Pros and cons of the multicooker with the function of yogurt maker

  • How does a multi-cooker-yogurt maker differ from ordinary models?
  • The advantages of the multicooker with the function of the
  • yoghurt maker The criteria for choosing the multicooker-yoghurt maker

The multi-cooker has long taken its place in modern kitchens and has been loved by many housewives and culinary specialists. It is very simple and easy to cook dishes with this appliance. But for families with young children, young mothers and people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle, the diet should not only be diverse, but also useful. A slow cooker with the function of a yogurt maker allows you to cook tasty home-made dairy products on a regular basis easily, quickly and effortlessly. Such cooking does not harm the health of the baby and will help support the adult's body in excellent shape.

How is a yogurt cooker different from ordinary models?

In essence, such a multicooker is just an improved model of a familiar device that has long been familiar to us all. In the functionality of the "upgrade" all the necessary programs and modes of operation that allow you to cook the first courses, cereals, vegetable and meat stews without human intervention.

In addition to the usual modes - the function of milk fermentation. This mode has a programmed time and set temperature at which yogurt is prepared. Also, complete with a yoghurt maker, special containers made of glass or plastic are sold for the preparation and storage of this tasty and healthy sour-milk delicacy. Experienced housewives are advised to give preference to glass jars and pay attention to their shape - so that the remnants of yogurt were washed out of them without any extra effort.

Yoghurt is a very useful product that helps keep the body in good shape. Regular use of yogurt helps to restore a healthy intestinal microflora, and this has the most beneficial effect on your well-being, immunity and even mood! Homemade yogurt is much more useful than what you can buy in the store. Industrial fermented milk products may contain flavors, dyes and other chemical additives, which neither you nor children, will not add health. Therefore, if you are wondering whether it is worth buying or giving a multi-cook yogurt maker for your household or close people - the answer is unequivocal! Of course it is!

The advantages of the multicooker with the

yoghurt maker If you compare a simple multicooker and a model, complemented by the “yoghurt” function, there are no particular differences in them. The device is the same, the functionality is the same, with only one additional function, the equipment is the same.

But if you compare a simple yogurt maker and a slow cooker with the “yogurt” mode, the second device clearly wins. Since the owner has the opportunity to prepare a large number of dishes, and not just one yogurt. A more functional device is saving space in the kitchen, and the wide possibilities of the multicooker are additional savings of time that can be devoted to family or leisure.

Criteria for choosing a multivarky yoghurt maker

In general, the selection criteria for a multivarky yoghurt maker do not differ much from those parameters for which it is advised to choose a suitable model of a conventional multicooker. Some housewives who have bought a model with the “multi-cook” or “author's mode” function have experimentally selected the necessary temperature and time parameters and are preparing homemade yogurt, even if the functionality of the device does not provide for such a function. But caring manufacturers of household appliances are trying to make their products as comfortable and useful as possible, so modern buyers have long had the opportunity not to waste time on experiments and not translate products, but simply to pick the right device to ease everyday hassle.

So let's choose together a high-quality multicooker with the possibility of making homemade yogurt.

Volume and material of the bowl .First of all, we will determine the volume of the bowl and the material from which it is made. A bachelor or a couple in love will be enough for a 3-liter device, and filling the bowl to the top is completely optional. For an average family of 3-4 people( two adults and children), it is better to choose a model with a 4–5 liter bowl, no less. Well, accordingly, if you have a larger family, then pay attention to the models from 6 liters. As for the coating, the budget models use Teflon or non-stick coating. But such materials have a number of drawbacks, therefore, if there is a possibility, it is better to give preference to more expensive models with bowls made of ceramic, aluminum or even titanium.

The power of the is another of the determining factors. The higher the power, the shorter the cooking modes will be. But on the other hand, powerful models will also affect your energy bill, especially if you cook in a multi-cooker-yogurt maker all the time. The optimal ratio of the volume and power of the multicooker is 800–1000 W for 3-5 liters of the device. If you bought a more voluminous device, it is better not to take a model with a power below 1200 watts.

The number and types of programs .It is equally important to buy that multicooker, which will have exactly those “opportunities” that are really useful for you and your family. On average, the functionality of 10–12 programs is considered sufficient; in devices with a large number of possibilities, some modes seem to duplicate each other and are absolutely useless. What is the point to overpay for what you do not use, right?

Convenience and Safety .In the process of work, the multicooker should be comfortable and safe - this is an indispensable condition for the pleasure of using such a device. Pay attention to the rubberized legs or pads on the bottom, the presence of heat-resistant handles and a hermetic valve, if you do not want to be constantly fired with steam.

Acquisition .Included with the yogurt maker is not only jars for sour milk. Silicone spatulas, spoons, measuring glasses, a lid for the bowl, grill or fryer, a book with recipes is an important and useful addition to a good device.

Manufacturers .Choosing a multicooker, consider the proposals of well-known companies. The credibility and experience of the manufacturer guarantees the purchase of high-quality and durable device. In order not to buy a fake, carefully inspect the device, even smell it. Multicookers such as the original Redmond, Moulinex, Panasonic, Philips, Tefal will have neat, smooth joints, tight fitting parts, without gaps, deformations and an unpleasant chemical or plastic smell.

Choosing a good yogurt cooker is a snap. And fresh, nutritious yoghurt prepared at home from “reliable products” will help to make the diet more varied and useful and will delight you and your family with a pleasant taste and quality.

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