Ionizer water do it yourself

A series of invented projects calling for drinking soda in the morning( for example, Neumyvakin).Self-taught people want to make a water ionizer with their own hands. It is a mistake to think that the living water did not know the USSR.They invented to pass the flow between the plates of the capacitor under the action of the rectified voltage. As a result of this process, the flow is divided into two parts. .. Live, dead water was obtained. Treats the first, as if fabulous, the consequences of making the second what?

Living water, water ionizer

It is believed that the shampoo is good if the Ph-factor is 5.5.Easy acidic environment, not neutral. With this effect, the skin is able to reject bacteria, microbes, maintaining health. Inside the body, the Ph factor is higher, 7.3–7.4.According to some reports, if the figure reaches 6.9, death is possible. Every day we drink mineral water with pronounced acidity. At best, at worst, true dead water.

The body tries to maintain balance( homeostasis), constantly nourishing the body in this way, using carbonated drinks, is harmful. Fanta bubbles are formed due to weak carbon dioxide, which, when the pressure drops, leaving the bottle, begins to break down into its constituents:

  1. Water.
  2. Carbon Dioxide.

Bubbles fill the glass. The body will try to preserve the acid, in parallel with the spore will be thrown out calcium, magnesium. Let's try to consider the phenomena from the other side. Doctors say: the share of "acid" products stores account for 80% of the total volume. Meat, fast food. Alkaline is called fresh vegetables, fruits. Joe Vader taught: during the period of training the masses, it is desirable to consume less salads. Dangerous muscle growth called fresh cucumbers, cabbage. Joe raised not one champion, they say, coached Arnie Schwarzenegger. Consequently, he knew what he was talking about.

Note! Internet rumor says: the great champions of the 60s are grown by steroids. Today's use of pharmacology( permitted by law).Bodybuilders are sure: Arnie would become a champion in the 21st century.

Alkaline food really reduces weight. Therefore, drink in the morning soda properly. It is better to say that in a certain sense the process looks correct, the results of laboratory research are absent. Have experience with litmus paper? They are sold in packages, the label gives a rainbow scale of gradations of colors depending on the Ph-factor of the liquid. Starting pink acidic, ending with alkaline blue. It resembles the tradition of girls to tie red ribbons, boys - blue. The feminine is considered the leading to death. Peace, sadness, lack of movement. The environment of a female intimate place is slightly acid. Men, by contrast, boast of alkali.

Get a simple way to create feminists! No joke, however, no one has yet been able to predict the consequences of taking soda. Living water has, according to manufacturers, specific equipment Ph-factor, shifted towards alkali. Dead, on the contrary, is acidic. The maestro of experiments proved a piece of paper: water from the tap has a slight acidity, is harmful. Forgot to bring natural water compare. The facts are there - we drink something, useless to the body.

Video Youtube demonstrates experience with a microvolmeter, it shows: acid water has a low potential. Living water is endowed with a pronounced negative charge. It is said that the blood of the artery has a similar quality that is lost at the exit of the organs. Lungs renew charge. The wheel of life is moving. Proved: living water is supplied with a powerful negative charge.

The following argument in favor of a positive answer to the question, whether to drink or not to drink, will serve as an obvious aspect: with age, the human body loses water. Infant contains 75% liquid, adult - 70%.Old people are dehydrated, the body of some contains 55% of the liquid. Doctors say: you need to drink water, cleanses the body. Drinking two liters daily or more, from the tap is harmful( bacteria), where to get to fill the deficit? The arguments were drawn from the video YouTube, the meaning is definitely traced. Need water useful, will give an ionizer, dividing the stream on the living-dead.

Acquisition of living water by an ionizer

What happens inside, between the plates of a constantly charged capacitor. The water ionizer creates invisible particles in the water, the current begins to flow. A negative electrode repels electrons aspiring to swim across to the anode. The process operated by a water ionizer is identical to a standard electron tube. Wednesday tube vacuum, here - water. The latter causes the instability of the molecules. Solutions contain not solid adhesions, ions. Concerns salts, chemical formulas of water. As you know, - "Ash two about."Water is formed by three molecules:

  • two - hydrogen;
  • one - oxygen.

It is known from chemistry: there are only two stable ions - a hydroxyl group and hydrogen. Breaking away from the molecule, an atom loses an electron, acquires a positive charge, becomes an acid factor. Near the negative electrode, catches a new elementary particle, due to which it falls into neutrality. Nature is devoid of separately floating hydrogen atoms. The abnormal condition, the ions begin to collect in pairs, forming hydrogen gas. Which evaporates, only the water reaches the open space. Remain, in fact, water, a hydroxyl group, with pronounced alkaline properties.

Water receives a negative charge with an excess of electrons, becomes alive, ready to heal. How to get this at home. Nothing complicated. Surprised how simple.

Making a water ionizer with your own hands

The principle of operation of a water ionizer is described. In order to implement the concept practically, we will get electrodes. We suppose that two plates of food grade stainless steel will fit on the simple basis that the bottoms of modern electric kettles are made of. Water heaters leave alone. The tank is steel, but even manufacturers do not recommend drinking water from there. Take on the pencil having such a habit. The authors tend to believe the case is limited to the magnesium anode. Iron in large quantities brings considerable damage, the concentration is limited( by government regulations) in drinking water, what to say about magnesium, incomprehensible salts formed by chemical reactions taking place inside under the influence of temperature!

Food steel will serve as the material of the electrodes; the inventive light does not rest; find graphite rods. The task is not simple, contained by old cylindrical batteries are too small. Graphite rods sell AliExpress. Be careful: find out in advance if the subject is a prohibited goods in the state.

This product is sold wholesale, in batches, not that the price is large, where to put the rest. Put a homemade water ionizer on the conveyor.

Secondarily, we are looking for a material that is impermeable to water, conducting current. Enthusiasts recommend using a piece of fire hose that is wired at one end. The improvised capacity will allow to carry out the conceived. So that the living water in the bag does not mix with the dead, which will be around the bag. Constructions of a water ionizer are indispensable without a glass jar that will serve as a device:

  • Put the bag in the jar.
  • Pour water so that the level does not reach the edge.
  • Ionizer with parallel electrodes is placed so that the negative pole is inside the bag, the positive one is outside.
  • Connecting electricity.
  • Ten minutes later we get a profit: living and dead water.

The first slightly whitish, negatively charged ions of the hydroxyl group. The second is slightly greenish, transparent, endowed with a positive charge.

It remains to add: a rectifier suitable for any class. It is better to choose full-wave. According to the experience of enthusiasts, there is not much difference what is included in the water ionizer device. Both one and two periods require 10 minutes to get the finished product. We believe the reader will collect water ionizer with his own hands. Be careful not to confuse electrodes. For yourself it is better to mark immediately with the signs "+" and "-".The polarity at the output of the rectifier does not depend on which side of the plug is plugged into the outlet. Applies to half-wave and full-wave. If you don't understand electronics, find a diode. It shows the direction of the current. Here, only in electronics, the current moves from plus to minus. Therefore, cut the diode into the positive electrode circuit, only on the reverse side. As you can see, independently make a water ionizer for everyone.

The story of how to make a water ionizer has come to an end. Do not forget - inside 230 volts, it means that the housing must be insulated. We would recommend to turn on the water ionizer through a differential protection device, if there is one in the house.

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