Spring mineral dressing of roses as a pledge of lush flowering

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Tell me, how to feed roses in spring for lush flowering? Filled his rose garden with two new varieties, the seller assured that the bushes should continuously bloom. But there were very few buds on the roses, and there are still no new ones. Maybe they lack something?

It has long been observed that roses feel great after organic dressings. However, one manure "you will not be full", with large doses of nitrogen in the development of the bush will dominate the growth of green mass and shoots, and flowering either does not come, or will be very scarce. But roses are grown precisely because of their amazing flowers. Therefore, it is so important to give the shrub those trace elements that will help it bloom magnificently.

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What do roses need for abundant flowering?

In order for roses to actively bloom, they need the following trace elements:

  1. Phosphorus - promotes the formation of new buds and large flowers, prolongs flowering.
  2. Potassium - is responsible for the intense color of roses, prolongs flowering.
  3. Magnesium - stimulates the appearance of a new ovary, giving the petals a bright color.

Roses respond well to top dressing with superphosphate: dilute 50 g of the drug in a liter of warm water and dilute the solution in a bucket of water. Pour the rose under the root. Dry superphosphate must be scattered under a bush and put into the soil with a hoe( 25 g per bush) one month before the roses bloom.

The greatest effect is provided by the complex use of mineral fertilizers, especially potash-phosphate fertilizers. As a result of such dressings, strong buds and lush flowers are formed.

To this end, add 10 liters of water to the month of May:

  • 10 g of potassium sulfate;
  • 10 g of superphosphate.
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The resulting solution is used for watering roses. A month later, repeat the procedure.

Complex fertilizers for lush flowering

Today, in specialized stores there is a wide choice of preparations consisting of a whole complex of microelements that make the flowering of a rose abundant and long and even bring it closer.

Fertilizers such as:

  1. Agricola have proven themselves well. As soon as the roses start growing, water them with a solution of 10 ml of fertilizer per liter of water with an interval of 10 days before the start of flowering, as well as after it has finished.
  2. Rose Flowers .In early spring, once the drug is scattered under the bush( 60 g per square meter).Seal the granules in the soil, pour. Young seedlings should be fertilized during planting.
  3. Greenward for roses .In March, add 25 g of the preparation under the bush, mix with the ground and pour. Re-feeding in May and July.
  4. Florovit .Add to the soil under a bush, starting in April and ending in July. Break between feedings - at least 3 weeks. On a single growing bush will need from 25 to 50 g of the drug, depending on the age of the rose.
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