAUNFELD MLP 08B - a detailed overview of the

        Advantage of the :

        • A convenient sliding tray for cutlery
        • Aqua Stop is an additional security feature that instantly blocks the water supply in the event of a water leak or voltage outage. You can leave the dishwasher to do their work unattended, without worrying about safety.
        • Ultra quiet operation - only 47 dB, given the fact that the dishwasher is fully tuned, the noise will not disturb you.
        • 7 programs - allows you to achieve better quality dishwashing.
        • Low water consumption up to 13 liters per cycle.
        • Price - 25,500 rubles

        A great option in the budget segment of fully installed dishwashers. All dishwashers have drawbacks, this option is also not devoid of them, but at this price there are no worthy alternatives! Our experts and customer rating recommends the choice!

        Bosch SPV 40E-10 - a detailed overview of

        The best German built-in dishwasher. Gathers in Germany or Slovenia, reliability and quality are distinctive features. Analysis of the rating is recommended for selection!

        10 reasons to choose :

        • 4 programs, 4 temperature modes
        • Compact - 44.8 cm in width
        • Electronic control panel
        • Half load capability
        • Tracks the optimal amount of salt added and rinse aid
        • The AquaStop system is a subsetwater, minimum consumption from 9 to 11 liters
        • Silent inverter engine EcoSilence Drive - reliable and durable
        • Child protection
        • ActiveWater - saves every drop of water
        • AquaSensor - controlsmaturity of water, dishes at the outlet will always be clean
        • Acceptable price tag - about 25 thousand rubles
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