Egg shell fertilizer - for which plants to use?

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I have heard a lot about the use of eggshell in the garden and in the garden. Tell me how to use egg shells for fertilizer, and for what plants can it be used?

Many gardeners, gardeners and gardeners in growing crops prefer organic dressing. This fertilizer literally lies underfoot, since organic matter in this case is the products obtained as a result of the vital activity of birds and animals, as well as food waste from the human table. The latter includes the eggshell.

Benefits of Eggshell

The eggshells contain many beneficial trace elements( primarily calcium) necessary for normal plant development. They are widely used for fertilizing different crops, because they improve their overall condition and have a positive effect on yield. In addition, when introduced into the soil the shell deoxidizes it well and enriches it with minerals, and also makes it more friable. It is used for the prevention of certain diseases and repelling pests.

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Egg fertilizer has its advantages over purchased products, namely:

  • it is 100% natural and does not contain chemicals;
  • has a high amount of calcium;
  • is absolutely safe for plants and humans;
  • when making it is impossible to exceed the dosage;
  • does not require large financial expenditures, especially in the presence of a poultry house.
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Cooking fertilizer from the shell

In general, the shell does not need to be scattered over the garden - it will only attract birds, which, along with it, will not benefit from any plantings and benefit from the plant, and benefit from the plant.there is no. In order for large pieces to completely decompose and give their substances to the soil, it will take a lot of time.

First of all, you must first properly prepare and process the shell:

  1. Egg shells must be washed. To prevent an unpleasant smell in the drying process - remove the thin film inside.
  2. Fold everything in a cardboard box and leave it to dry.
  3. Grind the shell by hand, with a mortar or in a coffee grinder, depending on the further method of use.

In the case of washing the shell and removing the film, a certain amount of vitamins are washed away, therefore, for their safety, the shell can be immediately dried in the oven.

Applications of the fertilizer

Ground shells are applied directly to the soil or an infusion is prepared from them. You can insist and the whole shell.

Egg powder should be stored in a glass jar under a lid.

Egg shells are used as fertilizer for such plants:

  1. Most vegetable crops( tomato, pepper, cucumber, beet, etc.).
  2. Berry bushes( raspberry, currant, gooseberry, etc.).
  3. Fruit trees( apple, cherry, apricot, cherry, quince, pear).
  4. Ornamental flowering plants( both indoor and outdoor).
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